SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A Nicholas County man who killed four people last year will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Nicholas County Circuit Judge Gary Johnson sentenced James Roy Belknap, 27, to four life sentences without parole and without mercy Wednesday.

Belknap plead guilty last month to murdering Steven Leroy Hendrix, his girlfriend, Amber Martin, and Hendrix’s two kids, Dakota, age six, and Kaylee, age four. The plea came days before his trial was scheduled to begin August 13.

Police said after shooting all four victims, Belknap then stripped the bodies and dumped them near his Leivasy home. The bodies were found in May 2012 after they were reported missing.

Police said the crimes were all about a drug debt that was owed to Belknap.

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  • komodo

    that's 4 life terms

  • komodo

    he all ways said to me "I looking at life terms one more won't hurt" with a smerk on his face he threated to kill me countles times in 8 mounths. he would not leave me and others alone he kept makeing sexual remarks and advence on me and others. he drove an 80yr old to pc with makeing sexual remarks to him. this 80 yr old calld him quere knap!!. its all true he even said them kids where his god kids. from time to time I would see him cry for a bit how ever.

  • Clearly

    I'm all for reinstating the death penalty where cases, like this, are open and shut, without a shadow of doubt, the person is 100% guilty. Not to mention the fact that this individual murdered two innocent children. To death, he should be sentenced. However, Even if we did have the death penalty, those sentenced to death would sit on death row for at least 20 years due to the appeals process, etc. The laws need changed that the guilty receive their execution within five years!

  • chasmo

    more and more and more WE , the tax payers , take care of these POS until they finally stop living . DEATH PENALTY in CERTAIN FELONIES - and , to the " third timers " -- Come on Legislature, let us vote !!

  • Mountainman

    Thank you, Judge Johnson.

  • Fubar

    Everyone should flood WV statehouse with calls, mail & petitions. All bills concerning capital punishment are sent to committee never to be seen again. If our politicians don't have the stomach to pass capital punishment bills into law - then at least they could put it on the next ballot so their conscience would be clear.

  • Hillbilly

    He now has a long time to consider whether or not getting high on his drug habits was worth it. And he won't get any more drugs where he is going... just Bubba.

    • AX MAN

      No more drugs, where he is going, you gotta be kidding.

  • Dale

    Really. Wonder how long this scumbag will live? Costing the WV working class thousands if not millions of dollars before he dies on our dime. The cost to keep him incarcerated would bring water and sewage system to some rural community in WV or replace several bridges.

    • Pioneer

      Like I posted on another recent story..."a death penalty in WV would solve this problem"

  • TC

    The man was a former student of mine. There were no signs of any kind of behavior issues. Polite, respectful, and extremely intelligent. So sad in all respects. Just shows what drugs have done to our society.

    • komodo

      polite my but: was in the same pod as him and he! was nothing but disrespet full made threats and he tryed to start fights all the time over something so stuped as the tv remote