*(Editor’s note: 9:29am: Rev. Jesse Jackson has spoken about the shooting. He Tweeted, “This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.” hk)

The double standard on race by a large segment of the media has become painfully obvious.

The Trayvon Martin story devolved into a story about race, despite the fact that during the trial the prosecution never contended that George Zimmerman targeted Martin because he was black.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others used Martin’s death as a platform to advance their own agendas.

Sharpton co-opted Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech as he tried to force a connection between the historic civil rights movement and Martin’s death.  Following Zimmerman’s acquittal, Jackson called Florida “an apartheid state” and “our Selma.”

But that’s what Sharpton and Jackson do, propelled forward by the media’s willingness to make the story fit a convenient template.

President Obama personalized the story by saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Several weeks ago, a story surfaced in Florida about the vicious beating of a white sixth-grader by three older black children on a school bus.  The bus security video showed the attackers pummeling the victim, who suffered a broken arm and two black eyes.

Most media, in reporting the story, left out the fact that the attackers were black and the victim was white, and not a word was heard from Jackson*, Sharpton, Jay-Z or others who were so willing to bloviate about the Martin shooting.

This week in Oklahoma, three teenagers gunned down a young Australian man who was going to college in the United States.  Christopher Lane was jogging when he was shot in the back.

Lane is white and two of the three teens charged in the murder, including the shooter, are black.  The third suspect appears from his picture to be of mixed race or white.

Oklahoma police chief Danny Ford told the AP, “the boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.’” Additionally, an Internet video has surfaced of James Francis Edwards, Jr., the alleged shooter, posing with a gun and talking smack.

For the most part, media have stayed away from referencing race, other than showing pictures of the suspects.

If the situation were reversed, if a couple of white thugs had maliciously and senselessly gunned down a well-liked, accomplished black college student, the race-baiters and media sycophants would have switched to overdrive.

The solution to this disparity, however, is NOT to cover every black on white violence story the same way white on black incidents are now treated by the media.  Instead, all such tragedies should be covered and judged based on whether there is evidence that race was a factor.

If not, downplay or ignore the headline-seeking opportunists.  If race was a factor, then report it as such.

We have made remarkable strides in this country on race, especially in recent years.  However, racial tension remains a difficult and sensitive issue for us, and the double standard in the media for covering race stories only makes matters worse.







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  • Aaron

    Hoppy accuses the media of making a clumsy statement on race and ignoring certain details by.... making a clumsy statement on race and ignoring certain details? How does that even make sense?

    The key difference between the cases Hoppy mentioned was not the races of the assailants and victims, as he would have you to believe. The key difference is that in the Trayvon Martin case the killer claimed he was justified in killing another person. No one is making that claim in the other cases, hence no media firestorm. No one is trying to justify the actions of the Oklahoma killers, while George Zimmerman had the most watched channel in cable news on his side. THAT'S the difference Hoppy, though you would have us believe the only differences in these cases are skin deep.

    • Common Sense

      Klan radio, Klan media lives, Klan Kulture lives. It is wholly incapable of rationally engaging with your comment, which completely refutes Kercheval's pathetic "Commentary."

    • JusticeDelivered

      Most people would agree that racism is ugly, especially when it is institutionalized in government or large entities.

      From what I can see there is little white on black racism today. It seems that the last fifty years has pretty much eradicated it, especially large scale racism.

      At the same time black on other races seems to have blossomed, and that is every bit as ugly as when blacks were being discriminated against.

      Much black racism is driven by hucksters, many of whom are black and who use other blacks to line their own pockets.

      The Martin-Zimmerman case is an example of this.

      There is a very good article detailing how hucksters highjacked the case, conducted a massive PR campaign shaping media coverage and profited by doing so.

      The same people are behind the campaign to restrict or kill SYG law. They reason is money, in that SYG has a civil immunity provision which has greatly restricted people like Trayvon's parents, Crump and the rest of the Scheme Team from making a second killing with civil litigation.

      The difference between Zimmerman and these other white victims of black crime is that Zimmerman was able to defend himself. Zimmerman probably would have died if he had not been armed.

