BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — Noah Cottrill, the four-star point guard who signed with West Virginia in 2010 and departed without playing a game, has left Division II West Virginia Wesleyan after one season.

While Wesleyan coach Patrick Beilein described Cottrill’s departure as “a mutual agreement” on Tuesday, he emphasized “there were no hard feelings.”

As a freshman last season, Cottrill averaged 12.9 points and 3.2 rebounds per game in 24 games for Wesleyan, including 19 starts.

“His skill set is very high,” Beilein said. “He still has a lot of game in him.”

In 2010 he became a Parade All-American while leading Logan High School to the West Virginia Class AAA state championship, culminating with a 22-point, 10-rebound performance against Wheeling Park.

WVU outrecruited Florida and Kentucky to land Cottrill, but the 6-foot-3 player—billed as one of the state’s best homegrown talents in years—was suspended during his first semester in Morgantown. He withdrew from school months later in January 2011.

Cottrill was arrested in December 2011 for possession of hydrocodone and a stolen gold chain.

He subsequently planned to restart his college career at Mountain State University during the summer of 2012 but that program folded and he wound up at Wesleyan.

“He understands the game and he came a long way with being a leader on our team,” said Beilein, who confirmed Cottrill had re-enrolled for fall semester classes at Wesleyan that started in mid-August. “He looked to be in good shape, looked like he had been working out.”

A source said Cottrill was considering transferring to an NAIA program in Kentucky.

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  • Jason

    A kid that needs some guidance for sure. He obviously is heading in all the wrong directions and has tons of promise, but can't get his head on straight enough to keep it where it belongs.

  • JoeM

    I wish the kid the best. I hope he figures it out, or finds a strong coach who can devote the time and energy he's going to need to help this kid.

  • Barry

    Man, one little comment from big Larry got some tail feathers ruffled. I think it is odd that so many people jump to Huggins' defense as soon as one little thing is said, and the whole comment board gets dominated by it. Do you guys have staff meetings and discuss how to attack someone who posts anything negative about Huggins?

    • Hines

      Barry -- It's not just "one little comment" that gets people fired up -- The issue is Larry/William/Lee (same person) gets on here and makes negative comments (usually about Huggins) after EVERY article, and it just gets old. I don't even think this person reads the articles, it could be about the volleyball team, and William will comment about Sweatsuit Huggins. It's just sad....

    • EPH

      I think what ruffles the feathers is that Huggins is bought up and belittled in articles that have nothing to do with him, like this one. Happens all the time by the same haters, and it's just gotten old.....very old.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Cottrill can't see what he is wasting , just like we can't see our own shortcomings.As he gets older it will become more clear to him but by then all will have been lost .

  • D.P.

    Big Larry/William/lee arthur. I imagine you three are all the same person based on your disgusting negativity. Had Cottrill signed with Florida or Kentucky, you would have been the FIRST to post that Huggs can't even recruit our in state players.

    Now get into your green Marshall nightie, go to bed and dream/fantasize about whatever wackjobs like you are into!!!!!

  • big tom

    drugs drugs and more drugs,,,one of these days , people will wake up, and it just maybe too late.

  • Little Mo


    A little cash and I will give you to big stock tips.....

  • chad

    sad waste of talent

  • Little Mo

    Heard he is heading to West Liberty...inside sources...

    • Charles

      Is west lib NAIA. Noooo. He has to play NAIA or lose another year.

      • Rick

        No, that is not correct. A player can transfer from a Division II school to another Division II school without sitting out a year. It actually happens very frequently.

    • Mike

      Mo you have so many "inside sources" , how about some stock tips?

  • Zeke

    With a name like Big Larry, it is quite evident you are not referring to your brain

  • Big Larry

    Just another Bob Huggins bust.....

    • rtdeco

      god called...he hates you as well

    • john

      What a goof. Big Larry is a name that has come to equate with stupidity.

    • Vinnie

      Nice comment dipstick. You have been wearing that ugly green too long. The dye has seeped into your Big empty brain.

    • mauldawg

      Big Larry makes another stupid post. Hey BL how many games have you ever coached at any level. Not counting X-Box. Go back to your MU site. What a troll.

    • Graywv

      What a "stupid" remark, he's a West Virginia kid who wanted to play at his HOME State-Huggins gave him the chance, as some young kid's find out outside pressure can be overwhelming!

      • G Mann

        With his baggage Florida would've been the ideal spot for him. He would've been a saint among demons down there.

  • FungoJoe

    Georgetown, KY.

    • wvrefugee

      Aha! Back to the Happy Osborne days!!!

  • Allan

    A problem waiting to happen, again.

  • GranslaMU

    Look for Cottrill at ETSU!

  • Dave R.

    loser on the loose

    • BH

      As a WV fan I was very disappointed he was not able to realize his potential as a Mountaineer. However, if he attends and plays ball at whatever school, then good for him. It's a constructive use of his time.