HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The National Co-Chair for the Republican National Committee is extending an invitation to U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Sharon Day said now may the time for Manchin to change parties.

“Democrats are doing it all across the country so, if he wants to stand with West Virginia’s convictions, the principles of its citizens, we invite him to do the same thing and we’ve got a switch card with his name on it,” said Day.

“I think the values of West Virginia are more Republican than Democrat, so we invite him to join the army and the team that supports West Virginia’s principles and West Virginia’s values.”

Day was a guest on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline” before a scheduled appearance on Friday night at the Cabell County Republican Executive Committee’s Women of Influence Dinner at Guyan Country Club in Huntington.

The event was celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave all American women the right to vote.  The amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920 after decades of protest.

Day said it’s clear times have changed for women and the GOP in West Virginia where Republican Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito is now considered the frontrunner for the U.S. Senate heading into the 2014 election.

“The Democrats really don’t have anybody who wants to run or step up to run, to put it out there and Democrats, here in West Virginia, keep trying to find somebody to run against her and one after the other turns it down,” said Day.

Those being honored on Friday night were Helen Freeman, founder and president of the Huntington Outdoor Theater, along with Carol Miller and Kelli Sobonya who are both Cabell County delegates.

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  • wvman75

    This was just pre-election bloviating. Manchin has supported the democrats' national agenda at the expense of West Virginia since he got to Washington. He's in the party he belongs in. His actions prove it.

  • JohnR

    This is all very interesting because the Rethugs have said everything under the sun about Senator Manchin. They have called him every name in the book! And now calls for a party switch? Senator Manchin is smarter than this. He got to see the far right in action over his gun check bill. The lies the Rethug party told on him and his this was all clearly enough for Senator Manchin to see what kind of fake lunatics gunning for him.
    Manchin is by far one of the most independent minded senators in Washington. He works well with all ideologies and represents our state with grace. He's right in the middle where the vast majority of Americans are.
    Honesty matters and Joe has it all over the Rethugs!
    And as I have said before... Natalie Tennant and Joe Manchin in Washington will be a two one punch for West Virginia. Natalie is not part of the mess in Washington. Thank goodness Senator Manchin as stayed above the fray as well.
    Don't get CAPITOED!

    • Vinnie

      Are you Natalie Mountainette's campaign manager? Wow. Wipe the slobber off your face. You are typical of what is wrong with our state.

  • RogerD

    Missing from the story is that the R beside Sharon Day's name stands for Retard. The same part of the party that gave us McCain and Romney. Karl Rove and his whiteboard also probably has a hand in this. What a bunch of losers. Republicans will never win another major election unless they return to conservative principles.

  • DWL

    Great? Just what we don’t want. Another RINO! No Show Joe is fine just where he at – doing nothing but kissing O’s rear in the Dysfunctional Capital, after stepping over Carpetbagger Jays lifeless body.

  • CaptainQ

    Joe Manchin switch sides? This idea's not as far fetched as you think, especially if the GOP wins back (or is close to winning back) the U.S. Senate in 2014. MoJo has always been a political opportunist, so if he can see/find any advantage to 'turning coat', he'll do it in a heartbeat!

    Switching/Dropping political parties has a mixed history. It worked for Senator Joe Liebermann in Connecticut during the last decade, but not for Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. Would it work for Joe Manchin? I don't think so. Joe 'crossed the line' with many WV voters by backing a form of gun control, and no matter what political party he chooses to associate himself with in 2018, voters are not likely going to simply 'forgive and forget.'

  • MyView

    This would mean Blow Joe is as smart as Evan Jenkins. Please you are given Blow Joe to much credit.

  • thornton

    Sharon does not know much about WVa, does she? That should be the take-away.

    I'd vote for Natalie...if she grows a beard. No wait...she broke that tradition decades ago. No, still won't vote for her....too much of a Stepford Politico there.

  • D.P.

    I would love to see MoJoe become a Republican! He is one of a very few (if not the only one) Dems who has the balls to PUBLICLY disagree with Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party. I see NO problem with the bill he co-sponsored relative to background checks. Unlike Obama, and many Dems, he has absolutely NO intention of doing away with gun ownership.

    Of course I don't agree with Manchin on everything. But I don't agree with ANY Republican on everything. I've never agreed with ANY Politician on everything.

    Manchin is what's been lacking in Washington for a very long time: A politician who is willing to do what is best for WV and for our country even if he is in disagreement with the majority of his Democratic constituents.

    Although I'm very doubtful he will change parties, MoJoe would make a WONDERFUL Republican Senator. Along with Shelley, they could help move WV into the 21st century!!!

    • Vinnie

      Used to think that way about Joe. Now I see an opportunist who changes with the wind. He did himself in by taking Bloomberg's money. Don't want him in Republican party. The only real area he differs with his party and Obama is with coal and abortion.

