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HURRICANE, W.Va. —  The brother of Marshall University football coach Doc Holliday is being sought by Putnam County deputies for his role in a meth making operation.

Deputies searched a home belonging to Michael Holliday near Hurricane on Tuesday night after the Metro Drug Enforcement Task Force developed information about meth making in the house.

“Once (deputies) were there, two of the suspects involved showed up at the residence and were detained,” said Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese. “One of the officers went to circuit court and obtained a search warrant.”

Deputies found meth making materials on the porch and in an apartment over a garage on the property.

Christopher Coyner and Misty Meadows were arrested at the scene. The property owner, Michael Holliday, is facing charges and remained at large Thursday. He is the brother of the Marshall coach and the son of retired Putnam County Circuit Judge James O. Holliday.

“All three were involved in the manufacturing and making of the meth at Mr. Holliday’s house,” said Deweese. “They would trade each other the ingredients to make meth for personal use for themselves.”

Coyner had white powder in his wallet believed to be pseudoephederine, a key ingredient in the meth production process.

Coyner is an employee of the Putnam County School System and worked in the county’s maintenance division.

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  • concerned

    exactly, someone in withdrawals cant make much sense of things. prayers that he is in the hands of someone who cares. time is a factor here folks. a life is at risk. hopefully, this will be his bottom and the uphill climb will be done with many helping hands.

    • A mother

      The life that was at risk was lil John Michael Holliday, mikes four year old who was exposed per many sources.

      • A mother

        Poor poor mike Holliday? how about poor poor John Michael Holliday. Every single one of you make me sick

  • Lee

    Ladies, this isn't an MU or WVU issue. Its about a private individual who has a drug problem like so many other mountain state residents. For WVU fans to pounce on it and make it a Marshall issue shows the typical class that they are so well known for. Its ridiculous. You put down Doc who has nothing to do with this and make it a vebal battle. Pretty sad. Hope you all are very proud.

    • Logan

      So it's better when you do the exact same thing thinly veiled?

  • The Dude

    Doesnt anyone give a crap that he is at large and withdrawing from effect of drug with the realization of what he has just done with his life and to his family.
    Someone needs to find him before he ends what's left of his life. Bullcrap mu vs WVU is for losers stuck in state with economy so bad manufacturing meth is probably most lucrative opportunity available.

  • Ms Horsewoman

    At least none of Marshall coached are fall down drunks. I love how WVU fans, reporters and lovers have for the past 2 months try and deflect anything they can from what they see coming. A horrid season.

    WVU will never have the players or playmakers to compete in the B12. I hope you all get used to fighting for the last B12 bowl if you are even bowl eligible.

    Just another deflection of what will most likely be a 4 maybe 5 win season.

    • mauldawg

      We may not be a Big12 power house yet,but check the scores of the past 12 WVU vs MU games.

  • Hailey

    I swear I thought I saw Doc and his brother last season on Breaking Bad

  • woody

    WOW !!! This is a slander lawsuit in the making!

    • Brian

      If a FACT is true - it is not slander (unless, of course, you are a Marshall fan and logic has no meaning to you).

  • Jim N Charleston

    Then shouldn't he be called Jon "PHARMACIST" Holliday or was that Michael's nickname?

  • mauldawg

    Now all MU fans (both of them) will have an excuse after each MU loss in football.

    • Taz


      At least they will handle it with class, not like the classless "fans" at WVU.

      • mauldawg

        Class and MU don't belong in the same sentence. MU fans are the biggest cry babies in college football. Now they are playing in the most watered down conference in football.

  • Greg

    Does Doc's brother call himself "Heisenberg"? If so I think I know where he is. Albuquerque. Also goes by Walter White and hangs out with some guy by the name of Jesse Pinkman. :)


    All families suffer when a member becomes an alleged criminal or detriment to society. It is time we take back our state, get our youth and wayward adults back on the path to productive citizenship. I loathe for the day when all drugs are eradicated from our great state and country. Until we provide the resources and policies to effect border security, law enforcement staffing, interoperability amongst all agencies, court resources it will never happen. I think Shakespeare said it best, "kill all the lawyers first". Or something thereof.

    • Larry

      I think you mean you "long" for the day when drugs are eradicated, "loathe" means to hate.

  • Larry

    Hey, look at it this way, after Marshall loses 5 or 6 games he can blame it on the distraction from this.

    • pc

      Yeah, and when Holgs loses 6 games or so, what will his excuse be? BAD hootch at the Waterfront or the casino down in Charleston??

      • Larry

        Maybe, I think most people expect 6 losses from WV this year, but from what I'm hearing Marshall should contend for the national championship.

  • Phil

    I'm just wondering why Doc Holliday was brought into this story. Almost every family has loved ones into some type of criminal activity but it doesn't mean they are involved. Now, a reporter with nothing else to do will be asking questions about a meth lab instead of his football team or school.

    • Dilley

      Phil, I was thinking the same thing. This story would never have made the news otherwise. Such a shame what meth has done to our communities. The Hollidays are wonderful people and I hope that all works out well for them.
      And shame on the reporter for mentioning Doc's name in this story.

    • jan

      Really, I agree with Phil. There is no reason to try to look like a hero here in your reporting. It makes me sick that people are not more loving and understanding that someone needs help not judgement. This is a time to reach out and support not to try to trash family members. The Holliday family needs the community to reach out to them and get Mike the help he needs. Many families go thru it. This is just a wake up call. And thank God for it. People lose their way in life all the time. Its not a time for you, the writer, to use or abuse the family members names for your own attention. Trash journalism.

    • Brian

      I'll tell you EXACTLY why!
      It is news!!
      If the tables were turned and it was Ollie Luck or Holg's or Hugg's you can bet the farm the Herald Disgrace, WSAZ, and the entire Herdie nation would be chirpping around like toddlers on Christmas morning!!!!!

      What I want to know is why the "reporters" for the previously mentioned institutions have failed to mention a word of the story?

    • ConservativeRealist

      Good point Phil.

    • Larry

      That's the price you pay for being "famous", at least famous in Huntington, WV.

  • word

    That's the reason for docs thousand yard stare.

  • Dave R.


  • lee arthur

    "Come on man."