      Everyone who wants an analytical look at this case should read this: http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71619?oid=398112&sn=Detail&pid=71619

      • Common Sense

        Hey what a surprise, the racists are out in force here in Klan Kountry, with analysis! and URLs! Nevermind that the US is owned lock, stock, and barrel by white male money (look it up) and an institutionally racist judicial system, and a racist congress, and racist laws, but "JusticeDelivered" knows better: it's "black hucksters" who are the racial problem. That's the view from Klanland. Thanks for your Kontribution to your Kulture.

        • Shadow

          Unfortunately, race baiting has become an occupation that pays well to folks like Jesse and Al. From your rants, it looks like you are preparing yourself for self-employment. All you need now is a soapbox, or maybe, MSM attention.

          • Common Sense

            So typical - the defenders and apologists of racists and ranters claiming that others are ranting when called on their bigoted defense of the indefensible. Oh, and by the way, Kercheval actually does rant, often, on air. Is he unemployed? Or is he really a public bigot with a corporate license to spout?

        • JusticeDelivered


          Do you have children? Did you nurture them, read to then several times a day until they could read? Did you stay in their lives, teach them a good education and work ethic? Was your children's welfare your highest priority?

          There is a serious problem in black culture and if you don't want to see children killing and being killed, breeding far too soon and living useless and short lives then you and others really need to reevaluate both the culture and especially how children are raised.

          No white sheet, just man to man, clean up your collective acts.

          I take no joy in seeing anyone fail, including black people. I would prefer to black crime drop to prevailing rates. But from what I can see that is not going to happen without the rest of society insisting.

          • Hillboy

            Justice Delivered, You are painting a large group of people with a very wide brush when you talk about "a serious problem with black culture." The problems you refer to are not the problems of all black people. They are more associated with poverty and joblessness than skin color.

            I see a lot of similarities (regarding selling and using drugs and associated crime) in what is going on in some minority urban areas and what is going on in white rural areas with the meth cooking and organized abuse of prescription painkillers. I haven't heard anyone refer to the latter as "a serious problem of white culture."

            You seem to imply that it is the responsibility of all black people to address the problems of a small subset of other black people. As a white person I have to admit that I have failed to address the problems of drug use and teen pregnancy among other white people in rural WV. I don't think I'm alone in that regard.

          • Common Sense

            Your racism is so transparent it's a marvel. It's self-eviscerating. I'm a white male with advanced degrees. Your comments are a wonder of cluelessness and idiocy. It's like you're from another planet. Rather, you're from a deeply ingrained racist part of this planet.

        • DonaldH

          According to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Malute Shabang Bazzizzle or whatever the leader of the NEW BLACK PATHERS name is, the JEWS own America.

  • Jt

    By writing this column are you not also guilty of putting race into the mainstream media? You get a little heat from your base on prior subjects so this must be a red meat article to satisfy them.

    • Charleston,WV

      Where did Hoppy incite a "call to arms" for the MB posters in regards to racial inequality and injustice? I didn't read that part.

  • Joe

    TD et al:

    Morning guys.

    In terms of the NC voting district issue, didn't WV just have an issue around this last year....resdistricticting I think they called it. Seem to remember there were several court rulings around it reaching a settlement.


    • TD

      you cannot equate redistricting, which I think is terrible and should be stopped, with blatant voter suppression efforts.

      I wonder how many posters on this board would stand in line three hours to vote as the 102 year old black woman in Florida did? Ever ponder why the voting lines in minority areas of states like Fla and Ohio have lines taking up to 8 hours? Why are those areas not provided adequate facilities to handle the number of voters?

      • bulldog95

        How about we look at when the person actually went there to cast their ballot? This past election I left 45 minutes early before work to go vote and had to wait 5 minutes to vote. In 2010 I left 45 minutes early to go vote and had to wait 10 minutes to vote. In 2008 I went to vote after I got off from work and waited a little over an hour. There were people coming in behind me that no doubt would be waiting close to 2 hours.

        My point? When I went to vote early in the morning, say 8:00 am, I had little to no problem. Maybe this 102 year old woman you mentioned went later in the day after all the welfare bums finally got out of bed to go vote.

