MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The versatile Cody Clay sat out Wednesday’s practice in a red jersey, the product of what WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider dismissed as the sophomore being “banged up.”

In Clay’s absence, the fullback reps went to freshman Ellijah Wellman and ex-linebacker Garrett Hope as coaches try to develop backups into guys who can stay on the field in multiple packages.

Watch Seider’s interview from Wednesday above.

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  • WVU fan 44

    I have never seen so many jackasses making completely ridiculous posts regarding WVU football as I see on this site. Whoever thinks that this year's recruiting class is bad clearly knows nothing about football. This is the best recruiting class we've ever had at WVU.

  • unclec

    Sounds a lot better to me. I like hearing we have backups. Go eers

  • big tom

    wow, are we doing a terrible job of recruiting in football.... if this isthe best we can do, consider us a bottom feeder for a long long time in the big 12, if fact, they could easily kick us out.

    • rich


    • Wvcouch49

      You are clueless

    • Shawn

      What are you talking about? Your comment makes no sense at all. This is the deepest this team has ever been and we finally have backups who can contribute.

      • Maxxajay

        Right on Shawn...With the backs we have ...if ones gets hurt we have another to step up ...that's good coaching

        • chad

          big tom is a big idiot, pay no attention to his nonsense.

          On a side note I wish they were selling Cody Clay jerseys instead of Andrew Buie's. I'd love to have one