MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Fifth-year senior Dozie Ezemma, the pass-rushing specialist who served as the backup Buck linebacker for West Virginia, suffered a season-ending broken leg in the opener against William & Mary.

“He broke his lower leg and his foot—it all got twisted up,” said coach Dana Holgorsen. “It was a bad break. He’s probably going to need surgery. And he’s a senior, so that’s a blow.”

The injury essentially ends Ezemma’s career at WVU, where he utilized a redshirt season in 2011.

Ezemma registered a quarterback hurry in the 24-17 win over William & Mary, and along with serving as a situational edge rusher, he “was on about three special teams in a very important role,” Holgorsen said.

The 6-foot-2, 235-pound Ezemma appeared in 31 college games overall—13 at WVU after spending two seasons at Division II New Haven. His injury likely means more snaps for another fifth-year senior, Morgantown High graduate Tyler Anderson.

Holgorsen said junior college transfer receiver Kevin White remains day-to-day with a foot injury, making him questionable for Saturday’s game at Oklahoma. White was seen limping noticeably outside the Milan Puskar Center after Holgorsen’s news conference concluded.

“He was day-to-day before we ruled him out toward the end of last week,” the coach said. “Hopefully we can get him back out there.”

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  • Sambo

    Sounds most of you guys have written the season off. We (TTU) a great start but we have the tendency to lose to the teams we are supposed to beat. So every week I wonder about them "dropping he ball" With all the positive publicity, guys here tend to not show up the next week. Sure you guys lost all your players last year, but coach will build his offense around his best players, and they will improve. a win is a win. take it and run...or pass whichever you do better

  • big tom

    someone has to introduce them to the reality of life,,,if not now, when" life sometimes is not fair, there are ups and downs, it's how you react to these changes in your life that makes or breaks you,,, the sooner you learn life's lessons the sooner you know how to cope..
    my friend ,I realize you're just a youngster, but take the advice of a man that's been there,, button your lip and listen more,and you will grow more.

    • mauldawg

      I realize that not only is big tom a youngster, but a MU fan as well.
      big tom is like a little kid that is a bully until someone come in his yard after him. Then he runs in the house and hides behind his mommy. I had to laugh at the button your lip comment. Why would anyone want to listen to a fool like you.

  • Nick

    Okay, I was wrong about Milliard. His throw to Carswell shows he can win games for us. He is kinda like Greg Mckelroy's previous role with Alabama. We have a lot of play makers at RB. That will help Milliard Dakiel Shorts never misses a catch. I am glad Ivan McCarthy came back to get his degree but we wasted that deep pass to him. Let's only throw 10 to 20 yard passes to him and use his jumping ability more. He does not have break away speed. Shorts, Carswell, Alford, Myers, Mathis and White will be our deep threats. Finally, Deforest contributed to our success. The special teams did keep us in the game. I think Holgerson was trying to save a lot of plays for Oklahoma. We seemed to have the same plays just slight variations. Hopefully, Holgerson will augment and change the offense enough to keep the defense honest. I say we at least win 6 games.

  • WV07

    I will be the first to say 27-24 WVU.

  • WV07

    Allan....Keep up the solid reporting....sorry I was pretty blunt on you posting page.

  • clearanceman

    LOL, look at that schedule, we'll be lucky to win three games.

    • WV07

      Ha Ha Ha Look at your user name.....idiot

  • big tom

    O I'll always root for wvu, it's in my blood , but at the risk of angering some of the bloggers, I would rather be realistic and face the truth than drink the kool aid,and fell let down when we lose.
    we won't be okla, we wont come close,, face facts,,
    we're playing in okla. they have much much better talent, home field advantage,, the spread is around 20 pts, ,,they will cover.

    • mauldawg

      You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the mouth. You are such an idiot. Go back to your MU board.

    • WV07

      Please meet me anywhere,any day and I WILL shut that loud mouth of yours.....

      • Shadow

        Be careful, he might have a CCL!

      • big tom

        now i'm really scared

    • WV07

      Its not in your are NOT a wvu fan...just an idiot.

  • jwg66

    Win or lose, I'll still root for us. Think I will wait for several games before making a judgement on our season. We have started out with several losses before and still ended up with a decent year. Too many outsiders are negative on our state, we don't need that from our own fan base.... Even a poor showing against OK would still be an away loss and should not define our season.

  • Mountain Man

    Ok so what I don't get is all you Debbie downers getting on here and putting us down didn't your momma ever teach you if you don't have anything good to say don't say nothing at all....?

    With that said I still believe in this team this year and what we can do I think we have a good group of play makers this year and we need to support them and let them do them... Dana is a good coach and I think if anyone ever under estimates him you could be sorry he hasn't and never shows all his cards up front so before you speak if you do bleed gold and blue lets support this team and encourage all of them and so how it all plays out!!! Lets Go Moutaineers

    • Pat

      Well said!

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    This is nothing next to playing Alabama first next year. We have more complainers in WV then anywhere else.
    I still believe we are going to beat Oklahoma. Just wait and see. Winning that game will put us in the polls. Lose and we will never get in. We have to win, therefore, our team has to play their very best for four quarters. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

    • big tom

      please let's bet on this game, please

      • hailey

        You have to be atleast 18 to bet...time to grow up big tom. You would probably want to wager in gummy bears anyway.

      • WV07

        Go away you are an idiot!

  • clearanceman

    Hmmm, sorry to see such a bad injury ever, much less at the beginning of the season. Who scheduled a real game so early in the season, supposed to a have a few weeks of fluff to build us up for the disappointment later.

    We struggled with W&M, OK is going to stomp us into the ground. Oh well, there's always next year. That could be our official slogan.

  • big tom

    well he didn't say that about William and mary

  • big tom

    after listening to dana,i think we should just mail in the loss, and save the travel expenses.

    • mauldawg

      big tom
      You are one strange person. You just make stuff to have something to do. You would be better served just to go away. You bring nothing to this board.

    • WV07

      You are an idiot.

    • Charles

      That's what all coaches do. Chill!!!! Don't take press conferences serious. You really think he's going to give ou bulletin board material on game week.

  • John

    Is this jumping to conclusions to say it is ending his career at WVU? It is ending his season, but if he wishes to play (and remain on scholarship) for another year he could apply for a medical redshirt. Athletes can get a sixth year of eligibility that way.

    • Allan Taylor

      The NCAA typically only grants a sixth year of eligibility when the first redshirt also was medical in nature. If memory serves, Ezemma's first redshirt was simply developmental.

      • John

        Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't aware of that.

        • Woody

          He can get a medical redshirt - it is not a rule that the regular redshirt has to also be medical. But it is an advantage if it is.

  • pghmountaineer

    My heart goes out for this kid.
    Tough break.

    • EPR

      Pun intended?