        I have a fix for this, instead of an ID to prove who you are to vote, to prevent dead folks from working, how about you show a W2 before you can vote.

        • TD

          then the Mitt Romney's couldn't vote as their income is hidden off shore.

          W-2 to vote, that ranks right at the top of your stupid idea list, which is quite long already.

          • bulldog95

            A W2 is one of those documents that one can use at the DMV to get a license. Maybe thats why you mentioned earlier that people had trouble getting one... just sayin

      • BigBadJohnHenry

        Why then did the WV House of Delegates, mostly dems, carve out a little tiny district in Charleston just for a black candidate????
        Hey TD explain that one to me, please.
        How is that not racist???

        • bulldog95

          Maybe we should just do what Port Chester, NY did which allowed residents, nearly half of which were hispanic to vote 6 times. Thats right, a judge said that hispanics were not being treated fairly and allowed them to vote 6 times.

        • TD

          I don't know anything about that but if it happened it's wrong and should be undone.

      • JimmyTwoTimes

        I agree 100% TD. It's shameful what the GOP has done in regards to gerrymandering districts. It's blatant racism and aimed at suppression of the minority vote. It's sad that that kind of crap still goes on.

        • Charleston,WV

          If I am not mistaken, but isn't voter redistricting a result of the 2010 census? BTW: Look up the term Gerrymander and you'll learn that this tactic has been utilized by all political parties in our nations history. Good day!

      • Shadow

        The lines get long when you vote 6 or 7 times!

        • bulldog95

          Do you get to vote all 7 times at once or do you have to go get back in line?

  • Common Sense

    Stupid even by Kerchevalian standards. Ditto the clueless wonder comments. The racial outcry over Trayvon was that his killer was not charged with a crime, first, then when the outcry had the effect of getting charges, the subsequent racial outcry was that the killer was not convicted - of anything. Somehow the all white judicial officials and a nearly all white jury could not see that a barely 17 year old teen returning at night from a candy store and walking in his father's gated development was not the fatal victim of an aggressive, racist, gun-toting, nighttime stalking, hostilely confronting criminal. No doubt scared out of his wits, the teen tried to defend himself and was blown away by the thug. Then no crime charged, then no conviction. In all the situations Kercheval mentions above, you can bet the charges have been filed and the convictions are coming. Kercheval doesn't get that, nor does his loyal pack of airhead followers here.

    • WVWho

      GZ had no business being tried in court as he was innocent from the start, but was only in court due to race baiting and media propoganda. TM was not the innocent little boy you or the mainstream media made him out to be. I forget what was his twitter handle again?

      • Common Sense

        Oh look another racist comment. What a shock here in the heart of Klan Kountry. George Zimmerman had been no stranger to the judicial system previously for domestic violence charges and assaulting a police officer. Then Zimmerman kills the unarmed black teen in the dark in the teen's dad's gated community in the rain after stalking him and hostilely confronting him days after Trayvon's 17th birthday. What an innocent character is Zimmerman! to you. And what a thug is the murdered black teen! to you. You're a kindred spirit to Zimmerman apparently. Lots of you around. Lots of big shot officials like you too.

        • DonaldH

          Let's see,,, the date today is Aug. 24 and several murders of white people have occurred since your post on 8-22-- care to square them off against your stupid racist denial-- You prescribe to the Jesse Jackson racist definition that "Black people can't be racist because,,, well,,, they're not white"

    • GregG

      Common Sense?! Really?? Well common sense tells me that........One, if you don't want to be perceived as a "thug" pull up your damn pants up, stop covering your head with a "hoodie" and start acting like a man instead of a punk. Two, DO NOT hand a gun to some want-a-be cop like Zimmerman. Common sense tells me that a can of pepper spray or a taser gun and a young adult choosing to be a man instead of a "gangsta".........and this whole situation could have been avoided.

      • Common Sense

        You missed the point. Kercheval makes no sense. White people kill black people but don't get convicted at the same rates as when white people kill white people. That's the racism that is properly decried. That is what happened in the Trayvon Martin case. Kercheval is completely lost.

        "White people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354 per cent more likely to be found justified in their killing than a white person who kills another white person, according to research."

