TWILIGHT, W.Va. — A woman who was reported missing in Southern West Virginia will soon be safely back at home.

State Police say a resident on a four wheeler found Charlene Morgan-Hankins, 55, in the Twilight area of Boone County on Monday morning.  She was said to be dehydrated, but was expected to recover after spending days in the rural area.

The woman’s vehicle was found in Twilight on Sunday afternoon.

Up until Monday, Morgan-Hankins had not been seen since leaving a nursing home near Chief Logan State Park on August 7.  She told authorities she got lost while following her GPS, ran out of gas and then got turned around while walking for help.

Logan State Police were handling the investigation.

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  • Desperate

    She can't blame this entirely on her GPS. Common sense would tell you that turning onto a mine road when you are driving from Logan to Oceana can't be right. And she has to use a GPS to find her mother's house?

    But Larry is right-- follow the river!

  • john

    Never trust a GPS 100% in West Virginia unless you want to end up lost. It has happened many times. This device will lead you onto roads that are not passable, and many times onto dirt roads that are off the main highways that lead to a dead end.

    • Larry

      You are correct, also it's a good thing to report map errors to the gps company, if they don't know there is an issue, it won't get changed.

  • DonaldH

    Now say what?

  • Larry

    Here's a tip if lost in WV, almost all of our roads follow a stream, just keep going downstream and you will eventually come to a main road, or residence, I guarantee it.

    • WVSon