CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Second District Congresswomen Shelley Moore Capito is calling on President Obama to back a bipartisan, House-passed measure that protects all Americans from the Affordable Health Care Act.

“It’s time for your Senate to pass, and for you to sign the House’s bipartisan delay of the individual mandate,” said Capito during the Republican Weekly Radio Address Saturday.

Last month, a bipartisan majority in the House passed legislation delaying the individual mandate in the president’s health care law. The president has threatened to veto the bill, according to Capito, despite already signing seven bills that repeal parts of the law. The most recent move came this week with the Obama administration delaying part of the act for big businesses.

Capito said it’s time the president reconsiders the legislation because it is only fair that individuals and families get the same relief that big businesses have unfairly received.

“It’s more than fair when you look at how this law is already raising costs, hurting jobs and reducing access to the plans and the doctors you like,” she said during the nationwide address.

In addition, Capito believes the health care law is not working, contrary to what the president claims.

“Not when the administration is missing deadlines, issuing waivers and granting delays hand over fist,” she said. “Things have become so bad that the administration wants to rely on the honor system to verify who is eligible for subsidies.”

Capito urges the president to pass the legislation delaying the individual mandate because it’s simply the right thing to do.

“Let’s delay this health care law, not just for some but for all Americans. That would only be fair,” she said. “That would government working the way it’s suppose to.”

Video of the Republican Weekly Radio Address can be viewed at

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  • Tim C

    The last three posts are definitely coming from "low information voters". Alias, Democrats!

  • Whiskeybent

    Or Fox News

    • Jo


  • Bill O'really

    "“It’s more than fair when you look at how this law is already raising costs, hurting jobs and reducing access to the plans and the doctors you like,” she said during the nationwide address.""

    I've also heard that none of this is true. No one ever offers any proof of assertions like this. I'm not sure how you force someone who is out of work to buy insurance, but over all, the plan might improve things eventually. Couldn't get much worse. I had to drop my wife from insurance once because they raised the premiums so high I didn't have enough left over to live on.

  • Tim C

    Hey Craven,
    What's Obama been doing? Running the national debt from 9 trillion to 17 trillion in 4 years. You are a hypocrite!

  • Magic Mike

    So isn't Hillary and you want her.

    • Wowbagger

      B.J. Clintoon was lucky!

      An initial growth spurt for the Internet, y2k preparatory spending, and the beginning of the housing bubble contributed more than anything he did.

      The Lewinsky thing kept him occupied so he didn't blow it.

      • Wowbagger

        If you don't understand the Wowbagger reference you are an even dimmer bulb than I suspected based on your previous posts. Google it dimwit!

        W was a progressive RINO and not much better than B.J. Clintoon. There wasn' t really a surplus as there is a big difference between a real surplus and a paper surplus, but W messed up a lot of things including Iraq and the Patriot Act. The main difference between Clintoon and W was W seemed to know when to keep his fly zipped.

        Both are fools, just different kinds.

  • wvrefugee

    And here I though Shelley was an expert on Coal??? WTH?

  • winston

    Shelley Moore 000bama less yea!

  • Smokehole

    I don't want healthcare rationed based on political affiliation....

    And that is what Obamacare is....

    • Magic Mike

      I think you need to educate yourself cityslicker.

  • James H

    I love how people on the right put down Health Care for working people that work full time but don't make enough money to buy HC. Up till now if they got bad they went to the ER and we as tax payers paid for it at great cost more than an regular visit If one checks we as a country was losing HC to more and more every year as employers wanted more profit. Sooner or later it could have been you that lost out. If the right had tried to work the ACA would have een better but they did not want the black man to get nothing done and they wanted to hold down jobs to hurt him.

    • AX MAN

      James H, You need to settle down and take your pills. They went to the ER before "O" Bama care and they will go to the ER after" "O"Bama care, who is going to stop them?

      • Magic Mike

        Not only that they will even go more now and cost the tax payer even more money. Thank God I am retired military and do not have to have Obamacare.

  • wavettore

    Any concept to be universally valid would have to pass the test in any circumstance, including a paradox.

    Without “Yes, but” or “No, but”, the answer should always be the same in all cases.
    The question in regard: is private property a human right?
    For example, what if all spaces above our head were privatized (as it already occur for airways which are owned by private airlines) and the owners started to charge a fee to all those who want to look up?
    Would it be a crime if anybody were not paying for the refusal to only look down?

    Privatized potable water could also make us think of some paradox.
    For example, suppose a population were dying from thirst and took over the water supplies of a private company. If these people drank all the water and left without paying, was a crime being committed?

    Or if a new plague were spread all over should all people go to hospitals and get treatment or is that only for some chosen people?
    It depends on whom you ask the answer comes straight from their Cultures.

    Only difference between Christians and Jews in one word is Equality.
    But, confusion reigns sovereign in USA and UK where Christianity lives under the gun of the Jewish Culture and in a big cauldron of hypocrisy.

    Those Christians who do not believe in the basic Human rights of are no different than the Jews in their Belief.

  • RYAN


    • RogerD

      Don't forget to thank her for her support for the NSA's snooping on everyone's phone calls and internet activity. Let's give credit where it's do. Even Nicky Rahall didn't go this far.

      • Magic Mike

        What Politician did not?

        • liberty4all

          Senator Rand Paul, for one.

  • Magic Mike

    Capito will make a great senator. Someone that will stand up against a president who if could sign an executive order would take every gun away and ban hunting. Make no mistake about Obama wants your guns.

    Not to mention to kill the coal industry.

    • Magic Mike

      NO I am retired military and now work for the state.

    • Whiskeybent

      NOBODY is trying to take guns away. Educate yourself rather than looking like a fool.

      • Magic Mike

        BS It has always been the lefts dream to take guns away. Obama wants them gone period. After Sandy Hook he tried and failed.

        • Whiskeybent

          You watch a lot of Fox News?

    • Joe Cool

      Crazy is in the hizzzzouse

  • RogerD

    Talk, talk, talk. Yak, yak, yak. It would be nice to have a Representative (or Senator) that actually did something for the people. DEFUND!

  • Joe Cool

    I guess she didn't get Newt's memo

  • Whiskeybent

    Capito should join the circus. She would make a great clown.

    • Big John

      I agree- Vote her in and another recession will be along shortly

    • WVSon


    • Magic Mike

      Another liberal that hates women.

      • WVSon

        Pretty sure it is the Republican party with the hatred of women. Or at least who have the desire to dominate them and ascribe to them only the rights that white males think they should have.

        • NCWV

          Yeah, those democrats love women. They aren't particular about them at all. Ask Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's sexting partners, the women San Diego's Mayor Filner has groped. It's easy to see how much they respect women.

      • Whiskeybent if you know me. Another idiot that has no clue.

      • AX MAN

        Hugh, The RNC gets the same amount of tax dollars as the DNC, which is none.