MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Morgantown police cited WVU football coach Dana Holgorsen with a traffic violation following a minor accident Friday morning.

Police Chief Ed Preston said Holgorsen received a ticket for “hazardous driving” after his vehicle ran into the rear of another vehicle while traveling north on Beechurst Avenue.

The accident happened during morning rush hour.

Preston said Holgorsen’s 2012 Jeep Cherokee hit the back of a Jeep Liberty, pushing it into the rear of a Honda Civic. No one was injured.

Holgorsen’s vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

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  • Charlotte Nay

    For all of you who are defending Holgersen after he rear-ended a vehicle with enough force that it hit the vehicle in front of it, and Holgersen's vehicle was damaged enough it had to be towed: I wouldn't be afraid to bet that if any one of YOU had been the one driving a vehicle and rear-ended Holgersen's vehicle with enough force to push it into the car in front of him, YOU would have been cited for more than "hazardous driving" and probably would have been paying a hefty fine, and absolutely no one, not even HOLGERSEN, would be defending YOU on social media. Just because Holgersen is one of WV's highest paid employees, does not mean that he should be above the law. He should be setting a decent example for others, including WVU students and the team that he coaches. If he had to pay a hefty fine (which he can certainly afford to pay) and be held accountable for his actions, maybe he would grow up and become a responsible person that WV's citizens could respect.

  • Cal

    Police just wanted an autograph.

  • charlie k

    I must applaud (sarcasm intended) Oliver Luck on hiring this lovable man. Reminds me of Otis the town drunk. Been thrown out of two casinos and a golf course. A traffic accident is minor by comparison. When is enough, enough Luck. Time to part ways with this joker.

  • Big J

    Another reason that this clown must go, he's a disgrace to the program

  • Big Rick

    Big Rick here, reminds me of the time my boy Little Rick backed my pickup into the mailbox. Scratched up my bumper real good but didnt hurt anything else. My point is that mistakes happen, move on. Thanks. -Big Rick

  • Larry

    To clear up something, it would had to have been a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which are about a $50,000 vehicle, the Cherokee hasn't been made since '01.

    • scott

      well by god fry him .....

  • Truthteller

    The person in front of him was from Ohio. That explains everything!!!

  • wvrefugee

    It is my understanding that under the new cell phone law, you will be cited for "hazardous driving" when things like this occur. Assuming he was texting/talking while driving and rear ended someone.

  • lee arthur


    • Larry

      HA HA HA

  • Russ

    Damn George Bush!!!!

  • Marvelous

    In this area of traffic, it happens every day. Happened to me. Someone pulls around you and slams on the brakes so they can turn turn signal...guess who is at fault. The surprised driver that was behind all of it.. not the idiot that caused it.

  • JL

    It's a story - agreed a minor one. Holgerson is a public figure. He had a minor no injury accident that smashed up three cars and he was cited. Pay the ticket and move on.

    • susanf

      But who pays the bill for the cars that were damaged? Who is the insured on the car? And who will pay the medical bills and pain and suffering, should the other parties involved in the accident choose to sue? Details! We want details!

  • Harpers Ferry

    As I'm sure Bill Stewart would say, if Dana or Oliver is behind you, WATCH OUT!!! For once it wasn't a knife.

    • susanf

      Good one! You speak the truth!

  • brb3

    At least he wasn't riding a motorcycle with his mistress on the back.

  • wvajoker

    Isn't it a good thing that they print these articles so the MU fans will have something to read.