BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— West Virginia University and Marshall University are among 15 schools competing for this year’s title of “The South’s Best Tailgate” from Southern Living.

Readers will decide. Votes can be cast daily online through Sept. 30 or via smartphone by scanning the corresponding image in the September issue with the Digimarc Discover app.

Southern Living will crown the tailgating winner at a home game this fall.

“In the South, pregame celebrations matter as much as what happens on the field,” said Southern Living Editor-In-Chief Lindsay Bierman. “We’re asking readers to decide which school best honors our great tradition of Southern hospitality with the most stylish and spirited spread.”

She said spirit and tradition were taken into consideration when choosing the contenders.

In addition to WVU and Marshall, the following schools are also in the competition:

Appalachian State, Clemson, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech.

Thisis the second year for the tailgate competition. All the contenders are featured in the edition of Southern Living that will hit newstands Aug. 23.

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  • Bill King

    Neither. The fact that you can only drink in the parking lots restricts the size of tailgates to tiny and makes WVU & Marshall unlike any of their peers South of the Mason-Dixon. Go to Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Athens. What you will see is massive tailgates that have multiple trailers, etc...No such luck in West Virginia.

  • Larry

    If either WVU or Marshall were in the south, this would be even more interesting.

  • sue

    Is that what Marahall is calling it! I thought it just a bunch of people that spent all their money on tickets and couldn't afford to eat anywhere else!

  • jr thompson

    Its a fan vote, you can vote every day.
    Who care. I will bet Marshall writers will brag about how Marshall did in the vote, if they finish ahead of WVU. They are always a good laugh just in the head lines. At least has a chance to win this one.

  • james

    Is there enough people at a Marshall game to judge the tailgating? Of course they may have completed the judging when WVU played at Marshall so there was enough people to survey.

  • wvrefugee

    This is stupid! Marshall is a JV Game tailgate scene! Come to the Light Blue Lot and find out!!

  • Big John

    Is 100 tailgaters at Marshall more than 2000 at WVU-You decide.

  • JJ

    We definitely tailgate hard in Morgantown but I've been to Auburn and Ole Miss tailgates and I can assure you they make us look bush league.

  • C. F. T.

    Georga tailgate for the fun of it and socializing so #1, Marshall somewhere in the middle and WVU dead last nothing but a drunken brawl of alumni and students who support an wannabe program. WVU would rank #1 in obnoxious, offensive and disrespectfull fan base.

    • T.F.C.

      Right, talk about a bunch of wannabes. Marshall is definitely right in the middle. The middle of insignificant and D-2. Inferiority complex much?

  • WVWho

    Texas A&M, Tennessee & LSU should be in the top 3 running away, but with this being a southern living vote marshall has a shot!

  • Bob

    Hey Southern Living has a damn good tailgating cookbook. Use it every weekend in the Blue Lot

    • cutty77

      Great Point Bob,
      Because the people down South take there Football,and Tailgating serious. The worst place i have seen Tailgating is V-T. The all set around with boxes of chicken from Hardees. LOL

  • cutty77

    You Must be Kidding. I will make it real simple. The Silver Lot eclipes all of Marshall Lots combined. And The Silver Lot is where all WVU Blue Bloods Tailgate. Marshall does a good Job,but its like The NFL against a High

  • rekterx

    Green Thundercows?

  • D Gandee

    Is this question for real? It is like comparing a 22LR to a 30-06.

  • Shizzle

    No offense to the blundering terds, but the answer to this question is beyond obvious. Practically not worth asking actually . . .