MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Against the backdrop of extended highlights, MetroNews sports staffers Justin Hoff and Allan Taylor discuss WVU’s 24-17 win over William & Mary:

• Is the running game here to stay?

• Should Clint Trickett have played more?

• Where was the Mountaineers’ pass rush?

• How can this team be competitive at Oklahoma?

Click the video to see more game video breakdown, to view the “Picture of the Week” and enjoy a sentimental journey back to Tavon Austin’s magical night.

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  • j the c

    Holgerson is no dummy. I look for a much closer game against the Sooners than many would forecast. Conventional wisdom is that we lose big time, but who knows? Can App
    State beat Michigan in Ann Arbor? No way! Riiiiiigght!

    • EPR

      Please do not ever post here again.

  • john

    Has anyone given thought to the idea that Holgs may have held back a lot against w&m? Maybe this was a sort of preseason game that got out of hand. Just askin'.

  • MountainMover

    I think we're going to see more passes to the backs, especially Sims.

  • Magic Mike

    OU will blitz and WVU will fumble. This team is in big big trouble. The defensive coordinator is a nobody. Nope as much as I hate to say it bring back Rich Rod.

  • JR

    Did anyone think we were going to compete for the Big 12 Championship this year?

    But what if we did play a very vanilla game against William and Mary, I mean how many times did we run the jet sweep touch pass? 0

    What if shorts would have had some "yards after catch"

    Watch the Oklahoma game, not highlights, and tell me they are a great team. The QB was the leading rusher with 103 yards, the leading receiver was Saunders with 3 catches for 30 yards. They are running a 3-3-5 defense and we all at WVU know that defense has a lot of holes in it.

    Bottom line is this, its going to be a tuff year if we can win the games we are suppose to and maybe get 2 that we aren't we will be heading in the right direction.

  • wv07

    And welcome to the EPR opinion page folks.........

    • EPR

      Thanks for the introduction.... I was wondering when one of you minions would get around to it.

  • tony

    we will see, won't we?

  • wvajoker

    Tim, I like the way you talk, definitely better than some of the so-called Mountaineer fans that post here, that are going around yelling the sky is falling. Win or lose, I am optimistic and believe in the Mountaineers and think they will win every game. Anyone that doesn't turn in your fans badge and go watch Marshall play Saturday. The sky may fall but I will not run around yelling it until it does.

    • EPR

      Keep drinking the Kool aid.

  • Tim C

    We will play OU tougher than W&M. Will we be tough enough to win? No one knows, but I believe in my Eer's and will support them.

  • drwonder

    I'm going to the game. I'll tell you this: any Mountaineer fan would rather sit at an away game with Maxxajay than EPR.

  • Billy

    OU will have reserves in by second Quarter

    • Hoffy

      Go have another sip of whatever you're drinking, knucklehead.

      • Billy

        Ok, you have some more of the holgy-luck kool-aid, oh wait it sounds like you have already overdosed. Maybe you better lay off that concoction. Knucklehead.

  • ducks in a row

    I'm feeling the upset here. WVU by 10. It's going to take a little trickery to get it done. I don't see OU stopping the run or the quick toss out in the flat's. Who is agile enough to convert those catches into yardage? We already know who can carry the rock. Can he do both?

    • EPR

      You're dreaming... Delusion is bad for you

  • Dave

    To early to tell after 1 game. Play calling was vanilla. Millard played a decent game except for the one fumble. Seems to be a pretty accurate passer. Don't forget Kevin White didn't play. The defense stepped up in the second half and pitched a shutout. The backfield looked decent and Charles Sims was as good as advertised. How about that punter O'toole? He gave us good field position all day. Daikiel Shorts looks like a good receiver. O-line needs to step up and open up some holes for the backs and give Millard a little better protection in the pocket. Because if Millard has to run we might be in trouble. Normans a tough place to play but we've did it before.

    • bva24

      When the punter is the breakout star of your team, your team has serious issues.

    • Bobby M

      Hey Friend! Bad News! I dont think KWHITE will be ready for this one EITHER!

      I know its Sucksville but we'll have to figure it out SOONER or later! I'm ready and psyched!

      Rock N ROLL RUMBLE!

      • EPR

        Bobby, your posts make me want to punch babies.

        • I agree

          Bobby m is a tard.

      • john

        Nice catch phrase? Do tot still watch professional wrestling?

      • Dave

        Yeah, I caught Holgs presser and I think he said day to day on White. We've still got some other guys I'm sure will step up. Daikiel Shorts, Jordan Thompson, Ronnie Carswell, Cody Clay and Mario Alford. There's others that I can't think of right off hand. Can't wait for this game. I'm always pumped up for a Mountaineer game.

        LET'GOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    WVU 38 OU 35

  • bva24

    OU - 52
    WVU - 21

    • Charles

      Ou can't throw. Can't score 52. One deminsional. We are good at stopping the run. Better rethink that score. 10-28 in the air. We are not ul monroe

      • bva24

        Everyone throws on WVU. This will be a massacre.

      • EPR

        Right.. We're not. We're worse.

        • Hoffy

          Mule muffins, EPR!

          • EPR

            Ok you can go back to licking windows now...