*(Editor’s note: 9:29am: Rev. Jesse Jackson has spoken about the shooting. He Tweeted, “This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.” hk)

The double standard on race by a large segment of the media has become painfully obvious.

The Trayvon Martin story devolved into a story about race, despite the fact that during the trial the prosecution never contended that George Zimmerman targeted Martin because he was black.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others used Martin’s death as a platform to advance their own agendas.

Sharpton co-opted Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech as he tried to force a connection between the historic civil rights movement and Martin’s death.  Following Zimmerman’s acquittal, Jackson called Florida “an apartheid state” and “our Selma.”

But that’s what Sharpton and Jackson do, propelled forward by the media’s willingness to make the story fit a convenient template.

President Obama personalized the story by saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Several weeks ago, a story surfaced in Florida about the vicious beating of a white sixth-grader by three older black children on a school bus.  The bus security video showed the attackers pummeling the victim, who suffered a broken arm and two black eyes.

Most media, in reporting the story, left out the fact that the attackers were black and the victim was white, and not a word was heard from Jackson*, Sharpton, Jay-Z or others who were so willing to bloviate about the Martin shooting.

This week in Oklahoma, three teenagers gunned down a young Australian man who was going to college in the United States.  Christopher Lane was jogging when he was shot in the back.

Lane is white and two of the three teens charged in the murder, including the shooter, are black.  The third suspect appears from his picture to be of mixed race or white.

Oklahoma police chief Danny Ford told the AP, “the boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.’” Additionally, an Internet video has surfaced of James Francis Edwards, Jr., the alleged shooter, posing with a gun and talking smack.

For the most part, media have stayed away from referencing race, other than showing pictures of the suspects.

If the situation were reversed, if a couple of white thugs had maliciously and senselessly gunned down a well-liked, accomplished black college student, the race-baiters and media sycophants would have switched to overdrive.

The solution to this disparity, however, is NOT to cover every black on white violence story the same way white on black incidents are now treated by the media.  Instead, all such tragedies should be covered and judged based on whether there is evidence that race was a factor.

If not, downplay or ignore the headline-seeking opportunists.  If race was a factor, then report it as such.

We have made remarkable strides in this country on race, especially in recent years.  However, racial tension remains a difficult and sensitive issue for us, and the double standard in the media for covering race stories only makes matters worse.







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  • George

    How can we find the funding for these phones? We are broke, and I seem to remember that in the 80' and 90' we never had them nor did we miss them. A cell phone is a privilege like riding a school bus. You should have to earn it with the proper behavior.

  • George

    And if there is anyone who doesn't agree, by all means, come to my city on vavation. I was told the other day that I was the ni##a here, and I better watch my back.you come live where our mayor chokwe lumumba is trying to start a ne african nation in the south, but that is not recist is it....

  • George

    Btw, obama phones were made for welfare black women. I pay my cell bill. It's another way obama rewards bad behavior. I thought about quitting my job so je would take care of me too. Then again, who needs oboma? Canada has started looking real good to me.

  • thomaswmann

    Can't we all just get along.

  • D.P.

    Great article Hoppy and certainly spot on! The mainstream media does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address racism, unless it advances their agenda. Obama has made matters worse by hurriedly becoming involved in matters such as Trayvon Martin and the Black Professor from Piedmont, WV BEFORE knowing ANY of the facts of the cases. Yet, he fails to speak out about mass black on black genocide in the inner cities. I'm quite certain that has everything to do with most of the large cities being run for years and years by liberal Dems.

    The Trayvon Martin death was obviously a terrible tragedy. But for people such as Sharpton, Oprah and other Leftists to compare his death to Emmett Tills is 100% LUDICROUS! It's like comparing apples to elephants!

    Although I read only a few of the comments by your some of your regular Leftist readers, they truly make me sick! They are the same IDIOTS who day after day expouse their ridiculous viewpoints. Hardcore Dems who sadly will NEVER be open to any alternative thinking. These LEFTISTS will unfortunately be the demise of not only our state, but of our country!!!!!

  • Concerned

    It seems everyone in the reporting business has an agenda. Including yourself Hop. While I do agree these stories haven't gotten the publicity the Martin case did (at least to this point), these cases aren't the same. Before you go crying, maybe you shouldn't be so biased and actually try to do some real journalism and wait till facts come out. Seriously, "appears to be mixed race", now that's journalism.

