CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  The Labor Day holiday weekend was a deadly one on West Virginia highways. Police say nine people died in various accidents, six of those deaths were in Fayette County.

A crash Monday afternoon on U.S. Route 60 near Hico killed two people and seriously injured a third. Deputies say Daniel Smith, 32, of Fayetteville survived the wreck and was rushed to a Charleston hospital where he was in stable condition. Eyewitnesses say the driver of the car had passed several other vehicles before losing control. The names of the victims haven’t been released.

That accident took place just a few hours after police in Oak Hill say a Marion County woman slammed her car into the Main Street overpass bridge on Route 19. That rollover claimed the life of Mary Jo Danham of Fairmont. Police say speed and alcohol were factors.

The other three deaths in Fayette County happened Saturday night when three Scarbro residents were killed in a rollover crash on Route 612 near Mossy. The victims are identified as 54-year-old Robert Manning, Eddy Miller and Donna Moran, 52.

A Sunday morning accident in Cabell County killed a man. Police said Jason Steger, 36, of Greenup, Ky. lost control of his vehicle on Waverly Road and hit a concrete light support pole in the median. He died at a Huntington hospital.

The chief at the Eleanor Volunteer Fire Dept. in Putnam County died Sunday from injuries suffered in an ATV accident Saturday in Webster County. Shane Jividen, 36, was at a fundraiser for the Webster Springs VFD.

The first death of the holiday weekend was recorded Friday evening on Interstate 79 in Monongalia County. Deputies said William Williams, 50, of Clarksville, Tenn., lost control of his motorcycle just south of the Goshen Road exit at around 6 p.m.







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  • Scott

    I was reading an old article wich said that each county in West Virginia received $8,000 dollars to go on "extra" patrols, that's not necessary i can drive down the road on any given day between Morgantown and clarksburg and see 20 or more drivers talking on their phones or looking down or over at them reading emails or whatever lets see if each of them were written a ticket for $100 that would add up to $2000 dollars plus court costs it should practically pay for itself. Or if the insurance companies of the drivers that cause an accident were held liable for the damaged guardrails or other state property.
    But that's not as bad as the jerks who drive 90 Mph on your bumper just to get around you so they can get back over and take the next exit. Or the dump trucks doing 85 Mph Even after my previous emails sent I still have not seen a trooper parked in the median during normal business hours not that it would make a big difference because drivers tend to drive less aggressive when they see a "marked" car. I think to be effective you would have to be in an unmarked car traveling with traffic. I see drivers with out of state tags mostly Pennsylvania doing well over the speed limit because they know that their chances of getting pulled over in West Virginia are slim.

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    Nine deaths from motor vehicle accidents. That is truely a sad story. Watch out now. The leftist liberals will want to take away your vehicles to protect you from them. Gun ownership is guaranteed within the US Constitution. Vehicle ownership is not. Watch out. The leftist liberals will be coming for your vehicles next.
    Heavy taxes are coming in the form of increased property taxes on vehicles weighing over 4000 lbs. SUV's, large pick ups, large SUV's and the such are on the target list.

  • WV Citizen

    Is it me or did it seem as though the police were non-existant on the interstates over the holiday weekend?

    I traveled from Parkersburg down I-77 through Charleston and I-64 to Huntington Saturday during the day and saw 1 police car. Driving through Charleston cars were passing me going at least 80 if not faster.

    • Charleston,WV

      Yes, it is just you. There were plenty of WV's Finest on the interstates, especially I-79. Also in regards to Charleston's speedsters, well, there everywhere. One other point to note: I am still witnessing several drivers still talking on there cell phone while driving.