FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Fairmont General Hospital will file for bankruptcy next week.

The hospital said Friday the Chapter 11 filing would allow it to restructure its debt and protect it from its creditors.

FGH President and CEO Robert C. Marquardt said the move is necessary now to make the hospital stronger financially and operationally “to pave a smoother transition when we do find the right partner.”

Marquardt also promised a more focused and profitable hospital in a Friday news release.

Many of the workers at Fairmont General are represented by SEIU 1199. In a statement released Friday the union said it was committed with FGH to keep the quality of care at the hospital. The union also said its members deserve a meeting with hospital management.

FGH said it will file the bankruptcy papers next Tuesday, Sept. 3.

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  • employee

    I so agree with union rep...upper management is a priblem with their large pays raises and their bonus.....they union people work hard for what they get which isnt a lot and then we are told we have to "give up more" I say management give up some....

  • union rep

    The problems causing FGH's bankruptcy are numerous, but they all boil down to financial mismanagement and irresponsibility by the current and former management teams. What hasn't come out in any of the articles I've read is the fact that the management team has annually taken 5- and 6-figure bonuses over the last several years of this "financial crisis." There hasn't been a word about the excessive golden parachutes given to departing managers. You haven't heard about overpaid, underworked, incompetent middle managers who don't follow their own rules and show up when they feel like. And yet, when it comes time to pay the bills, the management team calls on the unions to pick up the tab by paying more for their benefits. The leadership at FGH won't tell you that Local 550, representing the housekeepers, nurses' aides, and other support service employees at FGH already switched their health insurance to a union-sponsored plan that saved the hospital thousands of dollars a month in benefit costs. Before one more dollar in concessions is agreed to, there had better be some changes in management and policy.

  • SupportFGH

    @formeremployee; excellent post!

  • formeremployee

    Fairmont General is fine hospital. It's a community hospital, whereas UHC and Ruby are larger statewide known hospitals. It is certainly harder for FGH to compete against the larger hospitals, but believe me, FGH employs some of the best doctors and nurses in the state. Here's the issue... When hospitals bill insurance and medicare/ Medicaid after patient visits, they never get back ALL of what they bill. Private insurance pays (something like) 80-90 cents on the dollar. Medicare/ Medicaid pay (something like) 20-30 cents on the dollar. Fact is that FGH is in an area that is primarily Medicare/ Medicaid patients. ObamaCare will be no better, in fact, one would guess it would be worse.

    One more thing to note... This is from a current FGH employee... There are not lay-offs looming. The Chapter 11 filing simply releases FGH from the obligation of paying back vendors and other debt, allowing the organization to "start-over" financially.

    The fact of the matter is, with more and more people turning to government provided healthcare, this will not be last smaller hospital you see file.

  • BAC

    Fairmont General has long been the place "not to go." Killed my mother at age 41. Better hospitals in Morgantown and Clarksburg have drawn the more discerning patients.

  • CaptainQ

    Really? FGH can't make it NOW, BEFORE ObamaCare ruins our health care system?

    WOW! Word on the street is Davis Memorial Hospital in Elkins is also in danger of financial collaspe. What's going on here? Are people becoming so 'well' that it's hurting the health care industry? Or is the problem deeper?

    MetroNews should really look investigae this phenominon closer. Why are long standing hospitals swimming in so much 'red ink'?

    • WVWho

      Same thing happening in point pleasant and some hospitals in Huntington. The only ones that will remain are the large hospitals. This will force longer travel times and much longer waits. We need an overhaul for sure.

    • susanf

      Maybe because Medicaid covers the majority of the patients seen at Davis Memorial and it is so poorly administered that the hospital doesn't get paid what it should. Of course, when one is on Medicaid, they think nothing of running to the ER every time their kid has a cold. Expensive treatment, but hey, they aren't paying for it, so what do they care? Until the Medicaid Program is completely overhauled, health care costs and the burden of paying those costs will fall squarely on the taxpayers and on the institutions who have to treat them.

  • Hillbilly

    I am not a Union supporter, but anytime people lose jobs it is NOT a good thing.

  • Rodney Hytonen

    Medicare For All is a fiduciary no-brainer.
    It always has been.

    Profit has no place in health care, that makes it a PROTECTION RACKET

    ("pay what we want or suffer and die" is not a 'way of doing business' - it's a crime.)

  • Kellen

    They should shut this place down. Terrible hospital, almost killed my brother. Students call it a "Death Trap"; bad sign.

  • derek

    Ohhhh yeah real good thing .. people loosing their jobs.. SMH
    Just hate on the union job apparently... jealous douchebag

  • blugldmn

    If SEIU people are losing their jobs thats a good thing....