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Andrew Buie has withdrawn from WVU, though coach Dana Holgorsen said the running back plans to re-enroll in January.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Speculation about Andrew Buie’s transfer bubbled up from the moment West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen announced Tuesday the junior back would redshirt this season.

By Thursday, Buie had withdrawn from the university, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report, seemingly clearing his path to enroll at another school and become eligible for the 2014 season.

Holgorsen, however, said during Thursday night’s radio call-in show that Buie planned to re-enroll at WVU in January.

Buie led the Mountaineers with 851 yards rushing last season, moving into a starting role after Shawne Alston missed more than a month with a thigh bruise. He also led WVU’s running backs with 28 catches for 318 yards.

This week’s preseason depth chart showed Buie omitted from the top four running backs, having fallen behind senior transfer Charles Sims, freshman Wendell Smallwood, junior college signee Dreamius Smith and junior Dustin Garrison. And with Pitt transfer Rushel Shell becoming eligible next season, Buie’s path to playing time with the Mountaineers doesn’t appear any less crowded in 2014.

Efforts to reach Buie and sources in his hometown of Jacksonville, Fla., were unsuccessful Thursday.

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  • Low Rider

    5th on the depth chart with a stud running back coming in next year. I'd transfer too. Thanks Andrew for your contribution to WVU football.

  • cutty77

    I take Dana at his word. maybe the kid had to leave to clear his head. He was a Very Good and Steady running back. He had Great runs against Maryland 2 years ago.

    • Rob

      Good running back? You're kidding right? He was inconsistent at best.. Nice kid and all but as was said earlier, never a game changer...

      No big loss....

      • cutty77

        WVU hasn't had a game changer Back since Noel Devine. He looked very Good Maryland Game 2 years ago. Very Good against Clemson,and Good last year against Texas. He's was as good as anybody else we had. He played as a Freshmen, pretty Damm good for a Frosh.then last year was his 2nd.

        • cutty77

          Just to follow up on Buie. Last year he carried the Ball 179 times and Averaged 4.8 per carry. Shawn Alston only carried the 75 times,and he was the next guy close to Andrew in carries.Like i said he was pretty and gettin better.

  • Mike

    I'll always remember his crushing crackback block against Marshall- had the whole place wincing from the impact.

  • Justin

    Must have a coach mad or something not even be in the rotation...oh well I guess

    • Rob

      Gee, Ya think?

      • Pudge

        You're supposed to say "Cool story bro".

  • BobbyB

    I think he will go to Tenessee. Gillespie recruited him to WVU and he is there. Also, his younger brother has the high on his list and is being recruited by Gillespie. The Vols could be getting a 2 for 1 here. But, much success for the young man whatever he does.

  • JimJim

    Dana dude, he is a jewel. Third-year, it's his team now. Hasn't named a starting quarterback, but I think we can beat William and Mary without a quarterback. Still thinking he may not be head-coaching material. There's too much coach speech and too many transfers in and out of the program. Let the drinking began.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Obviously the young man is struggling with a personal matter and is taking time for that. Everyone forgets these are young kids, away from home, & still dealing with all the private matters everyone else deals with, with the addition to playing MAJOR college football. He seems like a good kid and I hope to see him back in January. Go Mountaineers!

    • Rob

      Cool story bro...

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    So, the exodus for 2013 has already begun. Childress will be next. Followed by several others before seasons end.
    Bring'em in. Run 'em off.
    Run 'em off. Bring 'em in.
    Bring 'em in. Run 'em off. Rawhide.

    • Rob

      Prove it.

  • jfk

    I liked the kids toughness hope he's back in the spring to compete

  • tony

    ucf or usf maybe

  • richard

    i hope he comes back but i don't see that happening. wherever you land Andrew, good luck and thanks for the time and effort you gave mountaineer nation. stay true bud, always a mountaineer!

  • Shawn

    One downfall for him is his size. He can hardly get between the tackles. I've seen that kid get driven back more times than he went forward.

  • WVU86

    Maybe he can join Noah Cottrill at Georgetown, KY

  • Tusker

    I don't know what I don't know, but this doesn't sit well.

    How do you bury a kid who ran for 207 yards in Austin Texas, who lead the team in rushing, who played well in a record breaking BCS Bowl victory.... behind two kids who have never done anything at the major college level? Just doesn't make sense to me.

    Good luck AB where ever life takes you

    • Shawn

      I would say it has alot to do with academics.

      • Rob

        Yup and word has it that his attitude and work ethic in camp didn't impress anyone

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Maybe he can play in a Jr. College and get better. Best of luck, what ever you do.

    • CaptainQ