WHEELING, W.Va. – A student at Wheeling Jesuit University is dead after a night out at a bar. Kevin Figaniak, 21, and a friend were attacked near the intersection of National Road and Locust Ave. early Saturday morning.

“They were accosted by three to four white males and assaulted to the point to where Mr. Figaniak received substantial trauma to his head and brain,” according to Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger.

Figaniak suffered critical injuries and was taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He died Sunday. The friend suffered some cuts and bruises but refused medical treatment.

The chief said the victims had been at a nearby bar and were on their way home when they were jumped. So far no eyewitnesses have come forward. However, Schwertfeger said during an appearance Monday on MetroNews Talkline they’re hoping to get the word out about the crime and that could change things.

“That area there is populated to a certain degree even at 1:30 in the morning,” explained Schwertfeger. “So we’re asking for anyone who has information, saw anything, to please contact us.”

The chief said because three to four men were involved in the attack someone might have loose lips.

“I’m confident that, at some point, somebody that knows something will reach out to us.”

Wheeling officers are canvassing the area for any clues. And they’re checking nearby video surveillance cameras.

“We have videos from businesses throughout the general area that may show different people coming and going at different service stations that may help us. That’s what we’re looking through right now,” explained Schwertfeger.

An autopsy is set for Tuesday. The last murder in Wheeling was in June 2012.

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  • ron "from morgantown"

    Despicable . I know Wheeling PD will work night and day until they find the trash that did this . Why was one beaten so bad and yet the others in the group sustained only minor injuries ?

  • Bobby M

    This police chief is NOT very smart! Hey Chief - rule 101 says to answer ALL questions giving away as LITTLE INFO as possible to keep the HEAT on the SUSPECTS! Dont say your looking at videos of people coming and going! Say you "are reviewing survellance videos from THAT night"! Then if asked WHAT videos - say "I cant comment while theres and ongoing investigation"!

    WHY should he do this??? Because the culprits may think the police ALREADY have footage of the fight from somewhere! Theyre probably already nervous from killing someone so if they THINK cops have tape - the pressure will BUILD on them and might cause ONE to CRACK!

    Dumb dumb dumb move CHIEF! Now they know you do NOT have the fight on tape! DUMB!!!! Just STUPID!

    • ron "from morgantown"

      To say you were wrong would be an understatement , the police worked diligently and professionally to quickly make an arrest . 0bviously your comments were way out of line and somewhat delusional .