BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— West Virginia University and Marshall University are among 15 schools competing for this year’s title of “The South’s Best Tailgate” from Southern Living.

Readers will decide. Votes can be cast daily online through Sept. 30 or via smartphone by scanning the corresponding image in the September issue with the Digimarc Discover app.

Southern Living will crown the tailgating winner at a home game this fall.

“In the South, pregame celebrations matter as much as what happens on the field,” said Southern Living Editor-In-Chief Lindsay Bierman. “We’re asking readers to decide which school best honors our great tradition of Southern hospitality with the most stylish and spirited spread.”

She said spirit and tradition were taken into consideration when choosing the contenders.

In addition to WVU and Marshall, the following schools are also in the competition:

Appalachian State, Clemson, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech.

Thisis the second year for the tailgate competition. All the contenders are featured in the edition of Southern Living that will hit newstands Aug. 23.

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  • Bob

    Hey Southern Living has a damn good tailgating cookbook. Use it every weekend in the Blue Lot

    • cutty77

      Great Point Bob,
      Because the people down South take there Football,and Tailgating serious. The worst place i have seen Tailgating is V-T. The all set around with boxes of chicken from Hardees. LOL

  • cutty77

    You Must be Kidding. I will make it real simple. The Silver Lot eclipes all of Marshall Lots combined. And The Silver Lot is where all WVU Blue Bloods Tailgate. Marshall does a good Job,but its like The NFL against a High

  • rekterx

    Green Thundercows?

  • D Gandee

    Is this question for real? It is like comparing a 22LR to a 30-06.

  • Shizzle

    No offense to the blundering terds, but the answer to this question is beyond obvious. Practically not worth asking actually . . .

  • Low Rider

    If you consider going to McDonald's before the game tailgating...then vote for Marshall.

  • Toni Phillips

    Seriously? Where do you go in morgantown that you fear for your life? I have been going for over 25 years. No one has hurt me, stabbed, shot, tackled, raped, maimed or done any physical damage to me. Do you drink? Do you provoke anyone for any reason? I just dont get this I fear for my life crap. Geez. Grow a set.

    • Scott

      I didn't say I feared for my life but did feel threaten by a bunch of drunks and no I don't drink.I'm 46 yrs old and had my 10 yr old nephew with me and he really got nervous not a place to take children especially if your shirts for opposing team

      • Joe Cool

        It's not rocket science to know that going into ANY stadium in ANY sport with opposing colors on is risky. Why would you subject a10 year old to that? I am taking my son to Cleveland for a football game to see our team that is not the Browns. No way would I wear my jersey to a game surrounded by tens of thousands of drunks. Many people will, but I'm not one of them. It really serves no purpose and accomplishes nothing.

      • Hailey

        Scottie you sound very very scared, it will be ok just borrow you nephews blankey next time...make up stories much?

      • G Mann

        For crying out loud. Grow up. You know that you weren't threatened or feared for your life. Why do you feel like you have to lower yourself to that level? Amazing that someone could have that much of an inferiority complex. Go to a game at Maryland or an SEC school sometime and see what a hostile environment is.

        • Scott

          Yes and you people have forgot about the LSU fans. I was just making a statement about how I was treated and I wouldn't go back but I think with your comments and the way you want to attack your proving my point.

          • al

            Good. Stay at home and have a tea party. Maybe everyone will be nice and polite to you there.

          • G Mann

            And what LSU fans are you referring to?

          • G Mann

            What do you mean... You People?

  • John Riley

    Marshall? Seriously? That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time that they even be mentioned for tailgating. This is a team that cannot even fill a 36,000 seat stadium and they should be up for a top tailgating university? Man is that funny!

  • Scott

    I'll say Marshall is to small but if they have a award for biggest idiots or most unsportsmanlike WVU ought to do well.Always try to cheer for both state teams and for Marshall when they play each other being from the south.Went to most basketball and football games and have to say last years game was the first I worried about my safety and it wasn't a single incident it seemed to be every corner don't plan on every going back to a WV game even though I went a couple times a year will stay home and cheer for them on TV.They really need to get a better handle on things in Morgantown and I know it's not all but a enough I'm not going back

    • mauldawg

      Scott, Go home and let Mommy dry your tears. Poor little baby. Does Mommy still walk you to the bus stop so the big boys wont pick on you. What happens at school when you get your jeans dirty on in your case your dress. Does Mommy bring you something clean to put on. Grow up.

    • al

      Oh please! It's a football game, not a tea party. I suspect your problem is less the tailgating and more the fact that Marshall has never beaten WV - ever. More of the same old cry baby marshall song and dance.

    • You're Kidding Me

      Scott, glad to see you won't be back. You just freed up some tickets for some real fans be them Moo or WVU. Maybe one day you'll grow up and become a man and not feel threatened by a bunch of people eating pepperoni rolls and drinking a Bud Light. If one day your wife or girlfriend comes to you and says things just aren't working out... Well you'll know why.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Best tailgate in all of sports
    3 Letters

    200k cajuns at Death Valley and only half go in to watch the game. I guess that Baton Rouge isn't in the South anymore

    • Oh Did Ya?

      LSU is on the list and should win, I agree.

  • Joe

    If you've never been to the annual Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville, aka, the world's largest coctail party, you've not been to the best tailgate in the south:-).

    • WVU 74 (Georgia 85)

      Enough said !!

      • Joe

        My wife and I attended our first one 10 years ago when she was doing consulting work at St. Luke hospital in JAX and I flew down to meet her. Incredible time! Been back 3 more times.

        Have made great friends who are both florida and georgia fans, but the amazing thing is the thousands of fans of other schools who attend if their team has a bye week that just love being there....wvu fans included. I simply cannot express what a terrific time had by all in JAX!

        • Greg

          Been there done that. Its a good ttime but we call that a noon game in Morgantown.

  • Dan

    I would say WVU or Marshall will have a hard time being near the top considering Ole Miss, Tenn, Georgia, and Texas are on the list

  • thornton

    Southern Living????Seriously????

  • chad


  • 1smartone

    I have had some good times at games in Huntington. The "Snow Bowl", being in a box and meeting Chad Pennington. But tailgating at Marshall is minor league just because of numbers (or lack thereof) week in and week out.