MdDowell County Sheriff's Dept.
Dwight Key II

IAEGER, W.Va.– A dispute between two men in McDowell County Friday evening left one dead and one facing murder charges.

McDowell County deputies were called to a home in Lickbranch near Iaeger about 5:45 p.m. Friday. There they found Jessie Lee Owens, 25, of Iaeger dead. Owens had been shot in the head.

Dwight Key II, 37, of Iaeger was arrested on charges of first degree murder. Key is being held without bond in the Southwestern Regional Jail.

Authorities are unsure of what prompted the shooting.

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  • Pladuim

    Hey Allen, can you elaborate more of what you know about this story?

  • Allen

    It was three on one. I would have done the same thing to protect my family and my self. That is why you don't bring a knife to a gun fight!!!!


    I have a dream that someday that all painkiller medication will require greater scrutiny and eventual elimination. Our parents didn't rely them to survive, we don't ned them. The drug companies are flourishing as our society self destructs. They are building a huge and I mean a huge pharmaceutical distribution warehouse right across the WV and VA line in Frederick County. Business is so good in The Eastern and Northern Panhandle of WV they needed another distribution center. Enough is enough. Time to shut these pill factories and distribution centers down!!!!!

  • Jr

    What's your middle name Andy. ?

    • Andy


  • Tom

    Not any different than anywhere else.

  • Dave R.

    southern WEST VIRGINIA has just gone crazy

    • Willie Fisterbottom

      No big loss

    • Cooter

      Abuse of prescription drugs is widespread down this end of the state. I know it's happening everywhere, but I do believe it's much worse down here.

      No idea if it has anything to do with this particular shooting, but much of the crime down here is drug-related, either involving the drugs or people stealing things to sell to buy drugs.

    • Hoppy

      West Virginia sucks in general....