NORMAN, Okla. — Dana Holgorsen explains how close he came to inserting Clint Trickett, how WVU’s defense gave a resilient showing and how he never felt the Mountaineers were out of the game.

“Give Oklahoma a lot of credit,” he said. “They don’t lose very many games here.”

Click the video to hear Holgorsen’s postgame news conference following West Virginia’s 16-7 loss at No. 16 Oklahoma.

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    The game could and should have been won. I think we got out coached last week and it happened again this week. To the staffs credit, they don't catch the ball or catch the punts. How many times were they going to let Clay run left or run right before we made adjustments? The D had some very bright spots last night don't get me wrong, but we now can't stop the run? I'm sorry but I've seen enough from Millard and it speaks to the coaching, last night Trickett at least deserved a shot. I know Norman is a tough place to play, but even last week, Paul doesn't seem to motivate or move our team. I am proud of the players though they played hard, young team made mistakes and it cost us. Trickett needs to start next week. Lets see what he can do and my two cents is Ford needs to be put back in this. Live and breath the old gold and blue. Anyone have any update on Doug Rigg?

    • bva24

      OU ran the ball at will because the genius' offense couldn't stay on the field. The defense played hard, but just got worn down.

      We're in trouble with Holgorsen running this program. Good call on that one, Ollie.

      • Tomgone12

        BVA and EPEER, irresepctive of my personal dissapointment at the loss and the quality of play, we don't have a large enough sample size at this point to truly say we're in trouble with Holgerson. Sooners at home, 88K fans, basically a new offense, new QB, new RBs, new WRs, OK with the BEST secondary in the B12, 40% of kids playing have never been in that situation before. Was there not something that gave you encouragment?
        Any reasonable person can see that the defense is largely improved DESPITE giving up 300 + yds rushing. Why? Largely because of experinece and new DC. I think the offense will get better, and I thihk they will get better Sooner than later.

        • bva24

          3-7 last 10 games, including the W&M "victory"

          At least Dana has floated enough excuses out there to keep most of the fans at bay.

      • wvrefugee

        The House the Ollie Built!!!

  • wvajoker

    "The nurse is here William, it's time for you to go back to your room."

    Tell it like it is....padded cell not room.

  • tony

    i've never said it before this and I think its generally a cop out but the coaching decisions in this game were horrid. we should have run the ball far far more than we did, and for him to keep trying the same throws that Millard did not make is the equivalent of insanity. Millard turned in the worst qb performance i've EVER SEEN in 40 yrs as a fan here. it is an absolute disgrace we lost this game. the film will tell you how lame it was. 90 percent of the programs in the USA are not so obsessed with the ratio that they do what they need to win. that didn't seem a priority over the pass ratio. I am furious, 12 hrs later. this is one that I cant find an excuse for. our d was superb. If Millard is still there next week, then I give up....

  • Gary Strickland

    Many coaches choose to wear "non-school colors" shirts so the players can pick them out better on the sidelines. The coaches at the high school here I work do it. I agree that last night would have been the time to insert Trickett to try to create a "spark" in the offense. He certainly could not hav been much worse than Millard. Worked for Oklahoma when they subbed Bell in at qb.

  • blugldmn

    What a bunch of whiny 3 year olds..and malcontents..

  • Bim

    The problem he has no loyalty to WVU, he is a self-centered paid employee of the university and that's it. He would leave here tomorrow if a better deal came along.

    • Brad

      No loyalty??? Like Home boy Rich Rod??? Grew up in WV, played at WVU, his shot & brought us up to a national championship caliber team..& then what??? You can't get any more ties to this school or state.... If anyone should've been loyal to WVU it was him..

      • susanf

        And what of WVU's "loyalty" to Coach Stewart - a man who grew up in WV and who loved this state and the WVU football program? They sure were loyal to him, weren't they? Apparently, characteristics like loyalty, integrity, and being a good person don't matter at all. It is a sad situation when winning is the only thing that matters.

    • Buckeye Mountaineer

      It's a business and people
      move on. Rich Rod was a Mountaineer and he left so don't think we could get on Holgs if he should leave.

      • John c

        Oh yea loyalty means so much. U remember a guy named rich ??? Loyalty is out of college football. The bottom line is we aren't Alabama or Michigan or Ohio state. Never will be but what don meh ken did was At least put us on the map. Coaches just don't stay around like they used too. Holgs is learning we are fortunate to have him a des years and he will continue to keep us relevant in college football. Will ad ever win a national championship. Probably not. But he will have us contending in the next couple years then he will move to the pros. So enjoy the ride

        • bva24

          You're insane. 3-7 last 10 games, but things are looking up! We'll be national champs in no time.

