WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Business owners from across the state come together starting Wednesday for the 77th annual West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Meeting and Business Summit. It’s being held at the Greenbrier Resort.

Steve Roberts, the president of the chamber, said they’ll be focusing on thee main issues during the three-day event.

“We think education, economic development and job creation are the things that the business community can do the most to have an impact on and will really, really help move West Virginia forward.”

To help get the message across Roberts said they’ve invited a lot of guests to speak to the membership including Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

It will be a jam-packed three days of workshops and meetings, a chance, said Roberts, for business owners to share their own stories and learn from each other.

He stressed they’ll also focus on the business climate and the challenges facing the state from Washington D.C.

“A lot of the theme of this meeting is going to be if we can get the Obama administration to let us, we will create jobs and we’ll create them in West Virginia.”

More than 800 people have signed up for the event which Roberts said will be the largest gathering in the Chamber’s 77-year history.

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  • Janet K.

    I believe the kool-aid comes when you stop asking questions, and start believing all the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

    I understand most in WV think Obama is akin to Satan but many are overreacting based on hyped media and the-sky-is-falling mentality.

    If you read the article above, you can see the sky is not falling at all. The economy is not so dire that the country is coming to an end prior to 2016.

    In fact, WV businesses at the HIGHEST rate in 77 years are healthy enough to afford spending money on an expensive summit.

    By all means though, keep pretending these facts are not staring you in the face while you drink your kool-aid. You have that freedom in this country.

  • Jeff

    Haha yeah I'm sure business owners are so concerned with education. It's more like how can we construct gravy trains where the bought-for government and trapped citizens have to fork over guaranteed handouts to eliminate all operating risk.

    The chamber is a slimy scam with almost no beneficial public interest

    • wvman75

      Business owners are concerned with running their business and making money. It's parents who are supposed to be concerned about their childrens' education , with some help from teachers. Liberals hate any size business. It might mean more people working and less demand for their political leanings.

  • AX MAN

    You have that right wvman75

  • wvman75

    Anybody who thinks Obama's policies have been good for the economy at large or the State of West Virginia is either ignorant or disenginuous. Keep sucking up that kool-aid.

  • Janet K.

    I wonder how they can afford the Greenbrier Resort since they are all suffering so much under the Obama Administration.

    How is it possible that they are having the biggest group in 77 years when companies are failing so badly under the Obama Administration?

    Something smells fishy...could it be they are not being completely honest with us?

    • TLC

      Could it be that you are whining?

      • Janet K.

        #Winning, yes.
        Whining, no.

    • Jeff

      Great post! The people defending the chamber must be angry that Obama is stopping all the wealth from trickling down.

    • John weaver

      Janet, you got it right. It should be called the chamber of parasites. Pretend to give to the community and take all you can get and then some more. The big bad Obama administration is preventing the holy job creators from doing anything. Business leaders always have an excuse for not doing anything for communities and reaping record profits.