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Jonathan Holton averaged 10.2 points and 8.1 rebounds as a freshman at Rhode Island before being dismissed in March 2012 following an arrest. He spent last season at Palm Beach (Fla.) Community College.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Basketball recruit Jonathan Holton, whose eligibility was in question throughout the spring and summer as he dealt with legal issues and finished junior college coursework, has been added to the West Virginia basketball roster.

The 6-foot-7 forward has yet to appear in the WVU student directory, but his appearance on the roster seems to indicate he is the sixth and final signee from the 2013 recruiting class to be cleared for admission.

Holton enjoyed a breakout freshman season at Rhode Island in 2011-12, averaging 10.2 points and 8.1 rebounds. But was dismissed from the school after being arrested for secretly videoing consensual and separate sexual encounters with two female students.

Last May, a year after the charges were filed, Holton pleaded no contest to one count of felony video voyeurism. He was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to undergo mental health counseling.

Holton spent the past season at Palm Beach (Fla.) State Community College, where he averaged 17.5 points and 14.1 rebounds per game.

Four-star power forward Elijah Macon enrolled last Friday though his eligibility for his season remains unconfirmed.

Nate Adrian, Devin Williams and Brandon Watkins enrolled this summer, while junior college signee Remi Dibo came aboard earlier in August.

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  • Magic Mike

    Just what we need an Anthony Wiener on the team.

    • Bobby M

      HAHA! ha! WHAT? He knows NOTHING about basketball! He couldnt coach childrens basketball let alone college basketball!

  • big tom

    I say, at the very best, we go 6-6 , a miracle finish with the bowl,, 7-6

  • big tom

    even up,,, no spread,,, take one game or all the games... final record,,, number of wins... now I talking to the idiots who think we finish 8-4 , 9-3 ,,, beating okla at okla

  • polarbear

    Tom what exactly is your bet? I just may take you up on it.

    • William

      I BET a lot of WVU fans wish they had coaches like John Beilein and Bill Stewart back. Men with GREAT CHARACTER! Since Luck has been in charge, WVU sports have fallen to an all time low.

      • Watt A. Nutjobwilliamis

        Hard times all right. Membership in the second best football and basketball conference in the country. Athletic Department pushing $100M per year. Yup, these are indeed hard times. Don't know how well make it.

      • Big Larry


        Love your Work!

  • Hop'sHip

    I had given up on this one when I thought I read that a WVU official statement that nobody could be admitted to the University after last Friday. I guess he must be a somebody. Let's hope that his future video highlights take place on the basketball court.

    • big tom

      BB or FB is different..

  • big tom

    I have asked commenters over and over to meet me a nicks and we can place a heavy bet on the football season... no takers,,,,hum... where's all this confidence.

    • Maxxajay

      @ Big Tom.. There was a guy on here last week wanted to bet with you .. The post was on here for about 2 hours ..Allan took it off .. He gave him name .. Phone number ... All of it .. The way he was talking he wanted your $$$$ ... Because in the post you was wrong ... I don't remember what it was... You would have lost ... So you owe Allan one ....

      • big tom

        how could I lose when we haven't played yet...LOL

        • Maxxajay

          You was wrong on you post and I don't remember what it was. but this guy gave you all the information to you and wanted to meet you in Morgantown. You are saying some wrong things on here that is very serious and dangerous this is entertainment not to get on here to fight with words argue and meet people to make bets ...this is Supposed to be entertainment...good luck to you and act like an adult...

  • Dave

    It appears that Bob Huggins was right on when he said that he anticipated a full roster come November. Welcome aboard Mr.Holton. Make us proud that you are a Mountaineer. As excited as I am that WVU's first football game is Saturday, I reall can't wait for basketball season to start. I have a feeling the Mountaineers are going to have a much better showing in the BIG12 this year. Football and basketball.

