MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen confirmed on Monday he still hasn’t decided on a starting quarterback, one day after releasing a depth chart that listed the starter as either Paul Millard or Clint Trickett.

“I haven’t picked one yet,” Holgorsen said during the Big 12 coaches’ conference call. “They’ve kind of risen their games a little bit, and they’re battling.”

The only certainty about the race is that redshirt freshman Ford Childress has seen his reps decline after falling out of the race.

“The other two were playing a little bit better,” Holgorsen said. “Ford is probably going to end up being a tremendous quarterback for us, no doubt. It’s just really hard to rep three quarterbacks. We had to narrow it down, and once we did that, both Paul and Clint looked good. We thought it was warranted to keep the competition going.”

Holgorsen said, as of right now, both players would see game action and share the job—something he was originally against two weeks ago.

“If we were playing tomorrow, that would be the case,” Holgorsen said. “They’ve both risen their game and are competing pretty good. How it plays out, I don’t know yet. We thankfully have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to see where we’re at.”

On a defensive note from Holgorsen’s media call, junior linebacker Shaq Petteway tore an ACL and will miss the 2013 season with a redshirt year.

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  • WVUMegaFan

    Two great choices for QB! Our team is headed for the top!

  • Boomgrounder

    Coach Holgs says the 2 QB's are even right now with a couple of practices left. Is it that difficult to understand? If WVU had to play a game today, which they don't, they would both play. Let the rest of the week play out and we will see who the starter or alternating QB's are on Saturday at noon. Lets Go Mountaineers!!

  • Little Mo



  • Martinsburg Resident

    Oliver Luck should just check here for his next Head Coach! I'm sure Holgorsen knows more than a little about quarterbacks... check his history and each one's success under his coaching / leadership. We will be fine! Go Mountaineeers...

  • Mac


  • richard


  • richard

    everyone who is sick of the language on this metronews sports site should stop reading this site and find a new one. i would encourage you to tell others to stop visiting this site too. i'm going to spread the word that unless it stops to tell others not to visit. if i can and they let me, i will get on some of the radio programs and tell what a filth site this is.

  • John b

    There is no star at qb. We need a game manager. The rbs on this team are going to be terrific if the line blocks well we may have 2 thousand yard rushers.
    Defensive front 7 is going to be good. Safeties are good. Corners? Wrs? Kicking game? If one or more of the ? Turn out to be ok this team wins at least 8 games!

  • clair thompson

    Why does every topic have to end in a word fight. By the way how tough is Ohio States first two or three games.

  • clair thompson

    Why does every topic have to turn in to a word fight. By the way what about Ohio States recent opening 2 or 3 games.

  • Charlie

    Someone needs to monitor this site better...this trash talking degrades our Mounties...get these neophytes/middle schoolers off the grid so we can focus on quality input about our great school.

  • WVRedneck

    Aw, don't let him fool ya folks. It will be Trickett he picks. It was going to be him the moment he agreed to come here.

    As a result he very well could end up being the only QB we have. Childress will be gone within a few weeks most likely and it wouldn't surprise me if Millard isn't right behind him.

  • Truthteller

    Hey did you know Alabama plays Georgia State as well? So what do you have to say about Alabama playing a cup cake team?

  • Carl

    You guys are so mature lol turning a convo about qbs into a tard fest...grow us I think it can work but who knows...personally I think Clint will eventually be the man but like I sai who knows

  • richard

    ps.......Garrett, are you the one allowing this? come on!