MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Morgantown police cited WVU football coach Dana Holgorsen with a traffic violation following a minor accident Friday morning.

Police Chief Ed Preston said Holgorsen received a ticket for “hazardous driving” after his vehicle ran into the rear of another vehicle while traveling north on Beechurst Avenue.

The accident happened during morning rush hour.

Preston said Holgorsen’s 2012 Jeep Cherokee hit the back of a Jeep Liberty, pushing it into the rear of a Honda Civic. No one was injured.

Holgorsen’s vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

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  • cutty77

    Now i bet there are 4 or 5 AMBULANCE CHASING LAWYERS ON THE CASE. Thats they real Story. Dana was in his Hurry Up Offense.

  • chad

    Maybe Dana should go ahead and announce the starting QB at this time. Deflect this negative attention

  • Okey Robinson

    Didn't you hear ? Les is the moral police for the month of August. I can't wait for September.

  • richard

    who the heck cares? accidents happen all the time. if it was some guy named joe blow, we never would have heard of this. my gah, he hit someone in the bumper-pretty hard from the sound of it, but like i said---accidents happen. as for, " does anyone else find it surprising he drives a jeep cheerokee?", yes, i do. you would think he would be driving a little higher up in stature vehicle. but at least that tells me the money hasn't gone to his head. of course to me-that is a high end

    • Wick

      Wow Richard, you started off sounding like a doucher but made the turn to BORING

  • Jim N Charleston

    1st time a Mountaineer has laid a hit on anyone since 2012 Orange Bowl! Hopefully a good sign for 2013 season.

    • Kal

      Leading by example? I like it.

    • FungoJoe

      The players ought to give Holgorsen the "Big Lick " Award after today's practice.

  • JECO

    PARKERSBURG 08/22/13: City policeman smashes into rear end of vechicle in heavy traffic near mall. Things happen.

    • Wvu fan

      At least no one was hurt

  • Jonny D

    Does anyone else find it surprising that he drives a 2012 Jeep Cherokee?

    • Larry

      It's actually a misprint, it would have to be a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, since the Cherokee is no longer in production.

    • Jack

      He probably doesn't own the vehicle. Probably given to him by a dealer.

      • Guardian

        It is - compliments of Northside in Summersville. Rich Rod had more class - his complimentary vehicles were Mercedes supplied by University Motors.

        • G Mann

          And how'd that work out for him? Rita had him living at the Waterfront Place Hotel too. Now that's class!

    • tiredintucker

      Jeep's are awesome!!!

    • JECO

      PROUD OF HIM !!!!!!!!!!

    • mntrbob

      Must be the sequester.

  • tw eagle

    Friday , light class schedule (for students) , beechurst ave . (between 8th and Old Stadium) is major residential area (sunnyside)
    for WVU students . . .lots of movement and distractions . . .Honda probably pulled up short . . .AVOID THIS AREA AT BEGINNING

    • tw eagle is a tool

      Were you there clown? Did you see the accident? Learn some facts before you run your yap. Total tool you are.

      • tw eagle

        OOoohh , i'm so crushed . . .are you jealous of the eagle because he's lived and gone to school in Morgantown ?

        and the other part , I do have a BIG tool . . .

      • wvman75

        Just a reminder that tools are made to serve a purpose. What purpose do you serve? Nobody wants pliers that are all jaws but no grip.

  • Jay

    It obviously made the news because of his status as a public figure. The more recognizable one is, the more mundane details of one's life are made "news." You know, it's a major headline when Jennifer Garner takes her kids to school (sadly). It's a Metro News headline when Coach Holgorsen has a minor traffic accident. Simple as that.

  • Chef Camille

    He was texting Rex Ryan to see if he could get Geno motivated. Or he was texting Spivital to see if he could get Johnny Footballs autograph. How about it was Huggins fault.
    Like who really cares unless he was drunk. Morgantown is a piss hole to drive through.

    • Hailey

      Cool strory chef, now go bake me a pie

  • polarbear

    At least his brother is not cooking meth.

    • tony

      ha ha

  • Jack

    What time was the accident .?? Hopefully not in the wee hours of the morning.!!!

    • David

      If you would have read the article ---- "The accident happened during morning rush hour."

      • Hillboy

        Rush hour in Mgtn. is when the bars close.

      • Jake

        Which in Morgantown means that it takes 10 extra minutes and 15 red lights to get across town.

  • DC

    Wonder what the news outlets up there will turn this into, high speed chase while he was doing

    • zwaaa

      And the hookers....don't forget the hookers!

      • Kal

        So you're saying it wasn't just the Jeep Liberty that he rear ended?

  • Joe Cool

    Is Target having a sale on Red Bull?

    • jfk


  • Shawn

    And why did this make news?

    • Mac

      Because it wasn't on the roundabout!

    • Greg Kelly

      You all need to get a life and stfu

    • Alum

      JR's rub with WVU, I mean after all it is news here.

    • William

      "Sweatsuit" Huggins called, said he will FIX IT

      • joe

        you people here are true entertainment...

      • mntrbob

        William, how do you think this will affect the qb situation?

      • enchantedbunny

        William that's funny LOL.

      • Kevin T


        You're an idiot. Your stuff is TIRED and OLD.

    • AX MAN

      Because he is a Republican.

      • Kal

        More targeting!

    • Les

      Because he is the Head Football Coach at WVU and one of the highest paid state employees in WV. Plus his past has not been that of "Mr. Clean", if you know what I mean.

      • Fred

        It's not like his brother was cooking up meth or anything...

        • pc

          Must have been in a rush to get to "happy hour" at the nearest watering hole!

      • mike

        les you must be a peach to be around.

        • susanf

          Why attach Les? Just because he stated the truth about your beloved Holgerson? Maybe he had had too much Red Bull!

          • susanf

            attack, I mean.