    • Don

      I have a problem with the comment "full roster". Looks like WVU BBall roster only includes 11 scholarship players and 1 walk-on. Thought a full roster would have 13 scholarship players. But since none of them are seniors, guess Huggins has 2 scholarships to use next year.

  • Rick

    Any idea when we will know if Macon is fully eligible to play this season?

  • Bobby M

    Good JOB! Lets GET ready TO rumble!!!!!!!!! Rock and ROLL!!!

  • Debra

    Welcome Mr. HOLTON. Keep yourself out of trouble and take advantage of the chance you have been given. Good luck. Let's Go Mountaineers.

  • DWM

    I'm Sure WIlliam and Big Larry have never done anything wrong,.. well, other than torturing us with their opinions, so I guess they can cast the first stones.

    • Big Larry


      My opinions are "torturing"?

  • Nostrdamus

    Welcome the criminal to Morgantown. I sure hope his next victim, and we all know there will be one, sues the sh** out of Bob Thuggins and his coaching staff for bringing this FELON into the community.

    • Bobby M

      Sorry Friend! I'm NOT an attorney but i think that would be a failed CASE! Unless Coach Huggins was acting as legal guardian or power of attorney AND EVEN THEN it would be super hard to point it back at Coachs' fault! I'm sure HOLDEN's over 18 years old so he's considered AN adult under law! That means he'd HAVE sole responsibility and pay for reprocussions by LAW!

    • Okey Robinson

      Congrats on being perfect. I take it you don't believe in second chances, especially for young people ?

    • Kodak Moments

      Like Nostradamus has never videotaped himself having sex before. I'll bet sometimes it was even with a girl.

    • Charles

      Just worry about your own rosters in huntington. They get in enough trouble on their own!!!!

    • Shawn

      There are crimes which do not warrant a second chance, but this is not one of them. If he gets into trouble again then its out the door. I'm sure this has been explained to him and has been put on a short leash. I love you ppl who are the first to throw stones when in fact you wouldn't be here today without second chances. Until you stand in his shoes you'll never understand.

      • big tom

        as I understand it,, it filmed a sex act with his girl and then put it on the net... so,, you think this isn't very serious... how bout asking that girl

        • Concerned

          I don't believe he said it wasn't serious. I only believe he said some things aren't sooooo bad that the person can receive a second chance. No he shouldn't have done it, and dont condone it, but trashing the kid like a common criminal is a bit much as well. So please come off your horse mr perfect.

          • BigBadJohnHenry

            I thought pleading guilty to a felony made you a common criminal.

  • Allan

    I think we have some pretty good talent this year and my vision would be one likened to ice hockey where we have two lines and we run full throttle for 5 to 8 minutes than the second line comes on and goes full tilt and keep doing this. By the second half, the other team will be on life support and wearing very stylish oxygen masks.

    • Barry

      We dont have enough talent this to run one line.

  • Allan

    Before "William" puts his two cents in, I like to welcome Jonathan to Mountaineer Nation and hope he realizes this is his second chance and take advantage of it. I am a firm believer that most everyone deserves a second chance and wish him well.

    • hailey

      Don't worry about Willie, I have put him in his place... he may never return.

      Holton will do great things, time to break out the sweatsuit

      • William

        Isn't it great to have this type of guy playing basketball at WVU? Way to go "Sweatsuit" Huggins, you continue to amaze me! It's great to have winners going to WVU for a excellent education. WVU - Land grant U, that delivers a high quality education!

        • Phil Knight

          I sure wish that William's unusual infatuation with looking at Bob Huggins in his sweatsuits would turn to girls one day. I can say in no uncertain terms that Giselle Budgen and Brooklyn Decker look much better in sweatsuits than Coach Huggins. William, try focusing on the opposite sex sometimes. You just might find out you like it.

  • tony

    alan..do you where daxter miles is? is he enrolled?

    • Allan Taylor

      He never signed—was only a commitment.

      • Justin

        There is the possibility that he may join the team next season. I've heard that he may go to a prep school this coming season.