CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Make sure you have an umbrella in hand when you head out the door. A flash flood watch is in effect from 2 p.m. Thursday through Friday morning. It covers the central part of the state from Boone County in the south to Harrison County in the north.

Accu-Weather Meteorologist Bill Deger said the weather pattern is a familiar one to West Virginians this summer.

“We do expect some heavy thunderstorms. Some of those storms could cause enough heavy rain that we could see some localized flooding,” according to Deger.

Wednesday night, parts of the Kanawha Valley saw up to an inch of rain in just a couple of hours. This time around, Deger said some areas could see training storms.

“At least a half inch [of rain] in most areas but if you get under some of those slow moving thunder storms, you could locally see more than an inch of rain. If it comes down in less than an hours time, definitely enough to cause some smaller creeks and streams to overflow their banks and cause some street and highway flooding as well,” explained Deger.

There is a light at the end of this rainy tunnel.

“There’s not much flow in the atmosphere so some of these thunderstorms will move really slow,” Deger stressed. “But the good news is most of it will be out of here by Friday morning and then we should see improving conditions for the weekend.”

No rain is in the forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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  • alex

    Is the writter of this news story aware that an unbrella does little good here in WV when a flood warning is given?