MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Jeff Culhane, following a six-year stint with the Nebraska Husker Sports Network, will become the new radio play-by-play voice for WVU baseball and women’s basketball, according to sources close to the situation.

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Jeff Culhane spent the past six years with the Husker Sports Network in Nebraska.

It is the first change in on-air talent since IMG College purchased West Virginia’s third-tier media rights in June. Culhane declined comment Monday pending an announcement from IMG, which also owns Nebraska’s multimedia rights.

Along with hosting the “Sports Nightly” statewide talk show from Lincoln, Culhane has manned Nebraska’s baseball radio booth since 2010. From 2005 to 2007, he served as the play-by-play voice of South Dakota’s women’s basketball, while filling in on football and men’s basketball.

Travis Jones had handled WVU’s women’s basketball play-by-play duties for the past 12 seasons, while Kyle Wiggs was the lead broadcaster on Mountaineers baseball games since 1991 with the exception of 1994. Jones and Wiggs are both longtime employees of West Virginia Radio Corp., the parent company of MetroNews.

Jones has agreed to become the play-by-play voice for Fairmont State football and men’s basketball games next season, as well as hosting the Falcons’ coaches shows.

IMG College announced two weeks ago that Tony Caridi will continue as the play-by-play man on Mountaineers’ football broadcasts for a 17th season. The company hasn’t officially confirmed the complete broadcast team, though color analyst Dwight Wallace and sideline reporter Jed Drenning reportedly have offers to return.

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  • Larry

    Who will be the announcer at the stadium, wasn't that Travis Jones also?

    • kip

      Yes he is.

      • Brett

        Bill Nevin is the new PA announcer

        • Preston

          Bill is a great choice!!!

        • Larry

          Ok, thanks.

  • Joey

    I am a Mountie living in Lincoln NE, Jeff is a great host he is a great addition.

  • 1095 jones

    all i have 2 say is,going 2 b a long year in motown

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    Out with the lame, and on with the game.

    Lame==Caridi, Wallace and Drenning.
    Get some pros in the booth. Not a bunch of that backwoods hokie crap.

  • ron wilson

    When I see a name like "PAMountaineer " I always get suspicious , I really don't trust anyone from there actually .

  • mike snyder

    Drenning yes; Wallace, no! For Tony's sideman.

  • Will

    Of all the potential on air talent changes, I was hoping for just one really. That would be getting "talent" Dwight Wallace off of the football games. Unfortunately, this story says he has an offer to return. That's disappointing to me.

    • Bobby M

      Whats WRONG with you people? This is insane. Dwight and Jed are both great! Bunch of winey wanna be complainers!

      • Will

        Jed is great. Dwight..... not so much.

    • Kevin T


  • Leon

    Kyle Wiggs one of the finest broadcasters ever. Hope he gets into large market someday.

  • Bobby M

    THIS IS SAD SAD SAD! I HATE how big business is destroying our small-town feel! Go ahead! Disagree! But this is BS!

    • Nth

      I agree totally !

    • PAMountaineer

      Screw the small town feel...if you want to play with the big boys you gotta step off the porch.

      • Joe

        I am not a john raeese fan but i dont like this desl. And pa dude ur comment diesnt surpruse me. You sir just dont get it

      • Bobby M

        Thats a fools mentality! Dont you get it? We ARE "small town". Thats WHO we are. Thats what makes us different! Thats IS our identity! This IMG thing is a sellout mentality. We're pretending to be something we are not.

        • Uncle Unctuous

          Don't worry, I'm sure JR will continue to enjoy the "small town feel" of Palm Beach, Telluride, et al.

          • Mark

            Seems like Uncle is a little jealous of JR's success.

          • BH

            Outside of Lincoln, Nebraska is small-town America. Give the new guy a chance. Welcome to WV Mr. Culhane!

          • Bobby M

            Who in the heck is JR? Trying to be something YOU are not is a bad bad move in my book! And its funny to me to see so many small-towners try to be big-towners. Its such a joke!

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Same subject, different organization:

    I would take Lanny Fratare over Tim Neveritt any day for Pirates broadcasts.

    • Mark

      Lanny was his own worst enemy.

  • William

    CHANGE IS GOOD! Out with the old, in with some new ideas.

    • wvrefugee

      Uh oh, don't say anything negative about the athletic administration or it will be deleted!

  • Joe

    I'm really going to mss Kyle. He was tremendous in calling the bb games.....really came into his own style this past year.

    I always look forward daily sports updates.

    • Allan Taylor

      Agreed — both are top-shelf lads. Kyle will still be providing sports updates on WVRC stations across West Virginia and Travis plans to continue co-hosting Sunday Sportsline.

      • Joe

        That's great to hear, Allan. Thanks to all of you.


  • Justin

    Oilver's all about change isn't he. I understand alot of it but some of it just makes me wonder

    • Grant

      This wasn't his call. WVU sold their rights. IMG is making the moves they feel necessary to make certain they make money on the deal.

  • cutty77

    Times are a Changing. Welcome to WV Jeff. Let me say a couple of things About Travis Jones he was always a Professional Person on an Off The Air. We all will Miss Travis with his Bob Newhart Dry Humor. Kyle was a Very Good Broadcaster also. Both Guys worked to the Max for WVU Sports. Best of Luck to both Travis,an Kyle.

  • rekterx

    Welcome to WV Jeff!