        • bulldog95

          I also read numbers that blacks in Florida make up 17% of the population but make up over 34% of the stand your ground defenses. Zimmerman didnt claim stand your ground, he claimed self defense, so get the facts, get out of your fantasy world, and lastly get over yourself.

          • Common Sense

            Stand your ground law IS a type of self defense law. Logic 101. More blacks than whites are convicted for the same type of crime if the jury is all white. If even one black is on the jury, then those racist conviction rates disappears. Look it up and learn. You probably don't mean to be a bigot.

          • TD

            You can't claim Stand Your Ground when you're the aggressor, DUH!!!!! If anyone had a right to Stand Your Ground it was Martin but apparently it's only for using guns, not your fist.

          • bulldog95

            How was GZ the aggressor? The race baiters and people that suffer from white guilt see it one way and the remaining normal people see it for what it really was.

            It was someone that got sick and tired of his neighborhood being the victim of crimes so he sees someone that he doesnt know, walking close to homes, so he calls the police to have this checked out. So maybe he follows him, maybe he doesnt, we were not there. As I have said before, apparently TD you dont want your neighbors to call the police or keep an eye on someone that they dont know if they are around your home or car. Its not a crime to keep an eye on someone that you think might break into a car or home. My neighbors tell me when they are going out of town for more than a day and ask me to keep an eye on the place. Glad you arent one of them.

          • Charleston,WV

            TD: If GZ had brandished his weapon then he would have been the one who breached the peace. If I am not mistaken from the testimony, correct me if I'm wrong, but it was TM who threw the first punch.

        • GregG

          No, I clearly got the....."Somehow the all white judicial officials and a nearly all white jury could not see that a barely 17 year old teen returning at night from a candy store and walking in his father's gated development"..........you want to spin this as if the kid was an angel. And that is BS. Like I said, you want these kind of things to stop, then start teaching these kids that this world isn't some rap video and stop allowing dimwits the right to carry a gun. There were TWO wrongs in this Martin/Zimmerman ordeal long before a punch was thrown or a trigger pulled.

          • Common Sense

            Oh look the racists can type now. "TWO wrongs" you say. Hey, a thug with a gun stalked and killed an unarmed teen at night walking home to his dad with candy. But the teen was wrong to be walking while black. I see. Thanks for clearing up the multiple wrongs here.

        • JusticeDelivered

          Common Sense should pick a more appropriate handle.

          How about No Common Sense or better Nonsense

          • Common Sense

            InJusticeDelivered speaks! Pathetic.

          • JusticeDelivered

            Nonsense speaks. Take off your racist blinders.

            Fifty years ago you could make a case that you were a victim of racism. Today, most problems in the black community are self inflicted.

            After watching bald faced racism by blacks against the Zimmerman family I have decided it is time for tough love. Everyone should have opportunity, but those who fail to avail themselves of opportunity and end up losers in society do not deserve much sympathy.

            The problem is that fifty years of social welfare has created dependency and entitlement. Apparently NonSense like people do not understand the difference between a short term hand up and a long term entitlement, and the fact that they are only entitled as long as society is will to pay.

  • Hop'sHip

    Hoppy: When you deplore "race baiters" in the media, I assume you are including Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. You left them out of your commentary. And of course the king of race baiting is Rush Limbaugh, who your radio network gives a daily platform. If you meant to include them also, good commentary.

    • bulldog95

      Care to define race baiter?

      • Hop'sHip

        Maybe you should ask Hoppy, since he introduced the term in his commentary. I think of it as trying to arouse passions along racial lines, like the passions Hoppy aroused today with his commentary.

        • bulldog95

          Thanks Charleston, but now to hiphop.

          Apparently I didnt read the same thing you did and if you could please give me one example on rush, bill, or hannity doing their race baiting. If you can provide one and I am sure anyone on here can provide 5 from jesse and al.

          • Hop'sHip

            I tried but repeating one of Rush's ditties got my comment sent to "awaiting moderation" limbo.

