MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Michael Glazier, whose law group is working with WVU regarding a football player’s eligibility, has a contentious history with Mountaineers basketball coach Bob Huggins dating back to a 1998 NCAA probe at Cincinnati.

Huggins declined comment Thursday on West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck’s decision to hire the college sports division of Bond, Schoeneck & King—of which Glazier is a managing partner.

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Michael Glazier’s firm Bond, Schoeneck & King was hired by WVU regarding a football player’s eligibility issue.

Nicknamed “The Cleaner,” Glazier most recently proved integral in helping Oregon’s football program dodge major sanctions after it paid scout Willie Lyles $25,000 to influence the recruitment of running back Lache Seastrunk. The attorney, a former seven-year NCAA staffer, has assisted schools in several other high-profile NCAA cases, including the Kelvin Sampson basketball mess at Indiana, the Nevin Shapiro football scandal at Miami, and THE Maurice Clarett episode at Ohio State.

Before any of those cases, however, Glazier was brought in by the University of Cincinnati as part of a 1997 investigation into the eligibility of junior college point guard Charles Williams. Huggins initially balked at UC hiring outside counsel and later claimed that Glazier’s firm squeezed an additional $250,000 from the school by overstating violations in order to prolong the probe.

“There’s absolutely no question that they extended the investigation for monetary gain,” Huggins told the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1998.

Several violations Glazier alleged in his audit of the Williams situation were subsequently disputed by the school or dismissed by the NCAA. In fact 19 of 22 violations originally pinned on Huggins’ top assistant John Loyer were dropped, though the Bearcats were docked three scholarships over two seasons. (Loyer left Cincinnati in 1999 and has worked in the NBA ever since, currently serving on the Detroit Pistons’ staff.)

“I think at the very least, if John Loyer’s expected to pay for making some mistakes, then I think the law firm should be expected to pay for making all these charges—and being totally inaccurate on 19, 20 of them,” Huggins told The Enquirer in 1998. “In other realms of business, if you’re off that far, if you screw up that much, it’s going to be tough to get another job.

“We’ve never gotten an apology, not ‘We screwed up. We’re sorry.’ None of that.”

Glazier, once labeled a “bounty hunter” by former Pitt football coach Mike Gottfried, declined to be interviewed Thursday. In a 2008 story Glazier explained the pushback he sometimes encounters in his work, which can equate to running an internal affairs investigation.

“We’re charged with finding out the truth, and we do that,” Glazier said. “Sometimes we can learn the allegations aren’t founded, but oftentimes they are. And when they are, we say that. We don’t hide anything.”

Luck did not immediately return a message left at his office Thursday, but he told Charleston Daily Mail capitol reporter Dave Boucher the school “needed expertise that we didn’t possess along our in-house lawyers.” It remains unclear whether the case involves one of two football signees awaiting NCAA approval or a player already enrolled and practicing.

The school may have circumvented university protocol by signing a contract with Bond, Schoeneck & King on July 9, well before the athletic department received clearance from the West Virginia Attorney General’s office on July 26.

Attorney General spokeswoman Beth Ryan reiterated to MetroNews the AG’s office “was not aware of any written contract entered into prior to the waiver/written determination dated July 26.”

MetroNews has attempted to seek clarification on the 17-day gap from April Min, WVU’s associate vice president for legal affairs. Min did not return the message as of Thursday evening.

Correction: The original version of this article referenced Oliver Luck signing the contract with Bond, Schoeneck & King, but WVU spokesperson John Bolt informed MetroNews the contract was signed by William Hutchens, vice president and general counsel for the school.

Bolt also issued this statement regarding the involvement of Glazier’s firm:

“While we cannot get into specifics about particular cases because of attorney-client and privacy constraints, I can tell you that WVU had verbal approval to proceed with contracting with the particular law firm prior to the written contracts being signed. As for your other specific questions regarding this instance, again I draw your attention to the attorney general’s waiver and the areas being covered. I can confirm, however, that the issues involve a technical question concerning the initial eligibility of a student athlete and are not related to any potential NCAA violations. We expect the matter to be resolved very soon.”

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  • Chris

    I love Metro-news, but I really wish Mr. Raese, whom I have Tremendous respect for, would just drop the thing and do what is right for himself, WVU, and the people of WV.

    The right thing to do is to sign on with IMG so we can all get the signal, and so Mr. Raese can make some money instead of squandering it. Everybody knows that IMG is the right fit and that IMG has the resources to best represent the financial needs of WVU as it tries to keep pace with the current.

    And as a staunch conservative, Mr. Raese should certainly understand this. Sign on Mr. Raese. Please think of the whole.

    Respectfully submitted.


    Don't know Mr. Taylor. Have never met the man. My observation is that he reported a story...and it is a legitimate story. Maybe not earth-shaking but legitimate. It's interesting. Don't know what difference it makes but it's interesting. Maybe it's not a great story. Maybe it wasn't interesting enough to publish. Readers have a right to draw such conclusions. To assume a "not so great" story means the journalist has lost all integrity is quite a stretch though. My advice to Mr. Taylor is to not respond. Rise above it young man.

