CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Mingo County Delegates want to see a second circuit judge serving the county as a corruption scandal has Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury facing criminal charges.

House of Delegates members representing Mingo County plan to introduce legislation to add an additional judge in what is currently a single-judge circuit.

“The need for more than one circuit judge in our county has long been discussed, but the events of the past week have further shed light on the issue,” said House Majority Leader Harry Keith White in a news release. “We want to ensure that all citizens of Mingo County have access to an effective court system without delay.”

Thornsbury was arrested last week on a federal charge of abused his power by trying to have the husband of his ex-mistress arrested numerous times within a several-year period.

In the release, Delegate Justin Marcum, who serves as Mingo County assistant prosecutor, pointed out that two judges were appointed to temporarily handle Thornbury’s caseload following his suspension.

“Most circuits in West Virginia have at least two judges, and the addition of a judge in Mingo County has been advocated both within the local legal community and among legislators from this area,” said Marcum. “We think this legislation would help ensure our judicial system operates effectively, and establish more accountability within the circuit.”

Along with Marcum and White, state Senators Art Kirkendoll and Ron Stollings have expressed support. 

 The legislation would be introduced during the 2014 regular legislative session.

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  • linda

    FBI has been in MINGO for a long time they took the WORKMAN for not paying brickstreet so what are they doing about that it,s court date was to be in July now going on Oct. it,s was on all the news so if thebank of mingo has money to give away where ours the some bank the workman used so birds together stay in there cages together lol.

  • ConservativeRealist

    I notice that the Mingo Delegates aren't asking for tougher ethics laws, stiffer penalties for public corruption crimes, and/or explaining how Harry Keith White, the Chairman of the Bank of Mingo, isn't involved in the "...millions of dollars in cash..." taken from his bank to pay Aracoma as listed in the Federal indictment(s)... Funny, I also notice how WV Metro News isn't asking those questions as well...hmmmm...

  • Dale

    Mingo should try one ethical judge first. The people need to get involved and stop this steady stream of corruption.

  • liberty4all

    Of course I would want to know more about the case load of this circuit, but Lewis County and Upshur County (total combined population over 40,000) have one circuit judge between them. Not clear why Mingo needs 2. Just one good one should be able to handle the job.

  • wvu999

    Lets focus on getting one good judge. Why would having a dirty judge equate into needing two. Mingo math doesn't add up

  • rich

    They (and many counties like McDowell) don't have the population or caseload to support two judges.
    What they need are judges of integrity.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    26,000 residents and they need two judges? Are there that many cases in need of a hearing? (I am asking, not being cynical.) Who is going to pay for another salary and most likely additional staff? It's government rollback time--the military knows it, how about Mingo's delegates?