NORMAN, Okla. — Dana Holgorsen explains how close he came to inserting Clint Trickett, how WVU’s defense gave a resilient showing and how he never felt the Mountaineers were out of the game.

“Give Oklahoma a lot of credit,” he said. “They don’t lose very many games here.”

Click the video to hear Holgorsen’s postgame news conference following West Virginia’s 16-7 loss at No. 16 Oklahoma.

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  • Jason

    The problem isnt the "young" team its the "same" coach! Holgorsen isnt getting it done, plain and simple. He cannot balance this team. One year great offense , no defense, then its good defense, not so good offense......

  • Jt

    From the comments on this board it is easy to see why WV polled as the unhappiest people in the US. But of course it is Obama's fault! Oh wait Holgorson's fault!

  • D.P.

    David - I TOTALLY agree with you! Harpers Ferry - Rich Rod WILL NEVER AGAIN be WV's coach! William - how I wish your nurse/boyfriend would KEEP you chained up in your padded room! And if he caught you making your disgusting comments on the computer, he would use the whips on you!!!!!

  • bmeeks

    if clint would have played in the second half, I think we would have won the game. maybe that will happen next week.

  • Hoffy

    With all this going on, I try to remember a quote from Louis L'Amour. "Anybody can take the easy times; it's when the going gets tough that the quality shows."
    I'll hang on to that, do my best to be patient, and at the end, realize this is only sports.

  • susanf

    So much testosterone-fueled rage on here! That, and a complete lack of manners and courtesy.

    • EPR

      K thnx bye... Men talking here... Be gone.

      • susanf

        Men?? I hardly think so. More like badly behaved adolescent boys.

  • bva24

    Me and William and billy are going to coach wvu from here on out. Where is my out if town panties

    • EPR

      Bva please don't ever post here again... You're a douche...

      K thnx.

  • JHT

    What I saw out there was a very young team that showed up to play Oklahoma tough at their house. Turnovers was the killer, not the coach. This team will grow as the year progresses. May not win a lot of ballgames but will get better as they go. I refuse to put the blame anywhere.......they are just a young team. Let's let the coaches coach and the players play. Forget Oklahoma and focus on Georgia State. GO EER'S.......

    • John

      Amen, well said. Or, we can get rid of the coaches, get rid of the AD, get rid of all the players and start over. Then we'll see how many losses a team can have. Some of these people just blow my mind.


    @Billy, it doesn't take a middle or high school coach to see that some of the issues this team is having ARE ON the coaching staff. Penalties is a discipline that comes from coaches coaching. Having a running back slash you for 200 yards and seeing the same play left and the same play right in the second half w/o adjustment from the coaches is a coaching issue. Managing your second half time outs is a coaching issue. Recognizing that your QB is having an off day is a coaching issue.........see Oklahoma for proof and result. I don't think I'm anybody, but I can see that Oklahoma begged us to win that game yesterday. I think the coaching could have been vital to the outcome. What I don't put on the coaches, coaches don't catch the ball, coaches don't drop punts, coaches don't fumble, coaches don't throw into quadruple coverage. Plenty of the outcome of this game goes on the players. My take, name Trickett the starter today, see how he does against this "weaker" team this week. Also open the door up for Ford again. My main concern from Paul is a lack of fire that leads this team and the arm strength to make all the throws.

  • Joe

    @Aaron....I bet you just are the center of attention at your high school reunions. My review of Florida's national championship rosters showed no Aarons. Nice try though.


    What gets me is the SAME people who were calling for Stewart to be fired because a few games were lost, including that close game at LSU, due to poorly timed turnovers, and still talking about the clock issues at Colorado, are giving Holgorsen a pass for worse coaching in year three!!!! Last years defensive coaches were horrible, people talked about a bare cupboard, but now with different defensive coaches, those no talent seniors looked pretty darn good. Hold Holgorsen to the same standard you held Stewart to.

    • susanf

      Totally agree. I don't understand the love affair they are having w/Holgersen. But then, if you like to see coaches being foul mouthed and verbally abusing their team, then he's your guy, I guess.

  • Jon

    Our young boys did us proud last night. As much as you all like to complain, I've seen much improvement... These are young men still.. We'll be a force to be reckoned with when trickett gets acclimated and at least by the end of the season.

  • Steve666871

    Stew was a Mountaineer and a nice guy, a good recruiter, but not a top D-I coach. That said who is this Aaron who refers to WVU as a National Championship team. Please! Until you actually win the National Championship you are not a National Championship team - ding bat. Holgorsen is not a head coach either. Maybe an offensive coach, but not capable of running the whole program, bringing in the right players and coaches to meld a winning team. His background and history to-date tells you that. This guy has issues and people with issues are not going to be consistent winners. I lived in Mo-town for 9 years and have 3 degrees from WVU. I've always said, you aren't going to get the very best players to come to WVU, period. Oh yes, WVU will have a big win here and there, but never get the brass ring. The same is now true for basketball. Huggins is over-the-hill; face it. Beilein was much better at identifying and obtaining winning talent than Huggins will be in the rest of his career.