NORMAN, Okla. — Check out the images from the West Virginia’s 16-7 loss at Oklahoma on Saturday night.

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  • Matt

    Well done guys!! So close but too many mistakes. I agree, the white uniforms looked amazing. I said it before 8-4 or 9-3 it's a lock. Very proud guys!

  • pghmountaineer

    well if the defense can play that way the rest of the year, we may get to 5 wins after all.
    Good job D

  • William

    Isn't it great that WVU wears those UGLY uniforms - Penn State colors white and blue!
    Then Dana 'You Know' Holgerson wears a BLACK polo. These coaches are not TRUE MOUNTAINEERS and NEVER WILL BE!

    • WVAtty

      The very fact that you say others aren't "true mountaineers" is the biggest joke of them all. You wouldn't know a "true mountaineer" if they shoved a football up your arse. You're a disgrace.

    • WVAtty

      Hope you choke on the crow you had to eat after you predicted a blowout. Have to resort to complaining about the color of the uniforms. What a joke.

    • WVAtty

      Just shut the hell up. So sick of your BS comments. You're an ass.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Taking the positive:
    As these photos show, the white uniforms are nice looking. It would've been nice to put the "WV 150" patch on the pants versus the helmet, but oh well.

  • Thomas

    Good job defense. You guys really stepped up tonite . Very proud of you guys in a tough game.