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Oklahoma’s Roy Finch (22) is a twitchy running back who benefited from the blocking of Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight (9) against Louisiana-Monroe last week.


NORMAN, Okla. — For a gameweek glimpse inside the Sooners, MetroNews chatted with Jason Kersey, beat writer for The Oklahoman. Follow him on Twitter @jasonkersey and absorb his ruminations below:

1. Did Bob Stoops instantly mellow out after win No. 150?

Ha. No, Bob definitely hasn’t mellowed out since winning his 150th career game.

2. Trevor Knight’s legwork was impressive, while his arm looked a bit erratic. Think he’ll have any of the 50-pass games like Landry Jones?

Trevor’s running was definitely impressive last week. I think he really showed flashes of what he’s going to be capable of this season and the rest of his career. His legs really add an extra element to the Oklahoma offense that hasn’t been there in many, many years. Will he throw 50 passes in a game? I’m sure he will at some point. These coaches still believe in throwing the ball around, so once Trevor’s more comfortable in that aspect of his game, expect to see lots of throws.

3. Who’s more Tavon Austin-like: Jalen Saunders or Roy Finch?

Good question. They’re both speedy, undersized athletes who can make lots of impressive plays in space. I’m not sure I see Saunders ever lining up at tailback, so I guess I’d go with Finch here.

4. Bill Bedenbaugh arrived at OU to discover one heck of an offensive line, eh?

Absolutely. This was a unit that was devastated by injuries last season, but returned lots of great experience and pretty solid depth, especially on the interior of the line. Bedenbaugh’s goal so far has been to toughen them up and make them bigger and more physical. Based on the opener, I’d say he’s been successful so far.

5. The lingering images of Mike Stoops’ defense in 2012 were the 49 points surrendered at WVU and the 41 vs. Texas A&M. How did those games impact the Sooners’ offseason preparation?

Despite what Bob Stoops has said, those two games had tremendous impacts on the Sooners’ offseason changes. They realized they needed to have linebackers on the field (which would seem like a no-brainer). I think those two embarrassing performances humbled these coaches and players, and continue to motivate them today.

After watching Johnny Manziel obliterate them, OU coaches realized a quarterback with mobility could be a tremendous asset in their offense, particularly with the great running backs and offensive line they return this season.

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  • big tom

    at least they got one.

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    Living off a national championship years ago.

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      That.... and you know, the 8 Big 12 Championships they are still winning to this day. Closest team is UT with 3.

    • Jim

      Yes, I think your correct Justin...1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1985,

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    I'm PSYCHED!

    I'm ready SOONER now OR later!

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