  • James

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and President Obama are the only Racist people left to fuel the Flame of Raceism in America and they do so just to keep there own names in the National Media. Jackson and Sharpton have done nothing in there lives to help or encourage the Black race in this Country. Ask any Black man what these two have ever done to help them. Neither one of them should never have there names even mentioned along side Martin Luther King ! And look at Obama, he is neither White or Black. Does anyone ever mention his WHITE Mother ! No only his Black Muslim Father. It has got to the point that the Media is afraid to mention the word Black Man. If a person treats me with respect I try to do the same, regardless of skin color ! But Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be out of business if they did the same. By the way where do these two Clowns Preach on Sunday morning.

    • Butch

      While I wish it shocked me to read that you believe Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and President Obama are the only racist people left, it does not.

      Hello world, I would like to introduce you to true ignorance.

      PS Not calling you stupid James, just extremely ignorant of the world around you.

  • Hillboy

    I think there is another issue at play here besides the way race is presented in the media---and that is the general decline of journalism in the digital era. In order to justify higher advertising dollars, online media needs to show higher number of page clicks, which provides an incentive for journalists to juice up stories (and opinion pieces). TV news plays into this too because they need to get their share of viewers too. News reporting has become another form of reality TV entertainment.

    If I remember correctly the Travon Martin incident languished for a while without much attention but his parents went to the media and it snowballed into a cause from there. There are other similar cases in other parts of the country that never get similar national media attention. Why does one case get attention and not another? I don't think it is because the MSM is trying incite racial conflict. I think it has more to do with dollars and making something into a story that keeps people interested in watching TV and clicking pages and viewing advertisements so they'll buy more crap they don't need. Just reporting the facts doesn't sell enough ads.

  • RogerD

    I'm going to go against the grain here and not agree that there's a double standard in the big media. You can't have a double standard where there are no standards at all.

    The big media's job is no longer to report the news but to divert.

  • Rich

    Aaron is spot on in his analysis. Further, the senseless killing of the Australian athlete has been front and center since it happened. His girlfriend was interviewed on the Today Show this morning or yesterday. The Australian government has urged its citizens not to travel to the US. The news and aftermath of this continues to come out.
    Aaron is also correct about the murder itself. Unfortunately for our society, it was pretty much a run of the mill murder with a bit of a twist in that they just wanted to kill someone. But murders like that happen every day, and aren't reported or sensationalized unless they have some sexy angle or involved a celebrity.
    What bothers me about the media coverage of crime is the "Nancy Grace-isms." Hundreds of crimes similar to the ones CNN profiles and shows end on end are committed every day. Do you think Casey Anthony was the only little girl killed (or I guess allegedly killed) by her mother? Yet it got months of coverage. I think the prosecutors got nervous at the CNN coverage and overtried the case. There's no way a case like that should have gone on so long. Same for Arias. And then Nancy claims shock and outrage at the verdict. And Nancy Grace is no great legal scholar. She faced discipline for her conduct in at least one trial in Georgia, and was almost disbarred twice.
    Jurors are told things by the court that don't make it to TV, they are read legal instructions on their responsibilities and possible verdicts, and those aren't shown on TV either. In other words, with "gavel to gavel" coverage, we still don't see everything like a juror does. I'm sometimes surprised and even outraged at verdicts, but the bottom line is I wasn't in the courtroom everyday listening to the evidence, watching the demeanor of the witness, and listening to the judge's instructions.

    • Joe

      Can't we all just get along?!


  • chasmo

    Hoppy : you are EXACTLY CORRECT on this one !! I sincerely believe UNTIL we start removing these POS from the earth, there will be NO STOPPING . Our " legal" system is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to the " left " and there is absolutely NO RESPECT FOR LIFE with the culture today. Once again , a great commentary and those of the civil rights " agenda" could care less since its a white deceased .

  • Butch

    This article is very disappointing. As a white man, it is easy to only see how we are 'persecuted' in the media during high profile cases when it comes to racial tension and violence.

    As a white man that has a close friend that happens to be black, it is hard to see and hear the things he endures on a daily basis. Openly to his face in some cases and sometimes more subtle when he turns his head.

    I wish all of you would walk a mile in his shoes. You may then, and only then, open your very closed minds as to what it truly means to be discriminated against just by having someone look at you.

    • Debra

      Can we get a LIKE BUTTON on here. Amen Butch!!!

    • liberty4all

      Agree Butch.