          We open with Bama next year. Then we'll see just how many light years our guru is away from an NC. He'll be out after next year. OL won't have a choice.

          • John c

            Not sure who u are calling insane. I said they will never win a national championship but contend. And by that I mean top 15. And if u watched the game yesterday. Look at how many underclass men played. If u know anything about college football ill leave it at that. If u know nothing then u will be one of these bandwagon eers. For the rest of ur life. That's the only thing bad about our fans if its going good oh it's great but one sign if something negative. Then all the complaints come outs. Sickening

    • bva24

      He won't leave on his own terms. He's terrible head coach.

  • Rick

    I had trouble getting radio covered in Barboursville last night. The new radio coverage leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Greg

      Maybe it's due more to Barbousville being too close to Huntington. It could have been some nut job aluminum foil hat wearing Moo fan sitting in his mom's trying to scramble the radio signal with some contraption he invented. :)

    • DonaldH

      I think the quality of sound is better,, if that's even possible!!

  • tw eagle

    you failed your team this game coach . . .
    getting flustered ran right through to the QB Millard . . .even if Clay makes the catch , it's still a BAD call . . .
    why did Smith not get another touch after he was flagged ? I don't see Smith being able to
    see Clay with a fistful of the defenders jersey.
    it was more a holding call , but i'm not the official . . .
    if you are gonna punish players for 'mistakes' , why not take the ball out of alfords hands - his mistakes really hurt the team , and led directly to the oakies ONLY
    touchdown . . .

  • Pudge

    A couple of dropped passes.
    A couple of open receivers missed.

    This one could have easily went the other way against Oklahoma on the road. Not too shabby for a bunch of newbs.

    • Buckeye Mountaineer

      Agree. What bothers me is the constant churn and turmoil since Luck brought Holgs to WVU.

  • Jim's

    .....,How about the time outs? Coach is bad for our team!

  • William

    Isn't it great that WVU wears those UGLY uniforms - Penn State colors white and blue!
    Then Dana 'You Know' Holgerson wears a BLACK polo. These coaches are not TRUE MOUNTAINEERS and NEVER WILL BE!

    • Greg

      William has an unusual obsession with what Holgs and Huggs wear. Assuming that William is a guy and not just a shortened version of the name Williametta, kinda makes you wonder...

    • Ugotbeardenvy

      He wears black so he is easier to pick out on the sideline. if u notice he is the only one in black .

      • DonaldH

        Then use the old Gold and Blue-- All other staff can wear one color and DH can wear the other.. simple as that,,

    • WVDean82

      The nurse is here William, it's time for you to go back to your room.

  • WVDean82

    Yep, Holgorsen dropped those passes, fumbled that punt and threw several bad passes. He also fumbled at the end of that long run. Yep, Holgorsen is to blame. That guy just can't hold on to the ball.

    • wvrefugee

      No, he's the guy RESPONSIBLE for bringing in ht e guys that fumbled the ball, dropped the passes and muffed the punts!!! Oh yeah, he's also responsible for bringing in the guy who will put us under the NCAA microscope once again! FAIL!!!

    • bva24

      Cool story bro.

      I seem to remember Bill Stewart getting blasted when his players did similar things. How Big Ern gets a pass is beyond me.

  • Rick

    I agree with the other comments, I think Holgerson has a lot to learn as well. Our team played ok. Way to many mistakes and that goes to coaching. On coaches, he brought DeForrest in. What's all this about allegations and WVU investigating his violations at OKST. Bad coaches don't fall far from each other and WE may have a bad batch...

  • john

    holgerson way over his head horrible all the way around stewart was horrible to

    • EPR

      It's holgorsen not holgorson for the hundredth time..

      • tony

        yer dumb and blind was it was

        • EPR


  • Kawporn

    DH is also inexperienced as he has only two full years in a headcoaching job. Hopefully he will learn from this loss, because as the headcoach he is responsible for "all three sides of the ball". It's a pity as this game could be in the W column and the Mountaineers were 21 points underdog. Still the season is not over and I still have faith that, with experienced, this year can be a good year for the Mountaineers.

    • bva24

      Sad that our program hires coaches that need on the job training.