MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The cameras rolled during Monday’s scrimmage, a practice period that approximated what Dana Holgorsen called “actual football” and gave outsiders their first clue about an actual depth chart.

Check out the video above.

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  • Phil M.

    Clearly Millard and Trickett look the most comfortable in the offense. However one thing I noticed is that Millard has what they call nervous feet. He needs to plant and throw, a lot of off balance passes which generally takes away from the arm strength. Bowie still appears much quicker than Garrison. Still a few weeks to go though, things can change.

  • Mike

    starters need time too gel with one another ...its almost time for starters to be getting the most reps with one another ....that is what I got from it.

    sorry to the all the other guys that need more time to show what they can, maybe later in the year....

    Lets Gooooooo! Mountaineeeeeeers!!!!

  • Rob T

    If you had ever played at this level you would know exactly what you are looking at, it seems to me that most if not all of the people who coment on these things have never played..... just saying, keep being fans and suppoting the guys who wear the flying WV

    • Bobby M

      Now THATS the truth!

  • Shawn

    HAHA...if anybody takes anything from that then you're very naive. That shows nothing at all really. Very little contact mixed with basic play calls shouldn't get anybody feeling anything about what they saw. What I saw was repetition and going through the motions. What did surprise me is how fast Millard gets the ball out of his hands. That was pretty impressive when comparing him to the others.

    • Bobby M

      Hey Friend! You defenitely are no COACH! If you think scrimmage means nothing then you should tell Holgs the same thing! YOU can learn from the films. I see some good passes but also passes flying 3 YARDS over the receivers head! That my friend tells me their still learning the system and struggling at times.

  • Bobby M

    Not sure what to make of that! Saw some good things and saw some ok things AND saw some terrible things! And the worst part is how much of a MYSTERY both sides of the ball is right now! So we cant measure it against nothing! Hopefully they feel some urgencies to get the ship moving in the right direction!