MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — It’s been a long time coming for Elijah Macon. The WVU signee on Friday officially enrolled at WVU, ending a process that had spanned over two recruiting classes.

“It’s very shocking,” Macon said from his new dorm room on Friday evening. “All the work I put in during the summer, the tests I’ve taken and the summer schooling for the last two or three years has all finally paid off. I’m just happy to be here.”

Macon’s ultimate eligibility for this season, specifically, still has to be handed down by the NCAA. But just partially qualifying, at least, is significant for Macon who failed to qualify last fall and spent the season at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H.

“There were a couple of times after I left Brewster Academy that I didn’t think I would make it,” Macon said. “I wasn’t getting test scores back fast enough, I had to wait a couple of weeks just to get the SAT scores back. I was a little worried, but once I got the call, I was just so ready to get on the road. I was so happy.”

The ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ qualify question has been centered around Macon now for quite some time. And certainly, during the whole process, the opportunity to play elsewhere at a lower level was an option. But Macon ultimately wanted to be at WVU.

“West Virginia was so loyal through the whole recruiting process,” Macon said. “When things came to light, I lost a lot of schools, but West Virginia was one of the schools that stayed around.”

The final piece of the puzzle for Macon is on his eligibility to play for this season. If he’s only a partial qualifier, he’ll be able to practice, but have to sit out of games this year and be eligible to play next season. If the NCAA rules he’s a full qualifier, he will be able to play immediately.

“Right now, it’s just good to be enrolled at school, so I can finally start school,” Macon said. “That report should be coming out soon on whether I will be able to play this year or not.”

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  • Doug

    Congrats young man it is refreshing to see someone's hard work pay off.

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    Basketball team has new uniforms to honor Thuggins. Orange jumpsuits with ankle monitoring bracelets for a little extra bling. The team bus has Inmate Work Crew painted on the sides.

  • wvtd

    I wonder which one of huggins recruits gets arrested first?

    • BigBadJohnHenry

      The one that hasn't shown up for classes yet was the one I thought would be arrested first. Maybe that is why he isn't in Morgantown yet. Sitting in a jail cell somewhere is probably the reason he ain't here yet.

  • big tom

    so, with the wrist problem and the lack of clarification of his playing status, can we assume that he won't play this yr and by the time next yr rolls around, huggie will have run yet another recruit off..
    one thing for sure, our BB team will always be young cause huggie won't keep them long enough to become seniors/

  • Debra

    William, THIS ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT HOLTON. It is about a guy who worked his butt off to become eligible to play here, for us. I guantaree you, he could have played somewhere else. SAVE YOU DISDAIN for another article to come if that individual actually makes it here. Right now we need to support a young man for a job well done, and wish him luck going forward. Welcome youn man.

  • Barry

    Well, it looks like Huggins is going to slip all these questionable guys in after running most of his team off from last year. Recuiting for WVU basketball has been a train wreck for at least three years now, and it makes me sad. And, now we are recruiting felons. I wish we could go back to players like Gansey, Sally, Pittsnolge, Butler, Jones. Good kids that we loved to cheer for. But we can't offer scholarships to kids like that. We have to go for guys like Holton.

    • Graywv

      Hey! Barry where have you been? We've had a bench full of those guys, their gone, life goes on, to bigger and better things !

      • Barry

        WVU's current situation doesn't seem "bigger and better" to me.

        • Scott

          Have you looked at Hugs one out of two is not bad

    • Mac

      Some people can only disparage others. Did you even read the article before turning your guns on WVU? It's about a kid that worked hard because HE WANTED TO GO TO WVU. It wasn't handed to him, he had to earn it and he did. It's about a kid that is happy to be at WVU, a kid who says loyalty is important to him. Wow, let's show him how he's really going to be treated here so he can feel that loyalty...

      • William

        You should stop calling these MEN 'kids'. When your in elementary school, junior high school, and high school you are then a kid. When you go to college you are no longer a kid. You are a ADULT and should be treated as an MAN! (Stop calling them KIDS)

        • Kevin T

          Another Sir CutnPaste sighting.

          You're such a bore.

        • wenkev

          William, you are right. Kid is a word that should be reserved for somebody that always posts immature stuff and fails to ever post anything of substance, like you do. So, from now on I think you should be called Kid William or William the Kid. Hey, Billy the Kid, I didn't know you were still around!

      • Rah

        Exactly Mac, the kid took the time for 2 yrs to get his schooling straight, and he's "QUESTIONABLE" now?? Its obvious by the comments that few genius people exist, this kid deserves a shot.

        • Barry

          What is questionable is the fact that WVU recruits a guy that had to take 2 years to get his schooling straight, had 5 guys transfer, and recruits felons. I hope Macon does well, but we all need to admit there are serious problems with this program.

  • wvajoker

    Mitch, I think it is amazing how william comes up with these funny little nicknames. It is also amazing that he has not come up with one for Dirty Doc. No, wait. He wouldn't do that. Aw, scratch that Dirty Doc. I don't think WVU fans have to come up with petty nicknames to get their point across. The teams do it for them.

  • Mitch

    Still suffering from "little brother syndrome" M-Who?

  • WVWho

    Huggins had to have "barely through the NCAA hoops" players at Cincy to be successful, so why not here? Its the only way he is employed in 2 seasons.

    • Mac

      The kid worked his tail off to qualify. If only some people did the same at being decent members of society.

  • William

    Isn't it great to have this type of guy playing basketball at WVU? Way to go "Sweatsuit" Huggins,you continue to amaze me!

    • Graywv

      "Sweatsuit"william is back with his usual negatives, he must be a "ball", to be around

    • Hailey

      William still obsessing, by the way William = trolll

    • James H

      I feel sorry for you in not wanting him to make it. Did you play any sports? The man can now maybe better himself. Why always put kids down. It really lowers your being.

      • William

        You should stop calling these GUYS 'kids'. When your in elementary school, junior high school, and high school you are then a kid. When you go to college you are no longer a kid. You are a ADULT and should be treated as an ADULT! (Stop calling them KIDS)

        • tony

          boy, you know you are a real assh** ..lets guess, ill bet your hardcore right wing, too, right?? I know you' ll say you're not, but you all. .they all are....almost every undereducated and under(worldly)exposed loudmouth radio has given you a voice and a webspace to vent. problem is the ventilation in this room is not enough to clear your stink...

          when you go to college youre no longer a kid..lets print up some t-shirts and quote big William on em. he could be famous....

          • WVWho

            Tony, you have proven what the rest of us already knew. Liberals can also be obnoxious giant dbags! Go crawl under a rock.

        • Big Larry


          Love your Work!

      • Greg

        William's problem is that he's a loser. Maybe one day he'll discover girls and his unnatural infatuation with Bob Huggins and Dana Holgerson will instead turn to Megan Fox and Brooklyn Decker. We can only hope because its a sad life he's living now.

    • Mitch

      Better than having posters like you, who never do anything amazing.

  • Brad

    It is nice to have players who appreciate being here. I like his chances.

  • Tim C

    Welcome aboard......looking forward to seeing you play.