WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller’s office said Tuesday the senior senator would be part of briefings this week given to the Senate Intelligence Committee in connection with the situation in Syria and possible military action from the United States.

Rockefeller spokesman Andrew Beckner issued the following statement:

“Senator Rockefeller is closely following the situation in Syria. He is reviewing the information provided by the White House and plans to attend classified briefings of the Senate Intelligence Committee this week. He has focused on Syria throughout the conflict, particularly in recent months, and is in close contact with top advisors. The Senator firmly believes that any vote to authorize the use force of must be based on careful consideration of all the facts, as well as a full vetting of the accuracy of the underlying intelligence.”


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  • Jacqueline A. Lewis

    Please do not vote to attack Syria. We could spend that money on the welfare of its citizens; our infrastructure, total medical coverage for our citizens. Raising minimum wage for poor workers and allowing cost of living increases for our seniors.

  • mauldawg

    The best thing for the people of WV will be when BHOs little brothers namely Manchin and Rockerfeller leave. This cant be soon enough.

  • To the Raleigh

    Anything to divert our attention away from the biggest tax increase and biggest overreach ever by the Federal Government at the end of the month. A little thing called "OBAMA CARE

  • Ragweed

    Even though he isn't going to run again, Senator Rockefeller will do the politically expedient thing to do - the people and the Constitution be d#$&*%.

  • Levelheaded

    Why study? We all know how he and Manchin will vote. And they will vote with Obama knowing the people of WV voted against him twice. Who are they representing? The people of WV deserve better.

    • Shadow

      Sorry, Rand Paul is already taken!

  • CPA

    After analyzing and consulting with Bullwinkle, Rocky will give his assessment of the situation.

  • blugldmn

    We're aligning ourselves with Al Qeda... The people responsible for 9-11....

    We don't know who is responsible for the use of sarin gas and it very well could have been the rebels in an effort to oust Assad.

    Keep studying Rocky...

  • DropZone

    The headline made me laugh. Rocky studying Syria issue. What?? Will there be a pop quiz?? Did he wake up from his months long nap to study for this issue?? Go back to sleep Rocky. We'll wake you up when we need you.

  • Luke

    The critical issue is what happens to the chemical weapons if we do intervene? What assurance do we have that the weapons will remain in the hands of responsible forces? Destabilizing Assad without securing the chemical weapons may be a fools mission. It looks to me like the US needs to have boots on the ground in order to make sure the chemical weapons are securely in safe hands or destroyed. Even McCain is advocating no boots on the ground. As Ambassador Crocker has indicated the real question is after we lob the missiles in.....what then?

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    Where was Rockefeller during the August recess?? Was he even in WV talking to any of his constituents?? Did he even make it out of the Washington, DC beltway at all in August?? Rocky is much like a prarrie dog. He'll plop his head up out of the sand every once in a while.

  • wvman75

    No doubt. He and Manchin, too.

    • Rick

      Joe Manchin is voting against intervention. I called his office and it's also on his website. Calling the Rock next.

  • MCorp0317

    I call BS. He'll vote they way "King Barry" wants him too. He has proven that time and again.