        • DonaldH

          I know,, that darn Hoppy is being such an 'Old White Guy" for even hinting an African-American can hate and kill white people just because they are WHITE,, well Hoppy didn't really go that far,, but he might--- Let's call him a racist and SHUT HIM DOWN!!! Right HipHOP

      • Charleston,WV

        I will cite the Urban Dictionary for the definition of race baiting as:
        One who insinuates that racism or bigotry is a dominant factor with regards to an event that either does not involve race or in which diverse cultures are involved are simply a minor element.
        This one definition also gave some examples of what race baiting was and was not.

        Not race baiting (race was a primary factor): The U.S. Civil War was fought by white supremacists who wanted to maintain slavery.
        Not race baiting (statement of facts): A white kid and a black kid got into a fight at school today.

        Race baiter (insinuating race): A person of color was abused by a white at school today, just another day in the U.S. of K.K.K.A.
        Not race baiting: When the Europeans came to America, vast differences in culture led to numerous conflicts with Native Americans on a broad number of issues, most of which the Europeans won.

        Race baiter: When the pilgrims landed, they proceeded to exterminate the defenseless Indians from the land.

        Of course, I am sure I will now be labeled as a racist for making this post.

  • must go

    100% agree with Hoppy!
    Sharpton and Jackson make me SICK. They are the biggest biggots. Where are they now, lets hear thier jusitification of the shooting of that jogger.

    I hope those punks get the maximum penalty that that state has.

  • Shadow

    Good article. On the Oklahoma shooting, Sharpton and Jackson should be listed as unindicted co conspirators for their actions after the Zimmerman Trial and the effect of the words on later events. Sadly, they were given the Bully Pulpit by the MSM and the truth about Travon was only carried through the internet, person to person. As the facts come out through the internet, MSM is becoming irrelevant to any issue.

    • Hop'sHip

      What was the truth about Travon?

      • Shadow

        He was caught in school with his backpack full of things that looked like they came from someone's house and that was backpedaled, He was sent to be with his Father as his Mother couldn't control him, and the autopsy indicated his drug use was damaging his liver. The drug mixture, known as Lean, is known for increasing combativeness and aggression. Unfortunately, a lot of his background was omitted from the trial.

        • Hop'sHip

          Are you sure? I went to some website call Treehouse or something that looked suspicious. But it did provide a link to the autuposy report. I read it and was unable to find any reference to liver damage. I must ad,it being impressed by the right-wing internet dominance. There must be a hundred sites making this claim about the kid but they all seem to lead back to this Treehouse "investigation." But I guess you are convinced that this was a bad kid who got what he deserved.

          • Shadow

            I, too, looked over the internet to see if what I read was indicated over any other site than the Conservatire Tree. From what I found, most of the evidence was circumstantional as the Autopsy Report shows fatty metamogphosis which is related to alcohol abuse but can be related to drug use. His purchase of Skittles and Watermelon drink being the prime indicators plus the text messages he placed to his friends looking for codeine.

  • Mountaineer Steve


    Good article. However, this goes well beyond racial bias. It is a total Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative.

    The mainstream media loves demarcates and hates Republicans. It is so obvious based on how they have reported on IRS, NSA, Benghazi, and fast and furious scandals. Had just one of these happened under Bush or any other republican presidency, the main stream media would not stop writing about it and would be calling for impeachment proceedings. Yet they let the second coming of Christ get away with it, because he is the savior of their party.

    And now their next major goal is to to get Hillary elected.

    • Hop'sHip

      Just to back up Steve's contention, let's look how the media treated embassy attacks during the Bush years:

      2002 - Attack by gunmen on the American Centre in Kolkata India, 5 killed;
      2002 - US consulate bombing in Karachi, Pakistan - 12 killed;
      2004 - embassy bombings in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 2 killed;
      2008 - US consulate attacked in Istanbul, Turkey - 6 killed;
      2008 - US embassy in Yemen attacked - 19 killed

      Remember how much coverage those attacks got from the media and the outcry to impeach Bush? I don't, but I'm sure that there was.

      • NCWV

        None of those embassy attacks killed the ambassador. The last ambassador to be murdered was under the Carter administration in 1979.

        • Hop'sHip

          Does the one ambassador trump the 241 servicemen killed in Beirut in 1983 under the President that the same Darrell Issa who is going after Obama wants to rename part of the Pacific Ocean after?

