MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Introducing “Upon Further Review,” a weekly multimedia short from the MetroNews team of photographers and videographers.

We launch the slideshow series with a recap of West Virginia’s season-opening 24-17 victory over William & Mary.

MORE MOUNTAINEERS: Allan Taylor on the play that saved WVU
MORE MOUNTAINEERS: Explaining WVU’s run-heavy attack
MORE MOUNTAINEERS: Video from Saturday’s win and postgame
MORE MOUNTAINEERS: Defense pitches second-half shutout
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  • Magic Mike

    I didn't have a problem finding the game.

  • blugldmn

    I was in randolph and pendleton counties most of saturday and never had a problem finding the game on FM...there must have been 4 to 5 different stations that had it....

  • Mike Young

    Live in Virginia and could not get the game. Need more affiliates in this part of the country.

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately the drive east on I-68 was void of post- game coverage until we got to Cumberland.

  • CaptainQ

    Speaking of multimedia, I sure miss MetroNews Radio play-by-play of the WVU games. I was on the road in Randolph County for much of Saturday and I couldn't find the live game coverage on my car radio, AM or FM dial. Where is IMG broadcasting the games at? Guam? The Philippines? Did IMG acquire the third tier rights just to 'hog it all' for themselves?

    Oh well, guess we'll have to put up with no radio coverage for 12 more years....

    • Pudge

      It was on quite a few stations.

      • CaptainQ

        Thanks Pudge, this is very helpful!

    • Jonathan R.

      New IMG affiliates cover the state. If you couldn't find the coverage, you weren't trying. I'm extremely happy with the new multi media coverage. I had zero problems finding a station. Quit whining, change can be positive.

  • Rugger

    Nice piece!