MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Four-star inside linebacker recruit Darrien Howard, who missed West Virginia’s preseason camp while awaiting NCAA approval of online summer coursework, has been cleared to play and plans to arrive on campus Thursday.

Barbara J. Perenic/Dayton Daily News

Darrien Howard of Chaminade-Julienne High in Dayton, Ohio, has been cleared by the NCAA to join the WVU football team.

Though sitting out the opening three weeks of practice probably portends a redshirt season for Howard, his admittance means WVU successfully brought in 100 percent of its February signing class.

WVU’s staff figured Howard was a solid bet to qualify, though some of that certainty dissipated after he became hung up with the NCAA and was unable to report with other freshmen July 31. As a source within the program said Wednesday, “You never know for sure.”

Listed at 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds on national signing day, Howard told Rivals this summer that he had climbed above the 270-pound mark, raising the possibility he could shift to defensive end.

The graduate of Dayton (Ohio) Chaminade-Julienne chose WVU over offers from Pitt, N.C. State, Illinois, Indiana, Cincinnati and Kentucky
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  • D.P.

    lee arthur - you sure sound like William's alter ego! Or is he yours?

  • lee arthur

    Wannabe program.

    • tony

      wanna be a fan

      • cutty77

        No he's more like wanna be wanna be. lol

  • cutty77

    I heard today from a Football Coach who i respect alot. He said all the wide receivers look good,and all 3 QBs look very Good. I asked him about Ford,and he said he has more Talent than all of them. My gut feeling is Dana will name a QB by the weekend or as late as Monday.

  • chasmo

    word has it Macon is DONE -- and is Holton a definite ??

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    Macon ain't makin' it. Another jewel of a recruit for the sweatsuited one.

    • rtdeco

      hey stud, cite your source...or acknoledge you are a total cluebag and made it up.

  • Shawn

    Word on the street is Macon is going to be a partial qualifier and will redshirt this year.

  • BigDave

    Redshirt? With that defense? You mean there are better players than this stud, even with him sitting out the first 3 weeks of practices?


    • Guardian

      Players weren't entirely the issue with this defense last year - not by a long shot. Coaching played the bigger part in that debacle. A first time coordinator and a CB coach that never played a down of college ball at CB or any other position, but he was a great lawyer.

      Putting the right man in as coordinator, hiring a bona fide CB coach, and after Dunlap moved to high school relations bringing back a Safeties coach that has been around the horn will make the difference. The players were always here, now we've got a sembalance of a coaching staff to prepare them.

  • tw eagle

    a young man still growing . . .a redshirt year
    looks like the deal . . .hopefully a super big ,
    strong , and quick outside backer . . .and if he
    keeps growing he'll be a D-lineman . . .can't
    see a loser in this recruit . . .hope he stays a
    motivated and determined young man . . .

  • Grant

    Just another example of the NCAA hurting athletes more than helping them. It is beyond time for the Major Conferences to reorganize and leave this inept organization.

    • Shadow


  • Fred

    Is this the work of the "Cleaner" ?

    • Bobby M

      NO WAY! I think the Cleanser is here to clean UP some real doo-doo that their trying to KEEP secret! Trust me that theres some shady STUFF going on!

      • mauldawg

        Why should anyone trust you. All you want to do is stir the pot. Maybe you need to go back to the MU section. It must stroke your ego to make up something and then post it. MU will welcome you back.

        • Barry

          mauldawg, just because someone has an opinion that differs from your own doesn't mean they are an MU fan. I am curious of what the cleaner's role is too.

      • Robert

        Trust you...really...sounds like to me that you are just making this stuff up. It's probably the words like "doo-doo" and "shady stuff" that tipped me off!!!

        • Bobby M

          Hey Friend! Think about it! WVU hires the famous Cleanser for "undisclosed reasons" and YOU think its about this LB? HAHA! ha! Look around Friend! Its not so complicated! Either theres a SECRET serious ncaa investigation happening or a player is in danger of not playing this year! What player? If I HAD to guess I'd say a super important position! THINK!!! Whatever reason Cleansers here is REAL and serious!!! He's not here to give out candy and kiss babies! For whatever reason it is - it IS not good! Dont you at least understand THAT? Hiring Cleanser is like saying "oh crap!!!! We're in trouble!"

          • JECO

            The "cleaner" just appears to be a really skilled lawyer who's skill set is working, in this case, to protect the rights of a student athlete trying to get into school. Thus the thought is if the kid qualifys why should the NCAA be a barrier.

          • Shawn

            "West Virginia University has hired the New York law firm Bond, Schoeneck and King to work on an eligibility issue with a member of its football team, although the university is refusing to discuss what those issues are or what student is involved. Managing partner Michael Glazier, who runs the firm’s collegiate sports practice, is a nationally-known specialist in handling eligibility issues and is informally referred to as “The Cleaner.”

          • Bobby M

            Fine rtdeco! I'm done with offering opinions. Excuse me FOR being wrong but I assumed it was FOR public discussions! You can believe in your heart WVU is paying thousands of dollars to the Cleanser for NOTHING! I'll live in reality! You dont pay that amount of money unless its serious!! These are serious people in serious business generating serious MONEY! They mean business!

          • rtdeco

            incredible but true, your post have dumbed down the other posts to a 5th grade level.

  • big tom

    welcome aboard big guy

  • Alum

    Good news.

    Allan, any word on the men's bball players that aren't on campus yet?

    • Patrick

      Jonothan Holton enrolled a few days ago. Just waiting on Macon now..

      • Greg

        Jonathon Holton? I thought it read Jonathan Hargett when I first glanced at this. Whew, what a relief!

    • Allan Taylor

      @Alum: No word as of yet. Friday, the end of the first week of classes, is the deadline for enrollment, though I believe WVU managed to add forward Voldy Gerun at the end of the second week last fall.