WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin released a statement Thursday afternoon saying a military strike against Syria would be the wrong course of action.

Manchin said he reached his decision after a week full of listening to many people on the issue including state residents, Obama administration officials and military experts.

The senator released the following statement:

“The decision to use U.S. military force is one of the most serious decisions I have ever made. Over the past few weeks I have heard the concerns from thousands of West Virginians on the situation in Syria. This past week, I have attended hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee, which I am a member, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committees, of which I am not a member, to hear Secretaries Hagel and Kerry, and General Dempsey testify. I have attended classified briefings by the Administration, and have met with national security and foreign policy experts from the leading think tanks and universities around the country. I have spoken with current and former military and administration officials. I sought out as much information as possible, so I could be sure that I had a complete understanding of the situation in Syria, and our strategic plan.

“Given the case that has been presented to me, I believe that a military strike against Syria at this time is the wrong course of action. In good conscience, I cannot support the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s resolution and will be working with my colleagues and the administration to develop other options. I believe that we must exhaust all diplomatic options and have a comprehensive plan for international involvement before we act.”

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  • james

    Hey BM, you said lack of experience. Well gee those years as a community organizer really gave Obama the experience to run the country. Five years of bumbling world affairs a dismal economy, 5 dead American in Benghazi and still no response or answer to who was responsible and you can still state Bush had no experience?

    I guess you want to count Obama's gangsta days getting high as combat or military experience!!!!

  • Levelheaded

    Manchin is only voting "no" because Harry Reid doesn't need his vote. He wants to vote "no" because he's taking a beating in the poles, on the gun control thing. It's the same old Joe. Don't be fooled.

  • John

    Why do we need to stick our nose in every crisis around the globe? Let some of those other countries do this deed if it need be...No, there smart enough to stay out of it...When will our powers in Washington learn that we cannot control the world!...Spend that same millions of dollars right here in the USA taking care of the hungry. I applaud Joe Manchin for having the common sense to vote no on this critical decision, but I'm afraid that a vote from Congress is just a smoke screen and even if they vote no, which I doubt, Obama will do what he wants anyway. How much more of this guy can we stand?

  • Concerned

    I find it amusing the same folks wanting to stay out of Syria are the ones that want to strike Iran, wanted to invade Iraq, etc. Same people who called him weak before on national security now want him to do nothing. I find it more disturbing that most likely people's positions are purely politically motivated and not rooted in what's best for the US nor Syria.

    • Luke

      I could care less about Obama. Unfortunately he is the President of the US and his ineptitude has placed our country in jeopardy. While I don't believe the US can attain the goals Obama has laid out in Syria given the action we propose to take, the failure to act will harm our country immeasurably in the future

      That is why I favor an extensive bombing campaign and the use of US forces to secure as much of the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal as we can locate.

      Manchin's proposal to wait and see what happens is an extension of the policy that got us into this mess in the first place.

  • PMQ

    Blo Joe, you are such a Political Hack....you always wait to see what way the Political Wind is blowing. You are a disgrace. You can not repair the damage done to your image, if you had one; with the Gun Issue, Michael Bloomberg, supporting Obama's killing of coal, EPA, Manchin's all over State and Local Government, Heather Bresch(nice degree)...I could go on.

  • Buster

    @Bim....and what branch of the military was it again that Obama served?

  • Jim Crookshanks

    Joe now changes his stance.

    Senate Bill Gives Syria 45 Days

    An alternative to President Obama’s Syria strike plan has risen in the Senate that would give Bashar al-Assad 45 days to sign a chemical weapons ban before the unleashing of U.S. military might on the war-torn country. The draft bill comes from Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp and could offer an alternative for lawmakers who are reluctant to enter a fray that’s both unpopular with their constituents and offers no definite resolution. The proposal requires Obama to use the 45 days to submit a strategic plan to Congress and seek a diplomatic solution to restricting the country’s use of chemical weapons.

    • Levelheaded

      Joe must be thinking the political wind is going to change. Nothing like keeping the world on the edge of their seats for 45 days, but he could be on TV everyday for 45 days. What a joke.

  • BAC

    Does anyone see the irony of John Kerry, who marched and spoke against our involvement in the Vietnam War (in which we were fighting a Communist bloc aggressor) in 1971 to now, when he wants us to expend billions of dollars and risk a world war by bombing Syria? Or that our "Nobel Peace Prize president" first got us into the Libyan civil war and now wants us into the Syrian civil war?

  • BAC

    Joe finally got one right. There is no U.S. interest in getting into the middle of the Syrian CIVIL WAR, in which there are only bad guys and worse. In fact, it is probably a violation of international law for us to attack that country. Is this Obama's ploy to get Benghazi and high unemployment, etc., off the front pages? An effort to further the cause of his radical Islamic buddies? I haven't figured out his motive, but nothing would surprise me regarding this evil president we have.

  • Ray

    No president in recent history knows the grief of a parent that lost their child in war. They all feel that they are above all of that because they make so much money their children do not have to pay for college themselves. Also none of them live by the core values of honor commitment courage service before self. They have no clue what sacrifice means. I don't care if they are dems or republicans. They all need to be replaced because they put politics before the greater good of the country. Their greed for power is sickening and heart breaking. It is a slap in the face to all that have served this nation at war and at peace. So I say the only people we can blame is ourselves because we the people elect these idiots.

  • tw eagle

    thank you Mr Manchin. . . spoken like a true son of West Virginia . . .if this clown in the WH insists on attacking Syria without any consent from the UN , he could and should be the first leader of our country to be charged and convicted of "war crimes" . . .
    please continue to stand for the truth and the peoples of the state of West 'by God' Virginia

  • blugldmn

    Sorry if I offended any retards that don't trust Obama...

  • blugldmn

    I trust Obama ...


    I'm a retard...

  • Bim

    Doesn't matter what President Obama says or does, a true WV redneck will find him at fault!


      Again, when his daughters don a uniform along with some of our Congress and then put them in harms way, every decision concerning military action will change.

      • Bim

        Just like Bush did with his daughters and his great escape of going to Vietnam! Very very poor comeback..I do not think we need to get involved in Syria as Bush's wars are enough. We should just let them kill each other and save our tax money.

        • Luke

          George Bush was an air force reserve jet pilot during Vietnam. President Johnson decided not to mobilize reserve units to fight in Vietnam and instead fought the war with draftees. Read We Were Soldiers Once And Young to get some perspective about how active duty officers felt about the use of barely trained draftees to fight the war.

          Your comment about President Bush's daughters not enlisting in the service tells me that you have never served BIM.

          • DonaldH

            Or, could have pulled a Billy Clinton and literally draft dodged

          • Bim

            Luke, the comment about Bush's daughters was in response to the anti-abortion guy's comment about Obama daughters. Bush's military career is very interesting and his gross lack of experience showed with Bush wars.

        • clearanceman

          Although I do agree with you about staying out of Syria. We need to avoid wars unless they actually NEED to be fought. I was all rah rah team when we went into Afghanistan. But all those people killed and Seal team finds OBL in a different country. He wasn't even there and hadn't been for years. And the war still didn't end, it won't end until late next year. And within five years you won't even be able to tell we were there other than the Taliban having nice new stuff we bought for them.

        • clearanceman

          Still blaming Bush five years later. Obama could have ended both those wars his first week.

  • Roy Riggleman

    Or Joe could've just said, "Any issue that brings together Obama, McCain, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner must be bad for country, and I will not support it."