          • FungoJoe

            Using the murder of 241 US Marines for a mindless political point? Typical low-life liberal tactic. What the hell do you know about the bombing at the al-rashid hotel?? Typical liberal rubbish from hopship. Have you no shame??

          • Hop'sHip

            But of course using the murder of an ambasador for political purposes is OK. Typical Fungo reasoning.

        • bulldog95

          Dont go confusing hiphop with facts. I also wonder how many of those above mentioned by hiphop had requests for additional security but were turned down? How many of those above mentioned had a security force made of mostly locals?

          • BigBadJohnHenry

            How many of those attacks had the perpetators meet justice?? All of them. Just not in Benghazi.

      • Charleston,WV

        No, the media was to busy with the tallying of war casualties. There was no reason or outcry from the Democratic Party to impeach the President for a war that they themselves enacted him to declare.

      • DonaldH

        I know and it really steamed me,,, and I'm sure you too,,, when Rice went before congress and threw her hands in the air and screamed "What difference does it make people were killed"-- wait,, Rice was the attractive Secretary Of State--- it was the other one that said that,, which one was that, HipHOP?

  • TD

    James O'Keefe come to mind? He was on conservative radio and FOX News constantly over the past few years with his highly edited videos portraying minorities in the worst light. While I can't stomach Sharpton, Jackson or others and never watch them it is conservative media that is playing the race card, you being part of that with this article today.

    NOT a mention by you and other conservative talking heads about the REAL important things that have happened THIS WEEK in NC, for example. Where the Republican party has blatantly made several changes to make it harder for minorities to vote. Want an example, take Boone N.C. where 2 of the 3 voting precincts have been eliminated and now more than 9,000 people will vote at one located out of town which has 35 parking spots. Vote early you say, no, they have reduced early voting days by more than half as well.

    There is racism being practiced all over this country in almost every state where Republicans have control of the legislature and your silence on the issue is indeed a double standard.

    • Wowbagger

      You should read "Breakthrough" before condeming James O'Keefe!

      I am appalled by the hatchet jobs condoned by the established media to silence Mr. O'Keefe, but then you seem to be one of their sycophants.

      • TD

        maybe I'll buy a copy when I decide to live in the fantasy world conservative nutcases create and I change my views from being FACT BASED to FICTIONAL and change my name to GULLIBLE.

        • BigBadJohnHenry

          TD, when you get fact-based, we all will know the end of the world is coming. Just because you rely on your "facts" from PMSNBC, NBC, ABC, and the renowned Charleston Gazette doesn't make those "facts" true. We know of your ultra-liberal biases and your hatred for anything moderate or conservative.
          Any self-respecting American, whether D or R or I, should have no problem with showing a photo ID to vote.
          If we hold our right to vote so sacredly as I think most of us do, then we should treat it with the value it deserves. We have to show ID to get into any govt. building just about, to cash a check, to open a bank account, to get welfare benefits, to recycle aluminum cans, to open an account to get cable TV, to get a cell phone, to pick up a child at day care, and the list goes on.
          The only thing you don't have to show an ID for is to get a free OBAMAPHONE.
          The ONLY valid reason for not wanting to show an ID to vote is to commit voter fraud. Has nothing to do with race.

          • Hillbilly

            Amen to that!!

          • TD

            seems simple, a photo ID. In NC however, a student photo ID provided by the state run college doesn't count. I would like for you to try and get an ID if you don't have utility bills or a drivers license,it's almost impossible. Hell it takes most people 2 or more trips to the DMV these days in WV just to get a drivers license, and I'm talking about people who've had one for 30 years.

            You can say whatever you want but the intent is clear, to repress the Democratic vote. Of course in Republican land win by any means is the way, democracy be damned.

        • AX MAN

          TD, You need to relax and take your pills.

          • Brian

            Did it occur to you that NC may not let students vote because they aren't NC residents? Just because they attend school in NC doesn't mean they are eligible to vote there. Perfect example of liberals "cherry picking"/manipulating bits of news to suit themselves.

          • Debra

            @ Brian. The US Supreme Court answered this in 1979. Students are permitted to vote at the school they attend in all federal elections.

