CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police arrested a city woman Wednesday following the stabbings of her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

Sgt. Tony Hazelett said Gary Turpin, 57, of Charleston and his new girlfriend Alice Early, 49, also of Charleston were at Turpin’s home on Rugby Street in the city’s East End Wednesday morning. There with them Turpin’s children ages 13 and nine. Sgt. Hazelett said the mother of the children, Kerry Harvey, 42 , of Charleston, showed up at the home around 1 a.m. 


Kerry Harvey

“Miss Harvey got agitated at Mr. Turpin because the kids were there with his new girlfriend,” said Hazelett said. “She went to the residence and confronted Turpin. She produced a knife and stabbed Turpin in the chest and Miss Early in the lower back.”

Turpin is in the intensive care unit of the Charleston Area Medical Center General Division. He’s in serious but stable condition. Early is also hospitalized in stable condition. The wounds were not believed to be life threatening.

Harvey fled the home with the two children after the stabbings. She was arrested a short time later by city police. Early was jailed on charges of attempted murder and malicious wounding. She’s being held on $20,000 bail.

The children were released to the care of another family member and the case is being investigated by Child Protective Services.

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  • BigDave

    Career criminal. Welfare leech. Just a blight on society.

    Way past time to lock her away where the only harm she can do is to other criminals.

  • DonaldH

    I'm tellin ya, Mayor Nanny Jones had better get a handle on all these stabbings!! 3 day wait on any knife purchased in his city and NO knives issued in a restaurant were alcohol is served....

  • MD

    There seems to be a mistake in the article. In the second to the last paragraph, isn't it Harvey who was jailed on charges? Wasn't Early the a victim?

    • hojo77

      An error such as this is common occurrence on this site. It is an acceptable standard of Metro News.