LOGAN, W.Va. — Four men charged in connection with a Logan County arson case have pleaded not guilty.

James Glick, William Thompson, Guy Miller and Shawn Simon were all indicted in connection with a fire insurance fraud scheme.

Glick, a former Logan City Council member, operates 317 Steakhouse on Stratton Street in Logan. Investigators said Glick bought a structure across the street from his restaurant and then had it intentionally burned down in February 2012.

Officials said Glick worked with the other three men to intentionally inflate the amount of insurance coverage on the structure so that when they burned it down they could collect over $1 million in insurance money.

Investigators said that once Glick received the insurance money, he would then share it with the others involved in the scheme.

Charges against the group include conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, arson conspiracy, use of fire to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, arson, obstruction of justice , unlawful monetary transactions and structuring.

The men’s trial date is set for November 5.

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