MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Coach Dana Holgorsen discusses West Virginia’s 24-17 win over William & Mary on Saturday.

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  • WVU2013

    Could Ford Childress be as awful as Trickett and Millard?

  • Ed

    At halftime yesterday the Mountaineer fans, be it a very small percentage, started Booing the team as it went in for halftime!! Wow, are you kidding me? These are unpaid 18, 19, 20 year old Kids and you guys are booing them as they leave the field! That is one of the many reasons why I am not a huge Mountaineer fan, because of the Fans!! You say it was the students, No. The students were clear across the field from where I was and it certainly was not them!! What ever happened to a true fan supporting your team no matter what? Well just not here, ever!! Win or get the heck out!! OL will fire Holgerson if he doesn't win that is a certainty! Support your team, or is it to late to try to change your spots!!

    • WVU 74

      Ever pause to think .... the "fans" may be booing the "Man in Black". Not referring to the late Johnny Cash.

    • wvrefugee

      OL has created an "business like" environment here at WVU with all of the increased donation requirements and tickets prices....that is why people are booing! People pay more money....they want, and deserve MORE, for their money. Didn't get that yesterday!

    • EPR

      Cool story bro

  • JL

    Bill Nevin in the press box replacing Travis Jones who is now doing play by play for Fairmont State.

  • Rick Powell

    Any chance of getting in the MAC, or cancelling the season! Better yet, bring back RichRod.

    • billy

      bring back someone who des not want to be here and screwed us as he was leaving? you must be from ohio to make a stupid comment like that.

  • I'm a Herdman

    Don't feel bad about today... Ur Big 12 champion lost to last years national champs! IAA that is! Don't make excuses, it's going to be a long year for WVU.

  • Mountain Codger

    After watching the game and listening to Holgs, I agree with him we have a ways to go as all teams do at this time. W&M was well coached and they did not make mistakes. Mcbride made some good plays as did O'Tool. I am not ready to push any panic buttons just yet. Let go mountaineers!
    The press box needs to work on anouncing the 1st down, the rythem messed up the crowd.

    • mike

      I agree with your comment about the press box! who was that guy? It was like he was watching the game from Syracuse on tape delay! He never saw the penalty flags until it was too late and his cadence on "first down, WV" was terrible!

  • Tim C

    After watching the game today I would offer the following assessment.
    1) We are loaded at RB.
    2) Oline played fair but needs improvement.
    3) WR Shorts was awesome. Ivan and KJ dropped a couple they should've had. The Carswell kid can flat out fly.
    4) The Dline didn't get enough pressure on the QB.
    5) W&M had only one real playmaker and we couldn't seem to lock him down.
    6) Special teams was fantastic.
    7) We have issues at QB.
    In order to beat OU we will have to improve remarkably between now and next Saturday.