CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County prosecutor may not be the one who will prosecute the Charleston attorney charged in connection with a police standoff in a South Hills neighborhood.

Mark Bramble’s attorney has filed a motion for Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants to voluntarily recuse himself from the case because he lives in the neighborhood where the incident took place. For that reason, Bramble’s attorney believes Plants has personal interests in the case, according to court records.

Bramble is charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment for the incident that took place last month at Sherwood Forest. Police said Bramble fired several gun shots inside his home as well as several shots outside at police during the standoff.

At this time Plants’ office is looking into what the law is regarding this to determine whether he should recuse himself from the case.

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  • Matt

    Maybe Mr. Bramble’s attorney can find him a house to live beside him and his family. Since he thinks Mr. Bramble will not do anything like this again.

  • Dale

    Good grief! What does that have to do with anything?