CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The man convicted in a 2010 Charleston murder was given more prison time Monday for a violent escape attempt.

Thomas Mallo, 18, was sentenced to an additional 10 years behind bars on top of his already-in-place, 40 year second degree murder sentence.

Mallo attempted to escape from a juvenile correctional facility in Salem. During the breakout attempt, he also assaulted a correctional officer.

Mallo is currently serving time for the 2010 murder of Phyllis Phares, 82, in Charleston. Phares was stabbed more than 35 times in the incident. Mallo previously pleaded guilty in the murder.

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  • Rob

    I currently work at the prison he is housed in and she with the death penalty comments. But death penalty actually ends up costing taxpayers more

  • me

    Why is this piece of work still alive? We need the death penalty in WV. YOu want to save tax payers money. Heres a start. How much is it going to cost taxpayers to keep this piece of crap over 50 years?

  • chasmo

    we need the death penalty WITHOUT numerous appeals. Some " cases " are a SLAM DUNK !!! Once again, our hard earned tax money taking care of POS!!

  • Pioneer

    Having The death penalty in WV would solve all this

    • Matt

      Agreed.....I wish WV was a commonwealth and the PEOPLE could vote on this issue, not the self serving goofs under the dome.

  • Dale

    Rich, keeping an 18 year old murderer in a juvenile center obviously is not working. A couple weeks ago, an 18 year old offender in a juvenile center sexually assaulted a 14-15 year old in the bathroom. It was in the paper. Now this.

  • Brad

    Republican legislators (thinking of Sen. Bud Harman, for example) for decades proposed restoring the death penalty, but Democrats always kept the bills from being voted on, kept them locked up in committee. The death penalty was abolished in the 1964 by the corrupt felon, Gov. Wally Barron, Democrat.

  • Rich

    If a juvenile is charged as a juvenile, he remains in the custody of the juvenile system until he is 21 then transferred to an adult facility.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    So we have to pay for him for 50 years? I have a 59-cent solution in mind, and I am sure the police would enjoy the target practice.

  • lbennett

    He was 15 when he committed this crime but he should have been tried as an adult because he committed an adult crime...He is a violent criminal and should have been treated like one..

  • David

    Why is an adult in a juvenile facility? When are we going to start executing people that stab 85 year old women 35 times. Our ship is sinking folks.

  • Dale

    What is an 18 year old murderer doing in a juvenile center?