MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen confirmed on Monday he still hasn’t decided on a starting quarterback, one day after releasing a depth chart that listed the starter as either Paul Millard or Clint Trickett.

“I haven’t picked one yet,” Holgorsen said during the Big 12 coaches’ conference call. “They’ve kind of risen their games a little bit, and they’re battling.”

The only certainty about the race is that redshirt freshman Ford Childress has seen his reps decline after falling out of the race.

“The other two were playing a little bit better,” Holgorsen said. “Ford is probably going to end up being a tremendous quarterback for us, no doubt. It’s just really hard to rep three quarterbacks. We had to narrow it down, and once we did that, both Paul and Clint looked good. We thought it was warranted to keep the competition going.”

Holgorsen said, as of right now, both players would see game action and share the job—something he was originally against two weeks ago.

“If we were playing tomorrow, that would be the case,” Holgorsen said. “They’ve both risen their game and are competing pretty good. How it plays out, I don’t know yet. We thankfully have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to see where we’re at.”

On a defensive note from Holgorsen’s media call, junior linebacker Shaq Petteway tore an ACL and will miss the 2013 season with a redshirt year.

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  • big tom

    o' what a minute,,, big tom just sayin

  • Duggie

    Big Tom is so far behind the times. I bet he even writes in Robert Bird when he votes!

  • john c

    i say no one post on here anymore and let big t and willaim just talk to each other and not waste anytime listening to their trash

  • JOEL

    Better to have two that are equal. Someone gets badly hurt in a one QB system and there goes the season.

  • Art in Ohio

    I believe the reason all of this is the Oklahoma game. DH has closed practices, does not have a starting quarterback, and is very quite on about everything that does at Mountaineer Field. They are trying to keep the Sooners from having a solid game plan against the Mountaineers. This may help but Oklahoma is a very powerful football team this year.. Will have to wait and see.

    • Grant

      I would buy that, except that all three are basically just pocket passers, so our gameplan really doesn't change much with any of them.

      • Art in Ohio

        Good point. Now I have no ideal whats going on.

  • tw eagle

    hell no , she locks him in the attic . . .he could play havoc with the utilities in the basement . . .

  • Maxxajay

    @ Big Rick..That is the best one I have seen or read on here I love it ha ha ha .

  • big tom

    sorry sports fans,,,,,,5-7 at the very best... next yr. maybe just maybe 7-5

    • Chet Ubetcha

      Just an observation, but when did a series of commas become punctuation? I've heard of ellipses but I don't think there is a comma equivalent. I will certainly take the over on both of those projections

      • Mac

        As much as I hope he's wrong, I don't think he is.

      • big tom

        u must be another loganite

  • cutty77

    I'm still sticking to my guns on this. By the 3rd of 4th Game Ford will be the Man.

  • WV07

    William save your cut and paste repeat comments......nobody cares. Enjoy watching Pitt or whoever you are a fan troll.

  • jake_d

    With all the bashing of our schedule this year, I for one am glad we open with a cupcake to sort this "battle" out. Give them both a shot and see who steps up. I see nothing wrong w/ the competition this close to the opener but I do hope once we go with one that he doesn't have a short leash b/c seems like when the guy has to look over his shoulder all the time that's when things get sketchy.

    • Magic Mike

      Do not count William and Mary out. They are very good in there division. They could sneak one out.

      • jlee

        They were 2-9 last year and one game was beating pitiful Georgia State with a record of 1-10....

    • jlee

      But the cupcake is such a cupcake, no test will be given to either. Our third string defense in a scrimmage would be a better test.

  • That guy over there

    QB battle is good for all QB's involved...May the best man win.

  • big tom

    if you have two qb's , you don't have any qb.

    • Vinnie

      Go back to Huntington.

    • Jay

      This, of course depends on how good each quarterback is. Quarterbacks A and B can be equally good. In such a case, yes, we actually do have two decent quarterbacks. They can be equally bad. In such a case, we don't really have one decent quarterback. One could be markedly better than the other. In that case, I say start packing up the coach's belongings if he remains bent on playing both.

      Speaking from personal "football watching" experience, I've seen a two-quarterback system fail roughly 80% of the time.

      In Holgorsen I must trust.

    • WV07

      big show how little you know. If you have two qb' have two qb's........its called a two qb system and it CAN work.

    • Shawn

      I say do what you can to win...thats the name of the game right?

    • Chet Ubetcha

      Notre Dame went to the national title game with a 2 qb system, so I'm pretty sure you're just repeating what you heard some old blowhard say 20 years ago

    • chad

      Thats funny, last time we had an undefeated season we had a 2 QB system. Jake Kelchner and Darren Studstill.

      You are clearly clueless. Tha cliche may hold water in the NFL but not college football. Oh and Florida won a National Title a few years back with 2 QB's

      • Todd

        Yeah, and Studstill finished the Sugar Bowl looking through his earhole! that was after Nehlen pulled Kelchner when he had just went 6 or 7 of 7 passing just to rotate them! hasn't really worked for WVU.

        • Hillboy

          They were in over their heads in that game regardless of who was QB, the by-product of going undefeated in a weak conference and getting matched up in a bowl against a much better team. Platooning two quarterbacks had next to nothing to do with losing that game.

  • wvrefugee

    Awesome!! Don't let Millard know until late then he can't transfer!! Priceless!

    • Timiny

      Oh brother. Maybe the kid likes it at WVU and wants to complete his degree here. If he were an elite NFL talent he would have the job, so you might as well attend the SCHOOL that makes you happy as you earn a degree. If Millard wasn't in the competition, I'd assume he is smart enough to know. And using your same logic ( if that is what you call it) wouldn't Buie be on the depth chart?

  • Shawn

    Paul Millard has obviously stepped up his game this year. Kudos to him for not backing down and letting Clint just take it from him.

    • William

      By mid-season quarterback situation will be a big mess!

      • Bagelknot

        What makes you say that? The QB battle will be settled after the OU game. Hopefully, for the good.