MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Big 12’s reputation has seen better weeks, but it’s early. We haven’t even gotten a look at what newfangled schematic advantages Charlie Weis is cooking up.

On with the first conference power rankings of 2013, to be taken with two Advil if your name’s Bob Bowlsby:

1. Texas (1-0)

Result: Beat New Mexico State 56-7. Does a team that managed zero points in the first 28 minutes deserve the No. 1 spot? Nope. But a team that scored 56 in the final 32 minutes might.

2. Oklahoma State (1-0)

Result: Beat Mississippi State 21-3. Growing bored with touchdowns and explosive plays, the Cowboys flashed some SEC-style defense instead. They held MSU to 2-of-16 on third downs.

3. TCU (0-1)

Result: Lost to LSU 37-27. Sheez, was that Gary Patterson or Bob Stoops coaching the Frogs? “Everybody who says we can’t compete against the SEC is wrong. I don’t think there’s any doubt we can play with them. We got stronger in the fourth quarter.” Annnnnd, you were out-gained 448 to 259.

4. Oklahoma (1-0)

Result: Beat Louisiana-Monroe 34-0. Bob Stoops moved within seven of the all-time OU wins record and paid homage to Barry Switzer by bringing back his offense.

5. Baylor (1-0)

Result: Beat FCS member Wofford 69-3. Baylor enjoyed its biggest point total since 1929, and the defense held Wofford to three plays or fewer on nine drives, leading safety Ahmad Dixon to get. “Just because it was Wofford don’t think we won’t be like that every week. I don’t care if it’s against UT, I don’t care if it’s against TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State. We’re going to be like that against everybody we play.”

6. Texas Tech (1-0)

Result: Beat SMU 41-23. Walk-on freshman quarterback Baker Mayfield contributed five TDs and completed 43-of-60 passes. That should at least earn the kid a Pell grant.

7. West Virginia (1-0)

Result: Beat FCS member William & Mary 24-17. The Mountaineers rallied from a 10-point halftime deficit to avoid dropping beneath Kansas.

8. Kansas (0-0)

Result: Idle. How did KU jump up two spots from its customary home? Because, unlike the teams below, the Jayhawks actually beat their FCS opponent last year.

9. Kansas State (0-1)

Result: Lost to North Dakota State 24-21. Frets about the Wildcats’ retooled defense were justified when the Bison drove 80 yards in eight minutes for the winning score. Oh yeah, NDSU also scored the game’s final 17 points.

10. Iowa State (0-1)

Result: Lost to FCS little brother Northern Iowa 28-20 and what made it even worse? An in-state back the Cyclones declined to recruit, David Johnson, piled up 240 yards of offense and four TDs.
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  • Magic Mike

    Last week was the final game WVU will win this year. Sorry but Holerson was left a great squad and every year his wins have gone down. Bring back Rich Rod.

    • Teddy

      Please tell me you are NOT as ignorant as your statement indicates. Richy Rod Job??

  • LittleTerry

    Allan, If we get off the plane in Norman, we will be 1-1

  • Chef Camille

    I think more Williams showed up than Mary's last Saturday.

  • jlee

    We do not know what we have yet! We will know after this week's game. You can't tell after barely beating a FCS team. Makes one sound like only a cheerleader.

  • Justin

    Will be a 500. Team the Big12 isn't the greatest.

  • Paul

    Be positive, Defense shutout W&M in the second half, we have a running game now and a real punter. Our kickers are better. I know the throwing game will improve now that the QB is decided and Paul can get all the reps, This week Kevin White comes back which creates a definite match up problem, who to double team. There is a lot of room for improvement.

    Last year we had no defense, no running game and a very average kicking game. That is different this year.

  • Danny

    Don't know if this team can finish with a 500 record. It will be tough for this team to do.

    • Teddy

      Mighty true statement there home grown. Will be hard to fish that way since we are going to win them all BABY!!

  • Allan

    If we wait a half to get the offense and defense moving against OK, we will be 1 -1.

    • Teddy

      NO way there Home slice!! The mighty EER'S gonna woop-up on the OK Laters like a spider monkey on crack!!

  • Matt

    Exactly right and they are gonna be good ones. Love your work Maxx.

  • tw eagle

    TTU beat SMU abetted by the criminally inept
    officiating crew . . .thank God we got them
    in Morgantown . . .i'm guessing that playing
    in the state of texas will be like playing at
    pervert state - the officials will be relatives
    of the texas team . . .

    • John

      You may or may not be the dumbest person on this board. Congrats.

  • Maxxajay

    True WVU fans we have one .... 11 to go...

    • Teddy

      And we be winning them all BABY!!!