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West Virginia redshirt freshman Tyler Orlosky will start at center Saturday, his first game since Nov. 12, 2011, when St. Edward High lost in the Ohio state playoffs.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — While it remains unannounced who’ll take the first snap Saturday, West Virginia knows who’ll make the first snap.

Enter redshirt freshman center Tyler Orlosky, equal parts anxious and agog about playing in his first real football game in one year, 10 months and 13 days.

“It’s going to be interesting,” said the 6-foot-4 recruit from Cleveland’s St. Edward High, who weighs within a pepperoni roll of 300 pounds. One of three potential new starters in the middle of WVU’s offensive line, Orlosky has the most challenging task—making pre-snap line calls and then, of course, making the shotgun snaps that start each play.

The previous Mountaineers center, Joe Madsen, also was an Ohio kid who wound up making 50 starts over four seasons. That could prove to be Orlosky’s legacy as well, though he isn’t looking beyond Saturday’s game against William & Mary. While players are allotted four tickets each, Orlosky plans on having six family members in the stands, thanks to borrowing two tickets from right tackle Curtis Feigt.

“I haven’t played an actual game in over a year, since high school football,” he said. “And obviously high school football is a lot different than college.

“Yeah, I dressed for a few games (in 2012), but when you’re actually on the field, making the calls and making sure that ball gets back to the quarterback, it’s a lot different.”

And which quarterback would that be?

“I already know, but you’ll have to find out on Saturday,” he said.

Geno Smith went under center a few times last season, and Orlosky doesn’t foresee that becoming more frequent this fall, even though WVU is stocked at running back and expecting to be more balanced.

“We’ll do it a lot on goal-line situations and when we’re coming out of our own end zone, because that’s where we’re more comfortable under center,” Orlosky said. “Otherwise, when we’re driving down the field, we’ll be in the usual shotgun.”

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  • JJ

    Can't hold a candle to Matteo at center! He's incredible... Big, fast, strong, and doesn't make a bad snap. He's my choice at center....straight from Akron Ohio! Tony Matteo

  • john

    This young man has played some big time football in High School. St. Edward's is a big time program who plays against schools who are also top level. He will not be intimidated by this level of football.

  • tw eagle

    I want orlosky the first person off the bus when heading into "enemy " territory . . .
    business first , looks it , talks it , and
    having been assigned the head snappers job , i'm gonna guess he can walk it too . . .
    the beginning of bright and successful career at WVU , I hope . . .

  • big tom

    sorry , no one on our staff named cook

    • cutty77

      Ron Crook is his Name. i wasn't going to mail him a letter,but thats OK too.You Guys remind me of my EX-Wife.

      • big tom

        plain and simple , you're an idiot

      • Bobby M

        Hey Friend! Well whos this Cook from Standford? Is that Standford FLORIDA? Hes a defensive guy?

  • cutty77

    Again the Most Important Coach we hired this year,is Coach Cook from Standford. Look at how many Lineman,and Tight Ends have been draft picks from there. Coach Cook knows what he is doing. Ever since we signed Tyler,i have heard nothing but good things about him. He will be fine.The game is played between the lines,not in The Press.

    • Bobby M

      Hey Friend! You MIGHT be thinking of Darwin Cook THE player not coach! But with so many people coming and going every year it happens to us all!

  • JOEL

    Maryland will be the gauge for this year.
    If we win and are 3-1 entering the OKY ST game we'll have a shot at a good season.

    If we're 2-2 after a loss to Maryland, could be a long year, with the best teams still ahead of us.

    • Dave

      Why not 4-0 after Maryland, Joel? OU is NOT what they have been the past three or four years.
      We have a legit shot in that one.

    • tony

      seems like it always is...been like that since Donnie's years against em..

  • Mitch

    @Bobby M,

    Yea, cause acting tough in an interview is what really matters. Some of you are just comical.

  • saltydog

    arousing interest; holding or catching the attention.

    In that context I have no problem with his use of "interesting" in answering the question.

  • Maxxajay

    Hope Orlosky stays healthy for all 13 games this year, looking forward to seeing him playing this year plus the next three...

  • Bobby M

    Goodness! I SURE hope he's plays MORE confident than he seems OR its gonna be a LONG year! He says "it will be interesting"??? What the heck IS that about!? I'm expecting mean AND nasty attitudes from our TEAM!

    Sorry Friend! I'm expecting A lot MORE than "interesting"! I hope they beat the crappers off W AND M! So bad they will NEVER step foot ON our field ever again!

    • William

      It is going to be interesting with NO LEADERSHIP, just like last year!

      • Ron

        I'm glad we are bringing in good football players that can start before early and not out of necessity! Thank goodness we ready for the future schedule Mr Luck has put together and we no longer have to play Huntington Community College!

      • Shawn

        William does it again! You're really a deep thinker my friend.

    • Brian

      Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.....
      Have you ever played and/or been interviewed by a media type?
      No offense to you; but I'd guess NO (at least to the "been interviewed" part).
      He sounds EXACTLY like l did, every other lineman I played with did, and like %99 of most non-professional lineman sound.
      EVERY lineman knows these "rules"......

      1) You should NEVER sound overly confident - leave that to the small skill guys.
      2) You NEVER tip your hand too much as to scheme, assignments, or playing time.
      3) You NEVER act like you are special - that naturally happens when the guy in the other uniform is laying on his arse and is wondering where the train came from!
      4) ALWAYS interject some humility, humor, and even a dose of tongue-n-cheek "we'll see what happens" into every interview. A quiet confidence is much more intimdating than the blowhard that "tells" you how good he is!!

      • Bobby M

        RAISING HAND! Gotta question sir! Been studying the rules and starting to FEEL like rule 1 and rule 4 are THE same! If you just add "small skill guys" to 4 - its about saying THE same thing! This could save time and effort as the OLINE would only need to memorize 3. I kept messing up because 4 is too lenghty anyway!

      • Bobby M

        WOW! I never PLAYED and never knew about the RULES! It all makes sense how you explain it! Thanks for filling me in! Cant wait for the season to REALLY start now! I'm JACKED UP!

    • Dave

      I'm sure Orlosky is mean and nasty when he steps on the field or Holgorsen wouldn't have given the freshmen the nod at staring center. He also seems like a nice, polite, and smart young man when giving an interview. Leave it all out on the field Saturday Mr. Orlosky. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the Mountaineers get the season started.