NORMAN, Okla — A Sports Illustrated investigative series reportedly will reveal claims current West Virginia assistant Joe DeForest ran an incentive payment program for players at Oklahoma State as recently as 2011.

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WVU special teams coach Joe DeForest is facing allegations he ran a payment incentive program at Oklahoma State.

DeForest has denied the allegations, which Sports Illustrated outlined to OSU administrators just days before the series is scheduled to begin.

WVU athletics director Oliver Luck issued a statement before Saturday’s game at Oklahoma:

“West Virginia University is aware of an upcoming investigative reporting series in Sports Illustrated which—while focused on another institution—includes allegations against one of our current assistant football coaches regarding his time of employment at his previous Institution.

“Upon learning of the pending investigative report, WVU launched an internal review to ensure the coach’s full compliance to NCAA rules while at West Virginia. The NCAA has also been contacted. While our assistant football coach has denied the allegations, it is the right thing to do to look into the matter and review practices here. Beyond this statement, WVU will have no further comment while the review is taking place.”

DeForest is overseeing WVU’s special teams this season after spending last year as the Mountaineers’ defensive coordinator.

The Oklahoman cited a source close to the situation as saying no current Cowboys players or coaches are facing NCAA scrutiny, but DeForest could be required to answer the allegations, considering they occurred within the NCAA’s four-year statute of limitations.

“Oklahoma State University is deeply troubled by these claims,” Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis said in a school-issued release. “We will investigate the accuracy of the allegations and take all appropriate action. We do not condone or tolerate improper conduct in our athletic programs. OSU requires everyone affiliated with the university to follow the rules and adhere to the highest ethical standards.”

Among the other improprieties alleged by Sports Illustrated, OSU failed to enforce its drug-violation policy, allowed tutors to do players’ classwork and overpaid players for jobs.

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  • wvrefugee

    The House the Luck built!!! FAIL!!

  • tony


  • Bismark was a herring

    WAC....The idea of a conspiracy theory to save the WVU Athletic Department the greatest plot I've ever heard! I'm gonna send a draft story to Dick for the upcoming episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

  • JOEL

    Where there's smoke........

  • Chef Camille

    Who cares! Wait until the NCAA sits on it collective a??es then issue a report that nothing happened. Johnny Football. At least they did not find any tattoos.

  • cutty77

    Wait a Sec. You're going to believe something that The Press Drumbs up. ESPN thought they had Johnny Football, ESPN thought they Had Bernie Fine of The Cuse. Now SI has something. Who reads SI anymore. But they have to do something to get people to pay attention to them.

    • Teddy

      Everything reported in the press HAS to be the absolute TRUTH. I believe EERYTHING I read and so should you!!

      I am the top Editor for the finest sports magazine in the world---SI!!

    • WVUP


      You saying this is simply a story to sell magazines? Spare us all. Of course, I expected you to defend the good ole boy network as you have through all the other stuff they have been caught doing.....

  • Phil M.

    Surely there's a clause in his contract that will allow us to part ways with this over hyped and over paid Special Teams Coach !!

    Yeah I have to agree as much as I hate to that Dana had to have a clue that this was going on.

    The Old Gold and Blue that Coach Stew touted will return if more empty seats start popping up at games like Texas, etc. If nothing else Oliver Luck knows what pays the bills and that's fannies in the stadium seats every week.

    He will not tolerate that too long belive me.

    • WVUP

      Don't need fannies now.....Big Brother IMG has come to the rescue.....

  • Larry

    Beware backward hat guy, I think it's obvious it was a mistake bringing him here.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Now we know the reason for the hiring of the "Cleaner" by Pres Luck and AD Clements (not a [sic] ) that was explained as needed to handle a "football eligibility " issue . SI doesn't run with a story like this without a triple fact check , so chances are Deforrest has dirty hands . We need to purge Deforrest from the staff quickly so we don't get hit with Media "collateral damage "(or worse the NCAA snooping around looking for infractions ) . For those that disagree obviously you can't see "deforrest from the trees".

    • Teddy

      "deforrest from the trees". Now that there is funny!!! Bring back the Great Dandy Don!!!

    • Larry

      I hope they wait and hear what "Jim in Annapolis" thinks before they make a decision.

      • ron "from morgantown"

        Jim from Annapolis is working with the Cleaner as we speak , all he asks is that he be allowed go to a couple hundred high school football games in the baltimore / dc area . Oh and also the Cleaner has to find something bad to say about Maryland .

        • Larry

          Sounds about right.

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Oliver Luck was ahead of this development about DeForest with his statement. I have zero reason to believe that he would hide or protect an alleged cheater.

    He may just be looking at an opportunity to move 500K from one side of the ledger to the other.

    First and foremost, he is a man with a business to run.

    • WVUP

      A couple more blundered 'business' decisions like he has made in the past year and he might be looking for one of Deforest's padded handshakes....or a good bankruptcy lawyer

  • WV07

    Deforest has been a complete joke to the program and is waaaay overpaid. Get rid of him.

  • richard

    rich rod and bill stewart don't look too bad right now. oliver luck is going to single handedly bring this program down wwith the choices he is making...from bringing in holgerson (who managed an awful game plan) to letting deforest being hired (because he brought in holgerson) to getting us in a conferense 1000's of miles away from most conference teams. ( maybe if we held out we might have gotten in another conference--then again pickins were slim-so can't blame him too much---just wish we didnt have to go to the big 12 )......people see don nehlen was a pretty good coach and a man of integrity. we need someone who can get this program back on track.

    • BH

      FYI- Rich Rod chose to leave. Bill Stewart has passed on.

      • Fentanyl Bomb

        Of course, I think a few posters here would prefer the mummified corpse of Coach Stew to our current lineup.

        No accounting for bad taste and a touch of nostalgia.

        We are moving in the right direction and can little afford any distractions.

        • WVUP

          If you call what is happening now the 'right direction' you are crazy. Yes, the big 12 was a best available move, since we had no other options. the rest of this mess is a disaster for WVU and it will take us years to recover.

  • tw eagle

    sounds like somebody with an axe to grind got to some disgruntled ex-cowboy footballers . . .NOW , who has the most to gain in the 'whole' WVU extended family if
    coach De Forest is discredited . ? ? i'm
    somewhat paranoid in my lifes outlook and
    see the hand of a person who is losing out
    to the change of direction that WVU has taken with the coming of AD Luck and HC
    Holgerson . . .

  • eduardo

    Teddy you must be the lamest mf alive. What a chump ass.

    • Teddy

      I say make Eduardo the new head coach!! He is an illegal so we won't have to pay him much. And he will cut the grass as well!! BBBOOOOOO YYAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

      • Fentanyl Bomb

        Edgy. Not so much. You have dissapointed with your "Teddy" nome de plume. Too much try with too little funny.

        You should really try to make "herd911" relevant again. Since the Charleston papers all but ran you out, you can try to strike for oil up north. Otherwise, you just sound like a tired concern Troll.

        Lots of Football left, though.

        Lets go Mountaineers!

  • Teddy

    I am madder than Al Sharpton being told all the free fried chicken is gone!!

    I am madder than Barney Frank finding out his boyfriend is (packing Nancy Palosies Fudge"!! Now that there is FUNNY!!