      Earlier comment from JusticeDelivered said "From what I can see there is little white on black racism today. It seems that the last fifty years has pretty much eradicated it"

      Not sure where he/she lives. When I moved here many years ago I was appalled at how openly a lot of folks would use racial slurs nonchalantly. I chalked it up to ignorance (the same ignorance that has many flying/displaying the confederate flag as if WV wasn't for the union). If you are around people of different cultures and ethnicities it is easier to understand and appreciate the differences. WV is what, 96% white? That itself will produce some ignorance. However, during the years I have lived here it still occurs.

      It can't all be chalked up to a lack of exposure though. Many WV's are fine people who treat others fairly based on their character and not the color of our skin. If you ever go to our nation's capital (a virtual metling pot) you will still see evidence of ongoing racism. Watch a black man try and hail a cab. Or go down to the subway and watch as the car approaches. Many white people waiting to board will see a car with many balck people on it and will blatantly walk down the platform to find a car which has less black people.

      I agree race is often unfairly injected into matters without justification. It is also conveniently and unjustifiably left out of coverage at times too. But let's not pretend racism does not still exist. Better yes, but still alive.

      • Shadow

        Having lived in NOVA, I never saw anyone select a metro car based upon the race of the riders. I, and my friends, just got on and rode with no fuss. As to the Confederate Flag issue, you are painting with a broad brush. The majority of the men that died for it were not slave owners.

        • liberty4all

          What broad brush? I can accept (not agree) an argument about the flag and what it stands for if you are at least from the south and had ancestors involved in the Civil War (what is their slogan - heritage not hate??). But how many WV's who wave/fly/display/tattoo, etc . . . the confederate flag can say that? The migration in WV involves people leaving, not coming here from the south.

          As for your experiences on the Metro, kudos to you and your friends. I know what I saw myself for over 20 years.

          You failed to address the larger issue put forth by Justice Delivered that there is little racism today. People still cross the street, clutch to their purses, lock their doors and move from their suburban neighborhoods at the sight of black people coming. Not everyone, thankfully. But it still occurs all too often.

          • Shadow

            During the time that I worked in DC, I had a great relationship with the Blacks I encountered. My friends were great folks. My sympathy is with those Blacks that have to live there with all the crime and there is a lot of it, particularly in South East and PG County. They deserve better.

          • Charleston,WV

            Liberty4All: " But how many WV's who wave/fly/display/tattoo, etc . . . the confederate flag can say that"........ How about my father-in-law and my neighbor to name a few. Btw, with that statement alone you, yourself are stereotyping and being derogatory towards your fellow West Virginians. Remember, it's ok to remember your history, otherwise you are doomed to repeat it. Do we still have racism today? Sure we do, but I wouldn't say it is on the scale as it was during the "Jim Crow" Days. Lighten up a bit.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    On the Trayvon Martin case the President was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he said nothing he was going to get ridiculed, and if he said something he was going to get ridiculed. There are a lot of black people that endlessly complain Obama is "not black enough."

    I agree with the commentary, but I also realize today's "news" is for entertainment and not for information. Before others start blaming Fox or MSNBC, just look at some of the headlines on this very site. We are all guilty of sometimes making "mountains out of molehills" because some aspect of a story is particularly dramatic to us.

    • ConservativeRealist

      As the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the land, Obama's statement should have been to support the criminal justice process and the Court system(s). He should not have appealed to any demographic and/or commented to appease. He wanted to sound byte and is now forced to be criticized for it.

    • liberty4all

      I disagree that he was between a rock and hard place. One of President Obama's problems, in my opinion, is that he feels the need to have an opinion on everything. I do not know whether this is a product of ego (loving to hear the sound of his own voice) or those behind the scenes giving him bad advice. Whether it be the Trayvon Martin case, the case involving the black professor at Harvard, or other matters of purely local interest, the President does not know all of the facts and details simply because he is president. Therefore he should be more cautious about weighing in on local matters that do not have an overwhelming national or international concern.

      He certainly has the first amendment right to say what he wants. However, this president talks all the time about everything and I believe after a while people stop listening. If he spoke less, the words he says might carry more meaning. Just my $.02.

    • WVWho

      I doubt he needed to make the statement ." If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon" That really helped calm things down!

      • WVU 74

        Perhaps the President should have had another "Beer Summit".

  • JJ

    Thank you Hoppy. It takes courage to speak the truth in America today about race.

  • Buck

    @Common Sense you're kidding, right? You forgot the part about Trayvon returning from volunteering at the homeless shelter, just after he left the Boy Scout meeting and prior to helping an old lady across the street as he exited the church.

    • bulldog95