  • richard

    wait and see.....O. LUCK WILL GET WVU IN TROUBLE BEFORE IT'S ALL SAID AND! sometime soon he will go too far and break a rule that we will get put on probation for. i like some of the stuff he has done....but here lately he is getting a little to close to trouble. watch your step mr. luck or you will have WVU in a pinch.


    I am not saying what or who is right or wrong. My point is that the WVRC/Metro news that so many of you are lambasting, right or wrong, is the same element that is allowing you to lambaste them in their own column. At least WVRC can stand for freedom of the press if nothing else in this particular case IMO.

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Hasenpfeffer with a soured grape reduction.

    Any whine will do. Preferably white, though.

  • Justin

    Went from lil working class WVU to Money and Greed WVU...Come on Oilver think of the fans a lil more

  • College Ave

    What I get a kick out of is all the insider info and loving references to Huggs and Dana, like people really know them because they got an autograph or talked to them for a few minutes in a parking lot.

    WVU athletics ain't your daddy's ol' Mountaineers anymore. It and everything around it is a business. Oliver Luck, John Raese et al have to do what they have to do.

  • Jimson

    And way to keep that journalistic integrity Mr. Taylor! When Mr. Raese comes to you with the breaking story of Oliver Luck viciously murdering children and puppies you gonna run with that BS too. Truly is amazing what is a "story" anymore.

    • Allan Taylor

      @Jimson: Mr. Raese has never "come to me" with a story, or issued any sort of directive about this website's coverage, but don't let that distract you from your fantasized narrative.

      • Joe

        Why did WVRC not file a FOI on the bids like the Daily Mail did? Maybe because they did not want anyone to know that JR was outbid by $70 million and still is acting like he was wronged. On a lighter note, he used his radio personalities some 30,000 twitter following as reason why his little bid should win. This place is a joke.....

      • Shawn

        Allan...why stoop to their level man? 3/4 of these ppl are the same people with different names. I think you should start banning them if they use more than one name.

  • Jimson

    Truly is a shame that it has come to this for WVRC/Metronews. This truly has become a joke.

  • Jon D

    Allan is just another of JR's hitmen at this point, looking for anything to try to make a big deal about. This site, along with the newspaper and radio stations, are just shameful right now.

    • Allan Taylor

      Jon D: You posted comments on this story under five usernames, all sophomoric and profane. Sorry I'm the shameful one.

      • Shawn

        HAHA thats funny. I love it when ppl get caught like that.

    • William

      Allan Taylor will not be at WVRC very long, he will be moving on soon. He is tired of the mess between JR and WVU!

  • Clumsy

    Allan Taylor has become quite the "puppet - mouthpiece" for the WVU hater squad.

    • Joe Cool

      Those pesky little facts. Always getting in the way.

    • Rick

      So are you saying that every story about WVU that sheds light on negative or questionable activities (and there seems to be more and more of them) should be ignored and not reported?

      • Rick

        I would like to apologize to everyone reading these posts and making their own posts for asking a question that might make some people stop and think. I certainly did not want to ruin anyone's day by implying that perhaps his or her unwavering allegiance might possibly be disrupted by questioning what may or may not be true.

      • Rick

        Using that screen name to respond to me is totally out of line. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Don't you have the courage to reveal your real name? Never mind, the answer to that is obvious. You are a disgrace.

  • Guardian

    Some folks won't see the truth when it smacks them in the face. Luck has a proven track record of short cutting the processes and making decisions before having the proper clearances. It is what it is. The problem some of you have is more about the messenger than the message. You don't like the messenger, so that means you can ignore the message.

    • cutty77

      IMG has almost 40 Radio stations already. WVRC had 29.

      • Wvu75

        WVRC owns 29 stations. And had more that carried games. Also, those 29 cover a much larger area than these 40.

        • cutty77

          @ Wvu75,
          IMG has over 3,000 Radio Stations. Don't bring a Knife to a Gun Fight. LOL

          • Wvu75

            Are all 3,000 of those stations going to carry WVU games? LOL

  • mauldawg

    N8QQD Not the arrogance of Luck it is the stupid remarks made by you.

  • Big John

    Just another example brought up by WVRC. Will it never end. Notice in todays paper not D.P that a company with same address as WVRC is trying to bypass FCC by trying to buy a Morgantown radio station. Why was this not news on Metro News as it was in the paper=Please explain?

    • William

      WCLG Radio Station was bought by JR. It is under the name of AJG CORPORATION. Do you know what AJG stands for?
      AGNUS JANE GREER - Do you know who she is?

  • N8QQD

    Just another example of Luck's arrogance. How long will he be allowed to do what ever he wants to do, then have to ask forgiveness when caught.

    • William

      WVU = GREED and MONEY!
      WVU does ALOT of shady things!

      • hailey

        bill = troll