PITTSBURGH, Pa. — A Boone County woman was sentenced Thursday in a Pittsburgh courtroom to spend 18 months in a Pennsylvania prison for trying to suffocate her 4-month-old child at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh last year.

WVOW Logan

Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson, 22, of Costa, pleaded guilty earlier this year to aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and endangering the life of another person.

Nelson tried to smother her son twice on Oct. 18, 2012 while he was a patient at the Pittsburgh hospital. The young boy survived the incident.

Investigators said Nelson and the boy’s father Shawn Nelson, 43, were approached by investigators after they reviewed surveillance video. Nelson admitted to holding her son tight to her chest until he stopped breathing.

Detectives said at the time the investigation showed Nelson may have smothered her son numerous times in Boone County between August and October 2012. The Boone County Sheriff’s Dept. was investigating.

Along with the jail time, a judge Thursday sentenced Nelson to five years probation and ordered her to stay away from children.


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  • mauldawg

    Now in America it pays to be the criminal. Judges don't care about justice. Teacher rapes a 14 year old girl,who then kills herself. Teacher gets 30 days. Tell me about justice.

  • Wixcheew

    She should be horse whipped with
    a real horse!!! That is attempted
    murder with several counts. The
    sentence is around 5 years per
    count. The dilwad should get at
    least 20 years. If she had done a robbery she would get 20 years

  • zero tolerance


  • Beckie

    18 months? And she tried multiple times to murder her own infant? Then probation? Who is this judge? Good heavens!