NORMAN, Okla — A Sports Illustrated investigative series reportedly will reveal claims current West Virginia assistant Joe DeForest ran an incentive payment program for players at Oklahoma State as recently as 2011.

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WVU special teams coach Joe DeForest is facing allegations he ran a payment incentive program at Oklahoma State.

DeForest has denied the allegations, which Sports Illustrated outlined to OSU administrators just days before the series is scheduled to begin.

WVU athletics director Oliver Luck issued a statement before Saturday’s game at Oklahoma:

“West Virginia University is aware of an upcoming investigative reporting series in Sports Illustrated which—while focused on another institution—includes allegations against one of our current assistant football coaches regarding his time of employment at his previous Institution.

“Upon learning of the pending investigative report, WVU launched an internal review to ensure the coach’s full compliance to NCAA rules while at West Virginia. The NCAA has also been contacted. While our assistant football coach has denied the allegations, it is the right thing to do to look into the matter and review practices here. Beyond this statement, WVU will have no further comment while the review is taking place.”

DeForest is overseeing WVU’s special teams this season after spending last year as the Mountaineers’ defensive coordinator.

The Oklahoman cited a source close to the situation as saying no current Cowboys players or coaches are facing NCAA scrutiny, but DeForest could be required to answer the allegations, considering they occurred within the NCAA’s four-year statute of limitations.

“Oklahoma State University is deeply troubled by these claims,” Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis said in a school-issued release. “We will investigate the accuracy of the allegations and take all appropriate action. We do not condone or tolerate improper conduct in our athletic programs. OSU requires everyone affiliated with the university to follow the rules and adhere to the highest ethical standards.”

Among the other improprieties alleged by Sports Illustrated, OSU failed to enforce its drug-violation policy, allowed tutors to do players’ classwork and overpaid players for jobs.

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  • William

    The drama at WVU never ends!

    • Greg

      That's the thing about being a relevent program. When something happens, good or bad, it's big news. I mean it's not like our head coach's brother is on the run from authorities for operating a meth lab out of his house or anything.

    • Greg

      That's the thing about being a relevent program. When something happens, good or bad, it's big news. I mean it's not like our head coach's brother is on the run from authorities for operating a meth lab out of his house or anything.

  • john c

    this has nothing to do with WVU if its tru he is fired plain and simple

  • jm

    Well, the way special teams is doing in the OU game...... Maybe we will get "lucky" and decide it is time to send him on to somewhere else.

  • Joe

    When is this non-stop drama ever going to end with our footballvand bb programs? Unbelievable.

  • TX Hunter

    Perhaps now we can get rid of this clown for cause. $500K for a really bad special teams coach and a failed defensive coordinator is ridiculous.

  • WSC

    I remember 1982! I went to Charleston and watched the game! We were the underdogs! We believed! We won! I hope we will win tonight! Let's go mountaineers!

  • WSC

    Only a redneck could bring Obama into this conversation! I think there our a lot of WVU fans that would agree with me, it is not the same!

    • Bim

      I am a southern wv redneck, that is why it is always Obama's fault! That is what we live and breathe...

  • Bim

    It is all part of the Obama plan to totally ruin WV by taking the coal, taking the guns and now taking the greatest defensive coach in wvu history! The Plot of Obama does exist!

    • jm

      What???? I am no Obama fan, but dang Bim, I hope that was a lame attempt at sarcasm referring to deforest as great.

      • Dr. Sarcasm

        Yes it was.

  • WSC

    What has happened to the old Gold and Blue! And Mountaineer Pride. I don't recognize it anymore! It has changed so much! Maybe Stew was on to something!

  • WSC

    Here we go! They have changed everything at WVU! I hope that this is not true. But it wouldn't surprise me to see more come out!

  • Greg R

    This is why "The Cleaner" was brought in. Lets hope DeForest's departure isn't as messy as that of "The Product". Hopefully "The Waterboy" isn't his agent.

    BTW- if he had done the same thing here, I wonder how much Pat Miller would have owed him?

  • Chris

    Great excuse to lose a lousy coach.

  • EPR

    Hopefully this gets him out of Morgantown...

  • chasmo

    seems to ALWAYS be SOMETHING !!

  • chester

    Here we go! The cleaner may have been hired for this chop!

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      The whole thing smells of a Robby Benson movie.