    • JohnR

      You mean take WV back to the 19th century, right?
      Millionaire Shelley NO MOORE Capito needs has been in congress too long. She is the problem.
      Natalie Tennant for Senate!

  • David Kennedy

    What a joke this would be....
    but on the other hand, R.I.N.O John McCain is getting old and somebody will take his place..
    It could happen..remember, politics makes 'Strange Bed-fellows....ha ha ha...

  • Jim

    This poster is hopeful that Manchin may have "cooked his proverbial goose" with his anti-gun legislation and parterning with and taking Bloomberg's money.
    As soon as King Joe arrived in DC he came down with a terrible case of Potomac Fever and began grabbing headlines at every opportunity and all of the "causes" he was championing did not represent the majority of West Virginian's. Manchin took Rahm Emanuel's advise to heart: "never let a crises go to waste."
    Now that Joe's in the senate, he leans so far left that one would need binoculars to see him.
    Fortunately and lately, Joe has stopped with the rhetoric with the underlying theme of "I know what's best for West Virginian's." However, that may be directly attributed to his sinking poll numbers which prompted him to saturate the WV media with three different campaign ads--fully five years before election time. Obviously, Joe has high hopes that West Virginian's will come down with a case of amnesia by reelection time. Finally, a freshman U.S. Senator whose first hire is a former campaign manager as his chief of staff speaks volumes about the seantor's motives.

    • JohnR

      Manchin is the most popular politician in WV. In fact, his approvals went up during the gun check debate.
      Please review your so-called facts before ranting and raving because YOU ARE WRONG!
      Yeah, this chick needs to understand WV before urging Manchin to switch to the Rethug Party. Rethugs have always taken advantage of the little guy and will continue to do so.

      • vinnie

        Who is the little guy? The hard-working family that still can't get by because ne'er do wells are sopping up all the gravy the Dems put in their bowls? Give me a break. Democrats continue under the tutelage of Obama to give handouts and promote a dependent society of new voters. At least most Republicans believe in personal responsibility and hard work which leads to true prosperity and pride.

      • MGM

        There is no party that stands up for the little guy as much as the Republican party. Giving handouts and keeping people on the governmental dole ruins motivation and prosperity. Over reach by the EPA and other govt agencies drives jobs out of this country. I am not saying the EPA has not done some good but to over regulate kills opportunity for the working class.

  • cutty77

    People of this State don't realize Joe is a Republicican. He ran under the Dem. Ticket to get elected. Just like Rocky did.

    • AX MAN

      Joe's a Republican? is like saying Billy Graham is a antheist.

  • To The Raliegh

    And then maybe Joe can talk his good pal, Barack Obama into joining the replublican party also. Then they could get all the votes they need.
    Give me a break!!!

  • AX MAN

    We don't need any more liberal's in the Repub. party.

    • Rodney Hytonen

      Manchin? A "Liberal?"

      Even Barack Obama is nothing but a centrist Republican, owned by Wall Street,
      and THAT -corporatism / fascism, or
      Corporate Rule-
      is the root cause of ALL America's problems.

      Corruption of democracy by business.

      • AX MAN

        It appears, that Rodney didn't take his pills, this morning.

  • bulldog95

    Is it April 1? I am waiting for the April fools joke.
    In what world is Joe even close to a republican? Is there another Joe Manchin that I dont know about?

    • Rodney Hytonen

      Joe Manchin already IS a Republican!

      A "Democrat" who is a member of ALEC? Really?

      As for America being ready for more Republicans, or the GOP "representing West Virginia's values," WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING?

      West Virginia is, and should be, ready to THROW THE EXTRACTIONISTS OUT!

  • Janet K.

    Please lady, go back to wherever you came from and try not to pretend to know what West Virginians value.

    • Dale

      She has a better idea of WV values than you do! But even if Manchin changed parties gun owners of WV are finished with him.

    • WVSon


    • JohnR


    • John weaver

      Typical republican parasites. They only way they can win nationally is to block people from voting, geremander districts and cherry pick democrats.

      • Mac

        You can always tell when it's a WV Democrat writing. They haven't learned their history and they sure can't spell (like "gerrymander"). Remember that ALL voting rights laws were originally written to allow ALL the people of the Southern states the opportunity to vote...simply because ALL southern states had Democrat governors. History proves that the Democratic controlled southern states were the hardest nut to crack to allow "everyone" the privilege to vote, not just the white man.

      • Magic Mike

        Democrats have done the same nothing to see here.

      • MGM

        GOP - Gerrymandering? Have you paid ANY attention to the districts in WV? 80+ yes of Dem control has allowed them to pick non sensical boundaries to keep them in power. As for Manchin, Joe must go for the benefit of WV. Not switch, just go.

        • Mac

          You want nonsense boundaries go to PA and look at what the GOP has done there. PA District 12 covers parts of 10 counties. Until WV looks like a 5 year old was drawing a seahorse on the state map you can't complain.