CHARLESTON, W.Va. — “Free, free, free Syria!”

That was the cry heard from the steps of the state Capitol Wednesday night from members of the Syrian American Council of West Virginia and Friends of Syria. It was a rally and prayer service for the latest victims in Syria.

Around 50 people stood on the state Capitol steps along Kanawha Blvd waiving banners, Syria and United States flags and chanting for intervention.

“I know everybody is sick of wars. I’m sick of wars, but enough is enough,” said Charleston resident Dirar Ahmad, calling for the United States to step in.

The rally came in response to last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria that left hundreds of citizens dead and thousands injured. An investigation conducted by the United Nations uncovered that the Syrian government—led by President Bashar Assad—was the source of those weapons.

“We need to stand up for morality, we need to draw a line in the sand and say, ‘Assad, your days are numbered. We warned you not to use chemical weapons, you used them over three times that we know of. No more.'”

Local physician Dr. Samer Nasher said Assad has gone too far.

“This president has no respect for human beings and no respect to international laws,” he said.

Nasher has family still in Syria and is concerned for their safety.

“I feel like there’s destruction, physical and humanistic, on every front and that’s how it affects me every day,” he said.

Reports indicated U.S. officials were working on designing a possible military strike against Syria that would deter from the use of further chemical weapons.

Nasher said that a change is already being seen in Syria simply with President Barack Obama’s recent comments about intervening.

“In the last 48 hours since the president said we are serious about intervening and punishing this behavior a lot of the big, high rank military officers with this president are starting to flee the country,” he said.

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  • CPA

    Syria is not a friend to the US. Never has been or never will be. Their religion makes sure of this. Muslim killing Muslim is a never ending story. This should not be a priority of our government. If anything, they should strive to depart as many Muslims as we can.

  • Dale

    UN assistance is enough.

  • AX MAN

    Just stay out of Syria, all we get done is spend humane lift, billions of dollars, which we have to borrow. After all said and done, the place will fall apart again in a couple years after we leave.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Well. Since my links to Youtube are "Awaiting moderation", I'll just post this; Go to youtube, search for "Syrian rebels" and take your pick of news clips and video footage that the "Moderators" here in the Good Ole U.S of A won't show the sheep to keep them blind and dumb.


    Usawow, screw you. No more Americans blood for foreigners.

  • blugldmn

    Please? who would be glad to sacrifice their blood?

    what a stupid comment!

    your blood maybe...mine not so much......

  • greenspace

    From their names, the demonstrators likely have a more personal stake in this than most US and WV citizens.

    Would you send your son there to fight? Not me, no thanks.

  • Brian142

    How about this, all of those at the capitol that are protesting for the United States to go into Syria, why don't we pass out a sign up sheet for them to volunteer to go themselves. However if the United States does end up going, they will be the first to protest about the brutality of war.

  • Marilyn

    I'm sure these people left that country for a reason. How many of them would be willing to go back and fight to "free Syria?" How many are willing to sacrifice their children. How many of the doctors would be willing to go back and take care of the people being poisoned? I am betting not many if any would actually go back. And if you're here you should not be waving any flag except the American flag. The country that gave you a free education and the country where you chose to live instead of that country. Just my opinion.

  • Mark

    It looks like some of the people in that picture are of military age. Why don't they join the military and then volunteer to help "free syria"?

    • Patriot77

      The US military has no official military involvement in Syria. Your statement is false. The US won't just hand you a gun and uniform and parachute you into any country because you want to. Stop being such a fool.

      • AX MAN

        Patriot77, You could go into Syria as a illegal immigrant, I am sure that they would welcome your help.

  • Hillbilly

    Free Syria?? A country that hates the US?? You have to be kidding. I agree with Tim C above.
    We have 2 of our enemies killing each other in Syria. Now, why would we want to intervene and put a stop to that?

    • Patriot77

      Have you no basic decency? These are innocent humans dying. 100,000 innocent Syrians have been killed and you are happy about this? Syrians are not our enemies. They haven't done anything wrong to us - EVER! In fact, Syrians have helped us. Look up how many Syrian doctors we have here in Charleston. I'll tell you, more than 30. I'm fact, a few of them have taken care of my parents and wife. Don't be ignorant.

  • cb

    We really need to be careful who we are freeing. Who are the rebels we are freeing? Did the government really use the chemicals or did the rebels to entice USA intervention? We need to be smart about the region, Russia has a great relationship with Syrian leaders right now because they allow Russia to use their ports so Russia can access the Mediterranean sea. Will they stand by and give that up?

    Lots more involved than just chanting Free Syria.

    • Patriot77

      How can rebel forces unleash a chemical attack in Damascus when they don't even have basic weaponry? Only Assad and his regime have chemical weapons in Damascus.

      • cb

        So even if what you say is true, what happens next. What we did in Libya worked out so well for them and for us as a country? A terrorist breeding ground that is in turmoil. Yeah that is exactly what we need to create, hell lets bomb them all.

        Only his regime and I am sure no one could have infiltrated his regime and passed secrets right?

        Where were we in Sri Lanka when over 75000 people were killed through genocide. This is ongoing with major attacks happening 5 months ago or so. Why didnt we do the "Right" humanitarian thing then?

        I am sorry, but it is puzzling that the causes we strategically make are on one section of the map....

        How many people will die as unintended casualties of war versus how many were poisoned?

  • USAwow

    The commentators in this article are truly disrespectful and mosinformed. Stop watching CNN? you should stop watching biased Fox News. Great job fellow West Virginians. I thoughtt you would have more compassion and understanding, but your heads are too far up your buttocks. These people are your fellow Americans, human beings. As you can most are women and children and doctors. They cannot fight. They have poured a huge percentage of their incomes just keep Syrian people's stomachs full. They are not asking for "Americans" to risk their lives on the ground. Merely a no safe zone, a way to weaken Assad's forces for the FSA fighters to be able to stabilize the region. You want to just do nothing and let more blood be spilt? Well then the blood would be on your hands just as guiltily as Assad himself.

    • USAwow


  • 2XLPatriot

    The same "Freedom Fighters" battling against Assad and being armed by the U.S. are the same ones who recently beheaded a Catholic Priest. Al Queda makes up their ranks. Why would we intervene when they want to kill all Americans, Christians and non-believers? It is sad that innocent, decent people are dying but, why add more to the mix? These people have been slaughtering each other for centuries and we're not going to change that. When 2 of our enemies are killing each other, there is no need to intervene.

    • Patriot77

      And since when has the US been arming the rebels. President Obama announced it earlier this year but no such weapons have been seen on the ground. In fact, that's exactly what the rebels want - is a follow up on Obama's promise and a supply of weapons for the opposition.

      • 2XLPatriot

        Just because they haven't "Received" the weapons yet does not mean that the U.S. has not "Armed" the rebels. Mobil radios and $1 Billion in "Humanitarian aid". Tell me, can you be sure that none of that money went to buy arms from other countries? Why haven't you addressed the fact that Al Queda is filling the ranks of rebels? What about the murder of Christians by rebels? This, by any any stretch of the imagination is aiding our "Enemies". The radical muslims who would kill non-believers and the ones who would kill innocent people...."2 of our enemies." Since the CIA and DOD refuse to comment, it can be accurately presumed that the weapons are in transit. That's just recent reports as of August 17th. Seeking "Sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-tank" weaponry is an Al-Queda ploy to obtain these weapons and use against U.S. Soldiers and anyone else whose slaughter would "Guarantee" their passage into paradise.

    • Patriot77

      Innocent Syrian are not our enemies.

  • thornton

    Freeing Syria will not make Syria free.