Sidney Arthur Muller

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A preliminary hearing for a man charged with four murders in Harrison County is delayed indefinitely.

Sidney Muller, 27, of Fairmont was due to appear at a probable cause hearing Tuesday in Clarksburg. Muller is accused in the shooting death of Todd Amos, Christopher Hart, and father and son Fred and Freddie Swiger back on July 26.

The shooting happened in the early morning hours. Police say Amos and Hart were shot in a drug deal, but the Swigers were unconnected to the deal and were delivering newspapers in the neighborhood. Police say they were killed by Muller for no reason after he left the house and ran into the duo.

Muller’s lawyer requested a continuance in the probable cause hearing and a judge granted it to Muller could undergo a mental competency examination. The judge granted the continuance, but so far has not signed off on the examination.

The hearing is postponed until the mental exam is complete.

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  • Scotty

    You also used the wrong form of "their." Also you should have inserted an apostrophe in today's to make it the contraction today's. You also needed a comma to join the dependent and independent clauses together in that sentence. You probably would have been well-served to hyphenate "so-called" while "Middle East" needs to be capitalized. If we spend as much time thinking about civil discourse and passable grammar skills, perhaps violence would simply fade away. You're welcome.

  • Mike

    Sorry to any vetern reading this I misspelled Bulge in my rant.

  • Mike

    All of these kids complain about coming back from a war these days and having mental issues from it. Just shows how soft Americans are now. The wars fought now are nothing like the wars of the past. My father fought in the Battle of the Balge and he don't recall him or any of his friends that made it through coming back and blaming all there problems on the war. If these men and woman of todays military had to fight in wars of the past they wouldn't even make it back so I don't personally want to hear anything about a mental illness from a so called war in the middle east. Bottom line is he is looking for an out.

  • Jeff

    Hook up the electric chair, wire it to a dimmer switch and let the families of the victims spin it around a few dozen times.

  • Lenny

    This man is a disabled Marine that served in Afghanistan/Iraq. I just don't know what to make of it. Was he always a murderer?

    He supposedly did not bring a gun, one of the guys pulled it on him when he got there. Did that bring out something like when he was at war before?

  • AX MAN

    I agree shoot the SOB, and give the Lawyer, the mental examination.

  • john

    I agree with you 100%, Mike....Bring back "ole sparky" and put it to good use...Oh, I forgot, the bleeding heart liberals and the ACLU would never stand for that....

  • Mike

    Here is some food for thought. Bring back the death penalty and shoot the SOB between the eyes. Roll him in a hole and pat some dirt in his face. Do us all good and save my tax dollars to fix the pot holes that keep bending the rims on my car. Drug related and needs a competency exam my big ol butt. Just another problem we face in this counrty. He was man enough to pull the trigger so he is man enough to face the consequences for his actions.