    • CaptainQ

      And this is a valid point we all need to keep in mind, TD. BOTH main branches of news media (Main Stream Media, Right Wing Media) do promote their own biased agendas, no question about it.

      But what gets me is that many on the liberal/Democrat side DENY the fact the MSM is guilty of this while pointing out all the blatant reporting from the RWM. It was certainly clear during the coverage of the George Zimmerman case & trial that the MSM was far more deceptive than the RWM in THAT situation. It is also clear from the MSM's lack of coverage of the afore mentioned incidents in Florida and Oklahoma that they're not dedicated to the truth as much as they are to their agenda.

      And don't get me started on Rush, Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly who happen to be 'entertainers' masquerading as hard journalists. Have to admit, the RWM has more of THOSE types than the MSM.

      Neither stream of news media is 'innocent' of skewing/ignoring/fabricating 'facts' when it suits their purposes.

    • Shadow

      You must have seen a different O'Keefe video that I saw about the Pimp. It may have been edited but the conspiratory words were there. They were crooked and just happened to be Black.

      • bulldog95

        Thats just it, in TD's world anyone that shines a a light badly on a black person is racist, edited, done in poor taste...

        • TD

          not true if the journalism is honest, his was not. How else do you explain O'Keefe paying $100,000 to a former ACORN employee if the journalism was

          • bulldog95

            You mean the one that lived in a state that didnt have 1 party consent. Here in WV you only need 1 party consent to record a conversation, however I can not record yours and someones conversation. O'Keefe was in one of those states where he was not allowed to film, so the person took a settlement to not press charges. That doesnt change the fact of what he uncovered.

            Dateline or one of those undecover programs got into trouble with that same thing and paid out money to avoid charges, I think it was with people that worked at Food Lion.

          • Shadow

            When you have a law that allows two people to conspire a criminal act and then not allow one of them to record and release the recording, you are sanctifying crime through the law. It probably was written by some law makers to protect themselves or their friends.

    • wirerowe

      TD I would agree that making it more difficult for people to vote is a violation of their rights and that seems to the case here. But I see the North Carolina case a little differently. Change your sentence to read "where the Republican party has blatantly made several changes to make it harder for democrats to vote. If the minorities were republicans these changes would not have occurred.

      • liberty4all


      • JJ

        Excellent point Wirerowe. TD also forgot to mention all the deceased voters who make their X for the straight Democrat ticket all over this country.

    • bulldog95

      And here I thought we had "election day" not "election week."

      I thought you had to have a pulse to vote, or at least you should.

      O'Keefe and edited tapes? Did you actually watch the tapes or did you get an edited version from CNN or MSNBC?

    • alan j

      Oh the utter brutality of asking for an ID to vote. Where is the humanity? LOL

    • DonaldH

      TD, have you ever bothered to look where the suburbs of Philly have to go vote?

  • a concerned educator


    You did an EXCELLENT job on this story, and I believe that you are 100% correct. Discrimination works BOTH ways.

  • Joe


    Poli Sci and Sociologists are many. Old White Guys are few. I council peace.

    • Mike

      Bless you Joe, I wish all shared this view.

    • DonaldH

      And I follow peace,,, now convince me the meek shall inherit the Earth and i'll rest easy

      And elderly white males are many in this country--- maybe you should define your perception of what am older white male is, Please

  • GregG

    Hoppy I will have to agree that "race" is the most obvious form of a "media double standard", but it sure isn't the only double standard. Media of today, our TV news, newspapers and online, are more concerns with pushing their agenda on the public than providing the facts.

    • bulldog95

      If you are reading or watching tv and the race is not mentioned or the political party is not mentioned then you better call Vegas and place a bet. You place a bet that the person in question is probably black or muslim. You place your bet that the political party is democrat.

    • Charleston,WV

      I always like to say that we live in the "Age of mass information and disinformation". Unfortunately it takes us, the reader, to pursuit the information and decipher the truth. Sadly I would say that there are few who actually do there research.

  • Wes

    Bravo Hoppy. Totally agree with you. I bet this issue won't go beyond your commentary either.

