WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. — A Webster County volunteer firefighter is awaiting arraignment after he was indicted this week on multiple counts of arson-related charges.

Prosecutors indicted Blake Collins on four counts of first degree arson, two counts of fourth degree arson along with conspiracy charges.

It’s alleged Collins, while a member of the Erbacon Volunteer Fire Dept.,┬áset fire to a mobile home, house and some debris on the property of a mining company. All of the fires were in the Erbacon VFD service area. The happened in Feb., May and August 2012.

Prosecutors believe Collins set the fires so the fire dept. could respond to the calls.

Collins is free on bond, he’s scheduled to be arraigned on the indictment Sept. 10.

The state Fire Marshal’s Office said more arrests are possible.

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  • lee arthur

    Believe it or not but this happens more than you think.