MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Four-star basketball recruit Elijah Macon told MetroNews he’s packed and headed to WVU, some 21 months after initially signing with the Mountaineers.

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Elijah Macon

Macon had not yet appeared in the university’s student directory Friday, the final day to enroll for fall semester classes, but the power forward was admitted to school and said he planned to start classes Monday.

However, his enrollment is not tantamount to NCAA clearance, so his eligibility for the upcoming season still must be verified.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Macon originally signed with Bob Huggins in November 2011 as a senior at Huntington Prep, choosing West Virginia over Cincinnati, USC and Pitt. But he failed to qualify last fall and spent the season at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H.

At 6-foot-9, Macon has the build and the athleticism to be an instant contributor for the Mountaineers, who lost three of their top four post players from last season.

Macon is the fifth of six signees from WVU’s 2013 recruiting class to enroll. Forward Jonathan Holton, who left Rhode Island amid legal issues and spent last season at Palm Beach (Fla.) Community College, has yet to enroll.

Huggins said this summer he anticipated all six signees being cleared to play.

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  • L77

    I'm a WV graduate and am totally embarrassed by the type of recruits we are grading out in high school and the junior college scene. I have been watching the high school games on ESPN made up of seniors and not one player mentions of being recruited by WVU. I can't believe we recruit any player who can't pass high school classes or has criminal records of any kind.

    I hope it is not quality kids parents saying that their athlete will never play for Huggins and by that.....the only players Huggins can get are the quality he has recruited over the past three or four years.

  • richard

    sorry barry, but i don't agree. chances are chances-no matter where it's at. what holton did is no different from another wrong. maybe this time he wakes up and does the right thing. i hope he does.

  • WV07

    I see william didn't cut and paste so I will do it for him. Cut and paste. Sweatsuit Huggins. Done.

  • wvajoker

    I am thankful that Christ said to forgive 7 times 7. I am also thankful that a lot of these posters are not Christ.

    • Barry

      Oh, and by the way it is "seventy times seven". If you are going to quote Jesus at least get it right.

      • cutty77

        Go ahead Barry. Git U Sum. You don't ever want to Miss Quote The Bible.

    • Barry

      wvajoker, read 1 Corinthians Chapter 5, and tell me what you think about it. Pay close attention to verses 6, 7 and 13.

  • cutty77

    Everybody give this Kid a chance. I didn't think he would make it. But i'm happy for Him. Now lets see if Huggs can keep from running Him off. In the last 2 years Huggs has ran more players off then he has signed.

  • richard

    WHY should he get a second chance? i'll tell you why. i have a nephew who was nothing but trouble through high school. he was arrested 3 times after he got out of high school and was sent to jail the third time for 2 months from the judge. he got out and still caused trouble but didn't go back to jail. then out of the blue, he was a changed person because someone took the time to take him under their wing and was a person to look up to. today, my nephew is a youth pastor for his church and helps local kids stay on the straight and narrow. what would have happened to him if he was not given that 3rd chance? probably dead or in jail. that sir, is why you give 2nd, 3rd and other chances to prove yourself. you won't meet a finer person than my nephew michael.

    • Barry

      Nice story and I totally agree with multiple chances. I had multiple chances, but there is a difference between a church and WVU. There had to be a young man out there that was more deserving of a scholarship than Holton. Your nephew sounds like a new person who turned from their path and like you said "helps local kids stay on the straight and narrow". In my opinion Holton's motivation is without a doubt different than your nephews, and WVU shouldn't be a rewarder of bad behavior when there are other kids out there who worked hard, made good grades and stayed out of trouble. This is not about charity or second chances. This is about Huggins not being able to recuit good basketball players and good kids. This is about trying to win basketball games at whatever the cost.

    • Debra


  • keno bill

    Good for Macon. Now who is the PG coming for visit at the end of the Month?

  • Dave

    Welcome to Morgantown Mr. Macon. Congrats on staying true to your commit to WVU and doing the things you had to do to make it. Good luck with with your classes and the basketball court. Can't wait to see you in action on the hardwood.

  • chasmo

    already MISSED classes ALL WEEK ???- must be either a SPEED READER / STUDENT or has 15 hrs of ????????????? Reason for " 15 " he can drop one 3 hr class and still be eligible

  • richard

    hey realitybites, i need to know how it feels to be spotless and going through life without messing up as you have done. when do you get your saint promotion?

    • big tom

      everyone should get a second chance once he has paid for his crimes,, but not the second time,,, the second time ,too bad ,, lots of good people out there who live life the right way,,,, why shouldn't he be held accountable

  • RealityBites

    Chalk one up for "The Cleaner". However, The Cleaner, Mr. Clean, a gallon of bleach and a power washer won't get the stench off of The Felon, Holton.

    • Shadow

      Is what he did worse than what President Clinton did in the Oval Office and we still love him. At least, the Left still does and his compatriots wouldn't impeach him.

  • big tom

    someone please tell me if he can't play this fall or is just enrolled and waiting on further clarification on his status.

  • richard

    well, one thing you can say for the young man---he has determination. he could have just given up on coming to WVU. but he has fought through this for 21 months. that PGHMOUNTAINEER, tells me that yes, he can keep his head on straight and do what it takes to stay in school!! this guy has never been a troubled player. he just had to work extra hard to get in school. does that make him a bad person? why say that? welcome to WVU mr. macon. as an alumni, i hope you have a great career and graduate with your diploma!!

    • Debra

      Thank you Richard, well said. Good luck young man.

  • Don

    Allan Taylor: I thought WVU had 7 recruits not 6. The 7th was a SG named Daxter Miles. What happened to him?

    • Allan Taylor

      Miles was a commitment, not a signee.

  • pghmountaineer

    What has this program come to where we all have to keep our fingrs crossed to see if some of the so called"prized " recruits are able to make the grade so they can get into school.
    I hope that he can keep his head on straight and do what it takes to stay in school.

    • big tom

      make the grade or avoid criminal charges being dropped.

    • JECO

      It's called BIG TIME SPORTS!!!!!!