WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Professional golfer Bubba Watson said Tuesday he’s looking forward to making the Greenbrier Resort his home away from home.

Watson, the 2012 Masters champ, and the resort announced that he’s joining the team of professional golfers who represent the resort.

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Bubba Watson says he’s looking forward to making The Greenbrier his home away from home.

Watson also said he’ll be building a house at the Greenbrier Sporting Club.

“I was blown away when I played The Old White TPC earlier this year,” Watson said in a Facebook post. “My family and I had a great time experiencing all of the different amenities the property offers and decided this was the perfect place for us. The Greenbrier has everything and more that I look for in a golf resort and I look forward to creating lasting memories with my family here.”

Watson joins The Greenbrier’s Golf Pro Emeritus Tom Watson, Kenny Perry and 2012 U.S. Open golf champion Webb Simpson on the Greenbrier team.

Resort owner Jim Justice said the Greenbrier would soon have Bubba-themed tees and a raffle giving guests a chance to play with Bubba Watson on the Old White TPC in the future.



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  • Jt

    Thank goodness it is Bubba Watson and not Phil " I don't want to pay my taxes" Mickelson.

  • BigDave

    WV is still America's best kept secret.

  • Vito loves him some Obama

    Vito, how do you know he doesn't already give away thousands of dollars every month to charity? Shut your hole until you know the facts.

  • Vito

    Well Isn't That Special !!! A Grown Man Hits A White Ball (Kids Toy) On Green Grass And Makes A Million Dollars ! Maybe Jim "Country Talking Fat Ass" Justice Should Help A Few West Virginians With All His Millions ! I Say-----EABIG1 JIMMY BOY !!!

    • AX MAN

      Vito, Jim Justice wrote a check for 25. million for the Scout's,that is a little more than a days pay.

    • Realist

      Vito you have to be the dumbest person on here. 1) Bubba is known for his extremely generous support of multiple charities. 2) Not only has Justice created hundreds of jobs (you could reasonably argue thousand if you add in jobs that were created because of the classic) in our state but he gives money to local charities like crazy. Grow up and get a job Vito

    • Nobama!!!

      Vito. You are just another liberal asking for a handout. Get a job and earn some money for yourself instead of taking it from working people.

      • BigDave


  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Awesome. He is a hot name in the sport.

    He also seems like a genial guy. He could have chosen anywhere on Earth for this partnership. He chose West Virginia.

    Well done, Mr. Justice and the staff at The Greenbrier. Well done.