NORMAN, Okla. — Ivan McCartney didn’t blame the Oklahoma safety racing toward him or the glare of the stadium lights that caused him to temporarily lose track of Paul Millard’s pass.

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WVU’s Ivan McCartney (85) made this third-quarter catch against Oklahoma cornerback Zack Sanchez, but later dropped a potential touchdown pass.

When it came to the third-quarter throw that slipped through his hands at the goal line, McCartney blamed himself.

“No excuses, I dropped the ball.”

On second-and-10 from the Oklahoma 37, McCartney blew past cornerback Zack Sanchez with a stop-and-go move. Though the pass came a tick too late—allowing time for OU safety Gabe Lynn to converge—Millard still delivered a deep ball that found McCartney in stride. With WVU trailing 13-7, it could have been the go-ahead score, but became merely an incompletion.

“I felt like that was it—it was touchdown,” McCartney said. “Momentum was fixing to change, we were fixing to all lock in, and we were going to take the game. Like I said, no excuses. I should have caught the ball.”

WVU overcame the ensuing third-and-10 with a 12-yard screen pass to Wendell Smallwood. After a holding penalty brought up third-and-20 at the 35, Millard found Kevin White on a crossing route that appeared to pick up a first down—at least until Quentin Hayes stripped the ball loose as White went to the turf. Lynn scooped it up at the 14-yard-line and returned it out to the 41.

“We have to get better on our mental mistakes,” said McCartney. “It wasn’t the play-calling, it wasn’t the fact that it was a good defense. We beat ourselves—point blank.”

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  • J. Hess

    I agree with Lewis. Millard cant handle pressure or make some throws. I say put Ford Childress in as the starter Saturday and see how it goes.

  • Lewis

    I don't think that Millard has the arm strength. Was short on several passes.
    We like to see WV use Cody Clay more.

  • Joe

    Good comments all.

    This when thinking about it reminds me of the Timpko, John Talley days when out of the dust came a freshman....Major Harris. I believe we are simply waiting for that qb arrival.

  • Dan

    Millard can perform better. Not a good game for him. He needs to loosen up. Let it fly. He is too tight. But his performance is far from the only contribution to the "Needs Work" list. How about fielding punts? Muff and an ill-advised catch on the 5. Ugh. How about catching? Maybe the receiver is surprised to see the ball.

  • big tom

    I think if we stick with millard, he'll just get better,, this is just his second start in college fb, even I think we should give him some space.
    as for McCartney, bench him,, he just isn't that good,,, I wouldn't waste any more time on him...sorry buddy, you walked off from the team , I didn't/.
    let's face it, if the okl qb could pass, we would have been destroyed,,,
    Folks it ain't gonna get any easier,,
    I think the Maryland game will really tell us a lot...still sayin,, 5-6 wins.

    • Jeremy

      Shoulda, woulda, coulda!!!! How about you support your team/school instead of posting negative comments. "Lets face it folks"......big Tom is all talk, I'm sure you are a BIG FAN when were playing well! Probably not you probably find something to complain about them too! Stay off the bandwagon!!!

  • john b

    i think millard is a smart qb but isnt physically gifted enough to make the plays. too many mistakes by plenty of our players to win a game that was there for the taking

  • Wvinfl

    Millard seemed a little star strucked in that environment last night. He's got to settle down. Very inconsistent.

    At the end, outcome better than expected. Take away the two "bonehead" special team plays.....who knows what happens?

    • KdubV

      More 3 and out(s).

  • Jack

    Millard's arm strength is questionable. Receivers dropped some balls, but he was late on some of his passes and also short on some of his throws. He seemed to be very hesitant. He could have gained some yardage on some plays if he had just secured the ball and took off.

    • KdubV

      Hence, he had 1 scholarship offer out of high school... Sam Houston State. Holgorsen, Spavital, and Dawson have let Millard, WVU, and the fans down. This is his 3rd fall in the system and he looks like a true freshman. Spavital left so he wouldn't have to earn a paycheck. Crest coming in next year. Who gets left out then. Childress will leave because of lack of coaching.

  • Tusker

    I think Paul clearly brings a lot of positives clearly, and I'm cautious to be overly critical of any young man.

    Disclaimer aside though, I find it difficult to accept he has the necessary arm strength to effectively make this passing oriented offense click.

    Going back to Leach, the Air/Eer Raid is said to be 6-8 core passing plays with some tweaks based on what the D is showing/giving. It's critical the QB can make the throws.

  • Ryan

    We need a quarterback Millard is awful Worst qb in WVU history

    • vinnie

      John Talley and Ben Reed...Neck and neck..

    • Nick

      Chad Johnson, Eric Boykin, and Charles Hale were pretty bad QBs...they did not call a holding penalty on the Oklahoma offensive line the entire night....the Big Twelve officials were not going to let WV beat Oklahoma.

      • Sam

        Wow.. you mean to tell me that a college team o-line can go through any game without one holding call!!!! yea right.. especially the way we were playing D.. I completely agree with Nick. there's no fn way. unless. someone staples there flags to their a** Big 12 for jOKe. Just wait we will have a team one day that won't beat themselves.. Lets see how you fair then spooners..Lets Go..

    • WVAtty


      How would you feel if that were your son and some senseless person started running his mouth like you are.

      What a jerk comment. Just keep your comments to yourself.

      • hailey

        Spoken like a man with exerience, time to grow up

    • Justin

      Rashard Marshall and J. Brown worst QBs ever lol....Millard is on their trail though.

      • Hillboy wv

        I thought j. Brown done pretty good filling in for pat white and his senior year wasnt his fault the offensive play calling was pitiful. Mullen couldnt call a good pee wee game.

      • Pat

        You obviously weren't around for the Brad Lewis era if you think they were bad QB's

      • Greg

        You mean Rasheed, not Rashard.

      • EPR

        Yup, have trickett play the Georgia state game... Get him some reps. Millard just doesn't have the tools. Being a junior, regardless of the fact that this is his first year starting, he should be more competent than what he is...

  • george

    Still i see experience players strolling down the sidelines and no one clutches the ball with both hands when they get hit................LETS PRACTICE A FEW SAFE FUNDAMENTALS--CLUTCH THE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jwg66

    Any word on how Doug Rigg is doing. Am praying he is going to be ok.

    • Sooner

      Update on Rigg. I was at the game at it was very scary. Glad he is ok.

  • Allan

    I almost had to eat crow, but there is a glimmer of hope. The defense played as well as can be expected at this time of the season, OK didn't look that much better though they took advantage of their opportunities and we did not. I think as the season progresses we will improve offensively, especially Millard and will catch up to the least I hope.

  • Pat

    Good comments from McCartney. Offense needs work!

  • tw eagle

    mc nally may show up for practice everyday now , but he still hasn't gotten rid of his
    'alligator' arms . . .can't catch a ball in traffic . . .very evident on the drop at the goal line , pulling back when he saw the safety
    closing on him . . .if he blocks use him , but
    never throw him a ball when it counts . . .