  • DonaldH

    Hop, quit being such an “Old White Guy”—The policies your kind has put forth has Ruined our environment, our economy, our health-care system, our public education system, brought 9-11 upon us, isolated our country from the rest of world and made us the cruelest race of people to have ever walked the face of the Earth.. If you don’t believe me go on any university or college campus in the country and find any sociology or political science professor and ask them,,, they’ll gladly tell you what a blue-eyed devil you are. And mix a little bit Christianity in with your pale skin and you get a race of people that have taken humanity to its lowest level and trampled on every culture and society in the world… So anything the present or future holds for your dim future as “Old White Guys” is just reward for the evil you have done --- “Because Your Chickens Have Come Home To Roost”

    • Tom


      What "kind" are you?

    • Mike

      Donald, I'm an old white guy. My future and that of my family and friends is very bright. I hope yours is too.

    • Brian

      Good job there Donnie boy-

      With your rambling, incoherant, use of the English language (not to mention the complete lack of knowledge of even basic sentence structure); your have PROVEN why old white guys still own and run the country.

      Ahhhh; what was your point again?

      Something about Christianity, sociology professors, blue-eyed devils and chickens?
      Naw...., no racism there, huh?

      • Mountaineer Steve

        Don't any of you get that the post from Donald was Tongue and cheek?

        • kensgirl

          Thanks, Steve! I'm glad I wasn't the ONLY one who "got it."

        • Red Dwarf

          Sarcasm is difficult to write and often hides the mirroring true feelings of the author to "soften" the message. (BTW - that's "tongue in cheek".)

        • Hillboy

          I thought he was being ironic. But then again, there have been many times on this MB where I thought someone was being ironic when they weren't. We need an emoticon to denote irony.

      • DonaldH

        Brian, Brian, Brian--- Ad Hominem: An argument based on the perceived failings of an adversary rather than on the merits of the case; a logical fallacy that involves a personal attack.-----

  • CaptainQ

    This commentary is 100% spot-on, Hoppy!

    It's interesting how skewed the Main Stream Media remains when it comes to their coverage of news stories involving race. It would seem that some in the MSM deliberately attempted deception in order to sensationalize the story and even provoke higher levels of racial mistrust. For example, NBC News was 'caught' editing parts of George Zimmerman's actual phone call audio to make him look bigoted (NBC later issued an apology for this). ABC News was 'caught' lying about the state of Zimmerman at the hospital, 'doctoring' a still photo and then claiming that he had no injuries when the hospital's own unedited surveillance video PROVED he had clearly visible head injuries (ABC later apologized for this one). When it comes to alleged 'white on black' crime, the MSM apparently feels the TRUTH is something needing to be sacrificed for the greater cause of insighting racial conflict.

    Complete opposite situation with the stories on that school bus in Florida and that murder in Oklahoma. Most of the MSM outlets tried VERY hard to avoid mentioning the race of the alleged attackers in both of those cases. Apparently, since both were incidents of 'black on white' crime, these were far, far less 'newsworthy' in their eyes. We can even see the blatant MSM bias in it's coverage of the Fort Hood massacre, their attempts to 'ignore' the fact that the alleged shooter was a Muslim who clearly stated 'jihad' as his motivation for his random killing spree.

    To be fair, the Right Wing Media (Fox News and major Talk Radio) has an obvious conservative bias. HOWEVER, the evidence continues to mount of the absolute liberal slant of the MSM that cannot be denied or explained away. The pro-racial unrest agenda of the MSM constantly clouds their reporting tactics, even to the point of outright deception. It's getting more and more difficult to find truly unbiased, honest news coverage in this 21st Century and almost IMPOSSIBLE to find it when the issue of 'race' in involved.

    Seems the MSM was going out of its way to try to spark racial unrest in the Trayvon Martin case.

    • Jake

      Let us not forget the senseless, cold-blooded murders of Antonio West (Santiago) of Brunswick, GA, WWII vet Delbert Belton of Spokane, Wash. and 99 year old Fannie Gumbinger of Poughkeepsie, NY. The media has clearly kept these murders and the daily black on black killings in cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, Little Rock, very quiet because they do not fit their anti-gun agenda or their race double standard.