SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A Nicholas County man who killed two adults and two children last year could spend the rest of his life in prison.

James Roy Belknap, 27, of Leivasy, will learn his fate Wednesday during his sentencing at 3 p.m. in Nicholas County Circuit Court.

Belknap shot and killed Steven Leroy Hendrix, his girlfriend, Amber Martin, and Hendrix’s two kids, Dakota, age six, and Kaylee, age four, last year. Their bodies were found at Belknap’s Leivasy home in May 2012 after they were reported missing.

Belknap abruptly plead guilty to four counts of first degree murder in the case last month after a pretrial hearing. He was scheduled to go to trial August 13. He originally admitted to the murders but later tried to blame it on someone else.

Belknap agreed to plead guilty to the murders if separate accessory charges were dropped against his then girlfriend and another man. They were both charged with transporting Belknap following the shootings.

During the sentencing, a judge will decide whether to grant mercy. If no mercy, Belknap will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

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  • wvhoundsman

    thats a sad thing for that family. they should bring back the death penalty with any crime against a child.

  • lee arthur

    He needs to die , it's just that simple.

  • mauldawg

    Knowing the WV justice system he will might get home confinement for 2 mts. Human life has no value anymore. To bad I cant be the judge and jury. Chasmo is correct there would be a lot of cots open up. Are elected don't have what it takes to use the death penalty. To liberal and cowards.

  • chasmo

    Fubar : AMEN !! this is EXACTLY what we have been begging for from over here in the eastern panhandle~~ no " appeals " needed , death before sunset with all the other POS doing life w/out mercy . This would DEFINITELY open up 100ssssss of cots ! Come on elected officials , allow US to vote on the Death penalty

  • Fubar

    This POS deserves the death penalty!
    Elected officials we send to Charleston keep any capital punishment bill bottled up in committee. If they don't have the stomach to publicly vote capital punishment into law then put it on the next statewide ballot.