The Star City Bridge carries Routes 19 and 7 over the Monongahela River near Morgantown.

STAR CITY, W.Va. — The Star City Bridge in Monongalia County reopened late Tuesday night after it was hit by a runaway barge earlier in the evening.

Engineers with the state Division of Highways checked out the damage and found it only to be of a minor nature.

The span is very busy on a daily basis and will be even more busy later this week with move-in day on the nearby WVU campus.

Monongalia County MECCA 911 said the barge made contact at approximately 7:51 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Star City and Granville police moved into place quickly to keep traffic off the bridge that carries Routes 19 and 7 across the Monongehela River near Morgantown.



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  • Chester

    you're welcome

  • In da stickes

    Another day of clueless commenting in the blogosphere. Thanks for the entertainment, twerps er tweeps.

  • Dave Berkey

    Gee, the Dominion Post article today said "it was unclear who owned the barge at press time". Yeah, right. The brother of the Post's owner John Raese owns Greer Industries with its gravel barges just upriver from the bridge on Don Knott's Blvd. Wonder if they will be able to identify the owner in tomorrow's paper.

  • Barry Bledsoe

    Angier.... Really?

  • Ray

    Quit your whining.

  • AngieB

    LMFAO !!!! a runaway barge on the river where people were risking their lives to stop it, not to mention heaven forbid stopping traffic on bridge for hours....which is a main access to hospitals. Let's make drunk remarks....oh so humorous! Now the grand theft auto remark that is funny & a joke,

  • lost

    Grand Theft Auto plot?..

  • AngieB

    For all the ???'s or comments on "drunks" I can assure you the crews on the tug boats that transport the barges are crews of upstanding & hard working men/women! The everyday public is absolutely clueless on just how dangerous it is working on the barges & going through the locks & dams! I guarantee that with all the rain & the rivers flowing swiftly is probably the most significant factor that played a roll in this. Please pray for their safety instead of making light of a mishap.

    • Michael T

      They are just making a joke

      • Brian

        Her response is likely because drinking is taken very seriously by the companies that own these barges. Often, people can be fired on the spot just for having beer in their truck on company property.

    • Jay

      Lmfao. Have you ever heard of a joke? No one is accusing the operator or crew of being drunk.

  • Sarah

    Students and parents for dorm move-ins are generally directed to take exit 7 off of I-68 and take the Mileground, but upperclassmen are likely going to be in for a hasty surprise. I'm sure it will either get fixed or signs will be posted prior to the exit so that alternate routes can be taken.

  • Calley

    Go home, barge! You're drunk!

  • Morgantown Roads

    I am glad there is an abundance of corridors and multi lane highways to get into and out of Morgantown. Move in weekend will go on without a hitch.

  • Mike

    Move in day this weekend???? Hope it opens back up tomorrow or stay away from Morgantown.

    • Logan

      Did you happen to read the first sentence of this article? The one that mentions "The Star City Bridge in Monongalia County reopened late Tuesday night..."?

      • Scott

        His comment is from last night, the article was updated when the bridge reopened.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      Morgantown is a nightmare on a good day.

      With the students coming in and the best way to Campus closed, this will be a major headache.

      I called my local 911 center and informed them. Lots of transports to Ruby from here and I wouldn't wish this snafu on my worst enemy, let alone someone sick and needing care.

  • Big D in Boca

    wouldnt it be BWI? barging while intoxicated.

    • AlissaP

      That's hilarious!

  • William